STEP SIX: Finished Product – Show quality Classic and Muscle Car Restoration

Finished Product – Show quality Classic and Muscle Car Restoration



Typically a complete Car restoration takes around 1000 hours. Depending on experience levels, you can easily rack up a few more hundred hours learning how to do things and also, learning/undoing your mistakes.

It certainly is a time-consuming project but on the other hand, the idea of classic and Muscle Cars restoration is usually to enjoy the rewards of taking part in it. Car restoration is a journey and not a destination. If you will.

If of course, you are in a hurry. It will be more time efficient to employ one or more professionals to delegate the trickier aspects too. Or even opt for using a service such as Palm Beach Customs provide: Complete Car Restoration.

We’ve laid out all of the steps in a simplistic way after all everyone who restores rides like this has to follow the same formula. Sure we get thrown curve balls now and then which takes us slightly off tangent but the blueprint will always remain the same.

1965-70 Mustang in Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida

If you are interested in seeing the process laid out, check out our latest projects here. And, if you need any help with any or all of the steps, give us a call on +1 239-281-6754   or send us a message here.



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