STEP TWO: Choose Stock or a Custom Build Chassis…

STEP TWO:  Choose Stock or a Custom Build Chassis…


The chassis is the very foundation of your ride.  Aside from the engine it is without a doubt the most important component in the construction of a vehicle. It is the canvas which holds all the parts together and adds structure which essentially stops your car from collapsing under pressure. With all that said, you want to build on a durable and solid foundation right?


Original chassis are great but if you intend on putting one into a restoration build then they will need upgrading. This is because they were not designed at that time to be able to handle modern day engines, speed and even some the weight of new parts or components can place extra pressure upon them.

You can if you wish and have some cash to burn try to reinforce and refurbish an original chassis or you can purchase a modern, ready to go chassis instead.

f131962436The newer chassis use up to date materials and technology which will help simplify your build and provide you with the security that they are built to withstand modern performance.

Palm Beach Customs have several options in stock which you will be able to base your build on.

Contact us or give us a call on +1 239-281-6754   for more help.


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