Exclusive 1940 Ford Coupe Body in Florida with Customization Options

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Get your 1940 Ford Coupe Steel body at Palm Beach Customs

With the advent of the year 1940, Ford launched one of the most excellent and popular models viz. Ford Coupe. So, all you Ford Coupe lovers out there, if you want to make your ride look all spick-and-span, Palm Beach Customs has to be your ultimate choice! Officially licensed by Ford, we at PBC offer you with exclusive 1940 Ford Coupe reproduction steel body with different accessory options!

Facts about 1940 Ford Coupe:

A funky compact car featured flat-topped hood which is high enough to jazz up its front look. Wider sealed-beam headlights and spread-out chrome center were distinctive features of the 1940 model. Its petite aesthetics and classic look are what made it so popular amongst car aficionados!


Check out this video of some  Classic Car Restorations done at PBC!


The 1940 Ford Coupe Replacement Steel body

In the year 2012, Ford Motor Company announced the 1940 Ford Coupe replacement steel body to be an officially licensed product. This particular body shell is manufactured in partnership with one of the industry leader viz. Dennis Carpenter Ford Replacement Parts.

1940 Ford Coupe steel body

The product comes all-included with:

Drip rails

Quarter panels

Rear body panel

Top skin

Hinged and fitted doors

Installed deck lid

Dennis Carpenter produces this all-steel replacement body for 1940 Ford Coupe and is exclusively available at Palm Beach Customs. Most of the structural parts, body braces, and floor pans are almost similar to the original Ford model.

Additionally, all the structural details have been stamped into 19-gauge thick and high-strength steel for better durability. Some of the heavier body braces feature 16-gauge thick steel.

The entire replacement steel body has weld-thru silver primer coating, both inside and out. Eventually, this protects the sheet metal from rust.

1940 Ford Coupe replacement steel body

The Classic Ford is certainly a “dream car” of every car enthusiast! Nevertheless, this body shell comes with hinged and well-fitted doors and installed deck lid.

The firewall configuration here has 5-½” of recess for proper integration.

1940 Ford Coupe replacement body

So, what are you waiting for? Want to completely restore your car with this 1940 Ford Coupe replacement steel body? Then here’s your ultimate solution- Palm Beach Customs, Florida.

1940 Ford Coupe steel body

Visit the product page here.

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Featured Reproduction Body shell: 1940 Ford Coupe

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Dennis Carpenter 1940 Ford replacement body is an all-steel body shell that excels in quality and craftsmanship. Just in 2012, they have received official approval from Ford Motor Company.

Dennis Carpenter Reproduction Steel Parts is an expert in utilizing original Ford factory tools and reproducing licensed Ford parts.

This particular 1940 Ford Coupe steel body is exclusively now available at Palm Beach customs. You can see the product page here.


1940 Ford Coupe steel body

If you want to restore your old and rusty ‘40 Ford Coupe, it will be quite mind-boggling to find the body shell that uses high-quality components.

But, this one, in particular, uses original Ford tooling, whilst keeping original dimensions in mind.

The 1940 Ford Coupe steel body features modern automotive-grade steel that goes through high-tension stamping procedure.

Which is why the panels flaunt very strong finish. The original Ford body uses 18-gauge steel, whereas this replacement steel body uses 19-gauge thick steel.


1940 Ford Coupe steel body skeleton


Also, know that all of the inner bracing and sub rails are made from 16-gauge steel. As compared to original counterparts, here the spot welds are 20 to 25% more in strength. Indeed, this proves the quality of craftsmanship and expertise.

This 1940 Ford Coupe steel body comes with:

Stock Firewall Configuration

Top Skin

Rear body panel

Drip Rails

Quarter panels


The complete assembly process is carried out with the help of precise fixtures. And that’s why the doors and deck lid are first accurately assembled.

Then, later on, the final fit of tail pan and rear quarter panels happens. Dennis Carpenter has been producing high-quality Ford replacement parts for more than 46 years now.

What do we do at Palm Beach Customs?

Palm Beach customs is not just a dealer of replacement steel bodies but also is an expert in car Restoration work. With over 1100 successful car restoration projects, we are hands-down one of the best car restoration experts in the automotive industry today in Florida.

  • No matter what your car restoration needs are, minor or major, we can proficiently transform your car into a brand new ride!
  • Know that Palm Beach Customs is the only destination for your valuable 1940 Ford Coupe!
  • Check some of our recent car restoration projects in the testimonials section and see the transformation for yourself! Or watch the video Below!

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Restoring Cars like the 1940 Ford in Our Classic Car Shop in Florida

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Doing up the 1940 Ford’s in Palm Beach Customs’ Classic Car Shop in Florida


The ’40 Ford is one of the most iconic classic vehicle introduced during its period. It included a V8 engine and stylish appeal that made it a hot-rod for the every rodder.



There were few major updates in the 1940 model. With slightly smaller V8 engine, straight-six engine and sealed-beam headlight this model was one of the most advanced model. The high flat-topped hood dominated the front look of the ’40 model, inheriting the 1939 model, while a hydraulic top was new on the convertible.


classic car shop in florida



The body of the ’40 Ford model was available in two door couple, convertible and two or four door sedan, station wagon. With a wheel base of 2,845mm and whooping 136 CID (2.2 L) or 221CID (3.6L) powertrain this modernized model was one to hold the class during this period.



The drivers used the Fords of this generation in namely among the stock car racing providing the foundation of the dirt track racing style.


Classic Car Restoration Shop in Ocala Florida



Here at Palm Beach Customs, we are there to provide exclusive restoration services to cars, like the 1940 Ford, in our classic car shop in Florida.


The Palm Beach Customs takes care of every service that you expect when you visit a classic car shop in Florida.


Here in Florida, our team will assure that any problem with your classic ride doesn’t keep you off the road for too long. If there is any damage or even rust, we can get it done. With high-quality urethane base coat and high solids clear coat we would obtain you the perfect finesse of the 1940 Ford. At PBC we provide exclusive car restoration services including classic vehicles like the 1940 Ford.


Teds 1940 Ford in our classic car shop


Read More About Ted’s 1940 Ford Restoration project Here 



Being in business since the 80s we specialize in automotive restoration be it the body metal work or paint refinishing.


More about What We Do in our Classic Car Shop

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Our work here is basically classified in this these 3 categories:


Restoration Services:


If you have an original old classic or muscle car in need of some TLC we will be happy to help you make that happen. Check out our Classic Car Restorations and Muscle Car Restoration service pages for more.


Turn Key finished product:


Since it is not always possible manage time to build your own project, so we offer you fully custom build of your choice. Choose your own chassis or the frame, the color and all the materials and that is it. We will ship your product in minimum time. You can see one of our Turn-Key Build packages here.

Contact us to talk about your custom build! 


Steel Body:


We have extensive range of steel bodies, with recessive firewall, to deck lid and doors. So if you are wondering if we have the 1940 Ford, just step in find the surprises. Our products here don’t fall of authenticity. They are all licensed and manufactured from companies. See more about our Steel Body Packages here




When you require restoration with services provided for body and paint, get your classic vehicle at Palm Beach. Our team will ensure that you get the ultimate satisfaction. Once your car is complete we will dispatch it in no time.



Don’t forget to check the videos and testimonials on our website. It will get you an idea how things are done here in PBC.


New Steel Body Replacement for Classic Cars in Florida

1940 Ford Steel Bodies and Services at Palm Beach Customs Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida

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1940 Ford in PBC’s Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida


The 1940 Ford Coupe is an iconic classic car, but solid original steel bodies are becoming hard and harder to find.

In PBC’s classic car restoration shop Florida we are all about the replacement bodies manufactured by Real Deal Steel.


[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS8tZXE2cE9HeHoyZw==[/video_player]

New Steel Bodies for Your 1940 Ford

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Check out this cool photo the 1940 Ford Coupe sitting in the Real Deal Steel warehouse


1940 Ford Restorations and Builds at Palm Beach Customs…

Interested in owning your very own 1940 Ford Coupe? We don’t blame you!

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Take a look at your Ford Licensed 1940 Ford Steel Bodies Here 

Keep in mind that at Palm Beach Customs we are more than happy to help customize or restore your steel body… >>Read More About Your Steel Body Options Here<<

1940 Ford Steel Bodies
Order Your New 1940 Ford Steel Bodies









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