Steel Bodies for Tri Five Chevrolets in Florida

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classic and muscle car restoration shop ft myers florida

Palm Beach Customs is Your Dealer for Steel Bodies for the Tri-5 Chevrolets in Florida


Looking for the new steel bodies for the tri five chevrolets in Florida? You've found the right place!


We deal in the Tri Five, i.e. 1955, 1956, and 1957 Chevrolet steel body replacements.



What this video to learn more about the steel bodies for your Chevy Tri-Fives...




Steel Bodies for Tri Five Chevrolets Are at Palm Beach Customs...


Classic car aficionados admire these elegant cars - and we don't blame you.

In our Palm Beach Custom shop, we focus on these particular cars and their owners because that's where we started.



Watch a chevy steel body being built!




The bodies for tri five Chevrolets in Florida are built by Real Deal Steel, LDD., one of the best manufacturers located just miles from our shop in Ocala.

We sell high quality products, so you can be assured that these steel bodies are top of the line.

These are GM Licensed and built with more welds and thicker metal than the original bodies. 


If you want a steel replacement body (two-door sedan, hardtop or convertible),  a frame, a floor, an engine compartment, a door, a convertible top, or you are looking for custom restoration services, we are happy to be of help.



steel bodies for tri five chevrolets in florida


Whatever questions you have about a steel body for your Chevy, our door is always open.



With Palm Beach Custom, you can design your own dream car from scratch with the steel bodies for the tri five chevrolets in florida. Read more about your options  >> Over Here <<



We offer a wide selection of body options




You can buy a complete steel body or just a firewall. You can buy the sheetmetal parts of your custom classic car, one by one, or you can let us do the work and build your dream car for you.



We have special offers for the steel bodies for tri five chevrolets in florida - like bright, high quality custom paints and front-end sheet metal packages...



Read more about the steel body for the Tri-Five Chevrolets HERE. 




If you liked this post about Steel Bodies for Tri Five Chevrolets in Florida we think you'd like to read about about our Steel Body Services at Palm Beach Customs to see what we can do for you as you start your dream build.

Tri 5 Chevrolet Steel Bodies, Parts, and Services in Palm Beach Customs Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida

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classic car restoration shop in florida

For the Tri 5 Chevys at Palm Beach Customs Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida…


Got a Tri 5 Chevrolet in mind?


The ’55, ’56, and ’57 Chevys are the ultimate classic!




In our classic car restoration shop Florida, we’ve made sure you can fill all your Tri 5 Chevy needs.





See a Chevy Being Built by Real Deal Steel…




Palm Beach Customs provides Chevy lovers with:


  • Steel Replacement Bodies (2 Door Sedan, Hardtop, and Convertible)
  • Car Parts
  • Custom Restoration Services


Tri-5 Chevy Classic car restoration shop florida real deal steel replacement body
Tri 5 Chevy Being Built on a Jig by the Real Deal Steel team



Classic car restoration shop florida palm beach customs chevrolet steel body replacement from real deal steel
Ready for Shipment to a Happy Client!




tri 5 chevy steel body shipping from real deal steel
1957 Chevy is all wrapped and placed on the truck for delivery…




Tri5 Chevy restoration at palm beach customs in florida
One of Palm Beach Customs’ many Tri-5 Chevy Restorations – pictured is a 1957 Chevy Nomad Wagon




You have numerous body options to choose from in our store.


We have the 1955-57 Sedan body either Hardtop or Convertible and you can order just the skeleton or a complete car that comes with the doors, quarter panels, and deck lid.



4 Recessed Smoothie Steel Firewall Upgrade
Pictured is the 4″ Recessed Smoothie Steel Firewall Upgrade available on all the Tri-Five Chevy Steel Bodies



Other options are to upgrade your firewall, have the body sealed in an epoxy primer, along with the options to add custom paint or have Palm Beach Customs do a full build for you.



We also have the front end sheetmetal packages!




Our classic car restoration shop florida really started with the Tri 5 Chevys. Check out the new steel body replacements to build your own classic car below!



Tri 5 Chevy Steel Body Options Here 


Tri 5 Chevy Parts Here 



Palm Beach Customs is happy to work with you to customize any steel body order – we actually have 3 stages available for you to choose from >> Read more here <<


  • Stage 1: Steel Body As Is
  • Stage 2: Steel Body with Custom Paint by Palm Beach Customs
  • Stage 3: Turn Key, Full Build of Your Steel Body


1956 Chevy Build Off

RestorationAugust 28, 20140 Comment

Hello ” My Friends This Post Is [ #1  ] of the 1956 Chevy Build off  ..

VOTE  in the  comments @ the Very End of the Post    Color and Rim style ” interior etc ..

This First post is to come up with some different color options  As you already Know I’m looking for suggestions from everyone  on some color options this is just to get a Start and Get some input

We will be adding future posts Keeping everyone updated  on the 1956 Chevy Build off   as we Move forward with the Project ..

It will most likely consume somewhere around 2000 hours and we have plenty of time before we need to Mix Paint 🙂









blank psd with logo in corner



















1956 belair
Boyd Coddinton’s Junk Yard Dog







Here is the Beast Before we start as a matter of Fact we will be going out west to pick this Baby up the first week of September

And I will add a few pictures of the trip Its a true Barn Find Having been tucked away for 30 plus years

1956 Chevy Build off
The Project 1956 210 Chevrolet

1956u 1957v

Please VOTE  in the  comments @ the Very End of the Post    Color and Rim style ” interior etc ..

Do you know about the 1956 Chevrolet History?

Among the many Chevrolet that have ever been made, the 1956 Chevrolet was the first one in history to receive a face-lift.

The face lifting that the Chevrolet got gave it a straight full width grill, pleasing all the customers who did not favor the Ferrari-inspired 55 front end. The Chevrolet two-tone body side treatment it had, explained a look of motion even when it is standing silent.

The lovely front and good contoured rear wheels openings completed the speed line style of the Chevrolet 1956.The single housing integrated the taillights, the back light, stoplight and the left one held gas filler.

This was an idea that was accepted on Cadillac.
Among the best 1956 Chevrolet History was a new sport Sedan, this Chevrolet had pillar less doors and looked really handsome with the windows rolled down.

It allowed easy entry in to the back seat since it was very spacious. There came the two doors Chevrolet 1956 that topped the price. The rear wheel sheet metal and the interior were just like the Bel Airs, but it was lacking the uniqueness of the original trim. The company manufactured only seven thousand eight hundred and eighty six cars only. The Bel Air was the least costly which was going at a cost of $2025.

One could get a full sized car that had a very strong horse power engine of 265. The Famous 283 came out a year later in the 1957 corvettes and the Belairs

The 1956 Chevrolet History car was tested and was very powerful since it could go for 12 miles ascending up Pikes Peak in United States of America. It was one of the known cars to keep a legacy. The Chevrolet 1956 is very popular even today since it was a unique model that has been evolved to make the new car models.

Many pictures came from other sources Just to get some Ideas Going and give some credit to the builders on these pages

some Images were from unknown sources




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