Cool Classic Cars: A 1967 Chevrolet Corvette with a Great Story

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Mecum Auctions 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Cool Classic Cars

The Cool Classic Car from 1967 – a Corvette and a War Hero


USA Today reports that this cool classic car, a 67 Corvette, sold for $675,000.00 a few days ago. So what’s so special about it?



First off, the 1967 Corvette Sting Ray was the last Corvette of the 2nd generation, and five years of refinements made it the best. And the Sting Ray was praised unanimously for its handling, road adhesion, and sheer power.



Before his death from cancer, Keith Richard Litavsky lived a good life. He was married and had five children with his wife. Litavsky lived in Illinois for the most part. After his love for his family though was his love for cars.



As soon as he returned from the Vietnam War,  he went straight to Jack Douglass Chevrolet in Hinsdale, Illinois, to purchase his dream with the military pay he had sent home specifically for that reason. It was this car that went up for sale with the Mecum Indy Auction.


cool classic cars in florida


As his son, who had the car for 24 years after his father’s death tells it, his father treated this 427/435 HP 1967 Chevrolet Corvette like a newborn baby. Never drove it if it was raining or park it in the sun. (We would  have liked this guy!)


He used the softest cloth available to clean the already immaculate clean car, and it rested in his garage on 4 jacks covered in carpets to take the pressure off the tires.


cool classic cars in florida from the mecum auction


After his passing in 1993, his son Matt, the Corvette’s current caretaker, trailered the car to his home and put it up on a lift in his climate-controlled garage.


Matt tried to maintain the car with the same love and dedication as his father had. His dad kept all the original paperwork in order and it’s like new. It’s a true vault-find.


With just 8,533 original miles on its odometer, this just might easily be the best “from-the-factory” original 427 1967 Corvette in around – except for the battery and mufflers. This cool classic car is absolutely eligible for the Bloomington Gold Benchmark status – don’t you think?



This Corvette is undeniably one of the ultimate “blue-chip” Corvettes.


Here’s why this cool classic car is so special:


  •  1. If you bought a fully restored 1967 Corvette, it might look like jewelry, but it’s not an original car.



  • 2. If you could find a 1967 Corvette with no miles, you could never drive it because its value would be diminished.



  • 3. But this  Corvette has 8,500-miles on it, regularly serviced and cared for over the years and it can be driven without depreciating the value of the car.



Watch the Story About this Cool Classic Car – the 1967 Chevrolet Corvette



cool classic cars in florida


“My hero was my father. He was healthy as a horse as he never drank or smoked. He was addicted to working out. He served fearlessly on the front line in Vietnam. While there, his unit was dropped in the jungle where the chemical Agent Orange was applied the day before. My father was wounded several times."

“His last mission was the mission that haunted him for the rest of his life. His entire unit, including his commanding officer, became engaged in a firefight. Unfortunately, the majority of his unit lost their lives in this fight. My dad carried his injured commanding officer out of the firefight, because he had been shot. As a result, his commanding officer told him he would nominate him for the Congressional Medal of Honor. Yet he never received the medal because his commander lost his life in a helicopter crash before being able to submit the nomination. That crash left my father as the only surviving soldier in his unit.

- Matt



chevrolet corvette muscle car restoration



classic and muscle car restoration in florida


cool classic cars



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We hope you enjoyed reading about this Cool Classic Car: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette. You might also enjoy reading about a $1 Million Dollar Barn Find over here. 










classic and muscle car restoration in florida



***We'd like to give credit to USA Today and Mecum Auctions for their photos and videos

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