Featured Car: 1968 Mustang Fastback

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Featured Car

This featured car is one we did awhile back for a customer, it’s a sleek 1968 Mustang Fastback. This project floated the line of restoration and paint job for awhile, but in the end my heart said to dig in. Check out the video below and learn where the paint job had to get some extra lovin’! Enjoy!

The “Restoration”

We threw restoration in quotes because this vehicle came in with the intentions of just getting a paint job, however I am not one to let the car leave like it shouldn’t. After we pulled the nose and bumpers off it was clear we needed to step up our game and go the extra mile! Instead of pull, sand, prime and paint we did a lot more.

The extra mile:

  • Week one was tearing down and welding
  • Then we did the body work to Straighten all panels
    •  Hand blocking and High solids Primer, This process takes time and patients!
  • After that we start final sanding
  • Refinished all the jambs and inner panels in color and clear coat
  • Start the final prep and ground coats
    • A few coats of high solids clear
    • Wet sand with 600 g to set up a good base for the stripes
    • We ran the standard 1968 mustang side c stripe and the 2 center black stripes for the hood
  • Now Clear coat
    • We used 1.5 gallons of High Solids clear over the Red Pearl Metallic
  • The car came out flawless for “just a paint job!”

Check out the car below!

Here are some more pictures of the finished car after the restoration.

featured car
The passenger side front 3/4


featured car
The passenger side straight on


featured car
The passenger side rear 3/4


At Palm Beach Customs we focus on creating the highest quality product possible. Along with over 35 years in the business our team of top body and paint pro’s use many techniques and materials that were not available for the original mass-produced versions of these amazing cars. At PBC we hand craft one of a kind vehicles for you and will deliver more than just a car, but a work of art.

Whether it’s your first or your last, if you are seeking a Mustang or another classic car Palm Beach Customs is dedicated to finding and restoring an original high quality numbers matching vehicle for you. We will produce a work of art for you that is better than the day it rolled off the line.

Make sure you check back for more featured cars from PBC. Do you have anything you’d like to see? Let us know if you have any comments, questions or if we can help you with your classic car restoration or customization below, by email, or give us a call at (239) 281-6754. Until next time, keep cruisin’

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1968 mustang

JohnRestorationJanuary 6, 20150 Comment



Hello my Friends This Particular 1968 Mustang Came to our shop for a simple strip and paint

being a California car It was suppose to be rust free and in decent shape ? or was it ..

Once I disassemble the nose and rear bumpers we noticed a very different story and so be it on the

cars of the 1960s are now approaching 50 years old and have been passed around a few times since new ..

what as underneath the shiny Blue paint when we pulled the curtains back ?

well this mustang was going to tell a different story one of a Front end collision that was not repaired correctly…

The right front Frame rail was still bent from a quick repair looks like the shop back in the early days

made a pull on the rail to get it straight and left the rail ( with a nasty kink in the middle ) upon further inspection the 1968 mustang looks like it was hit in the rear stuffing the rear body panel and crushing the Gas tank ( still in the car )

So this car that was coming in for a 100 hour 2 week paint job ended up being a bit more work

What we had to do was cut the right front rail out of the car and install a new rail including re welding to the inner fender structure and the Right front fire wall . Next we replaced the rear gas tank and the necessary repairs to the rear trunk ..

Upon stripping the rear quarters we found replacement quarters welded in the lower sections and decided a re do would be necessary .

The front doors had rot in the front edges .. the car was in pretty bad shape ..

This 1968 mustang was originally dark blue metallic and the Customer wanted to go red pearl metallic with the black stripes ..

  • the first week was basically tear down and welding then body work  to Straighten all panels .. Hand blocking and High solids Primer was a process that takes time and patients ..
  • Once all body panels are Blocked and Primed along with final sanding the task of refinishing all the jambs and inner panels are colored in and clear coated ..
  • Final prep and ground coats start going on the car .. what I do on most projects is lock them in with a few coats of High solids clear then wet sand with 600 g to set up a good base for the stripes to be applied in this case we ran the standard 1968 mustang side c stripe
  • and the 2 center black stripes for the hood .
  • Now Clear coat this car we used 1.5 gallons of High Solids clear over the Red Pearl Metallic
  • The car came out pretty nice for a ” Paint Job ” I make that statement to explain that when you chose to Restore  a car
  • That means to completely tear down a body and Strip all sheet-metal replace all metal panels that need to be  repaired completely
  • Re- wire , replace all rubber seals and gaskets glass Interior and mechanical s Many  Old Car enthusiast…
  • think that bringing there car to a shop for a paint Job is a Full Frame off Restoration

There is a Big Difference in the two..

This particular car we Put some extra hours into trying to make the car the best we could with out doing a Full Restoration ..

The problem with doing the old cars with out Setting out and Spending the big bucks on a 1000 man hour full restoration ..

is where do you start ? where do you stop ? do you pull all the glass ? do you tear down all the interior ..

My choice is to always do full restorations that way the order of the Restoration  is correct when you go to reassemble .. Make sense ?

doing these old Mustangs or any classics that you have tucked away In your barns is not for the weak hearted…

They take massive amounts of cash and Time but they are Rewarding

Hope you enjoyed this article on the 1968 Mustang

we have been building cars since the early eighty’s Originally starting out in

Rhode Island working for clients all over the Northeast .. well that was fun but we couldn’t drive the cars year round and we are now serving Clients all over the USA

we are based in Sunny Florida In Ocala and serve many clients in Miami Naples And Swfl fort Myers Cape coral areas as well

Please check out the pictures below and make it a great day !












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