Are all auto body shops created equal?

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Are all auto body shops created equal ?

This is a good story of a Jeep CJ-7 total frame-off restoration done in our auto body shop at Palm Beach Customs. The customer, Ann (real name), is a real cool girl – she runs her own small business serving Lee County with her own construction company. Ann is a dedicated CJ fan – so this was going to be a fun project.  We dismantled the Jeep and did a complete assessment of the parts needed for the job and we ordered all new sheet metal to get the project started.

jeep , cj7 , auto body shop
This is a good story of a Jeep CJ-7 that came into our auto body shop for a total frame-off restoration.

Choosing Your Auto Body Shop…

When choosing your auto body shop for a project like this you need to be careful because not every body shop is capable of doing a ground up restoration – it takes a different mindset. Then, most of the collision auto body shops are all about the numbers – how fast a task can be completed  this is important in the bottom line, but a much different approach is used when doing a frame off restoration.  It’s more about procedures and quality rather than “how soon can this be done?” I’m sure you get my point

Everything on the body we prepped, sanded, and replaced with new metal where it was needed. The frame needed new perches, new body mounts, complete stripping, and then undercoating. It’s interesting to see that when we were cutting out and cleaning up any previous work (30 plus years old) you realize how many hands have been in the pudding before you.



Our auto body shop is one of the few that provides a spray on bedliner service and we get tons of Jeeps in, as well as the pick-up truck beds, boats, and trailers. CJ-7 Jeep

sprayon bedliners ,auto body shop
Palm beach customs has a full service auto body shop we do
spray on bed liners also

That was great for this particular jeep because we sprayed the complete underside of the body tub, then flipped it over and sprayed liner into the passenger compartment, which sealed it up nice. All the body parts were epoxy primed, filled, and block sanded. An all new windshield frame with windshield and new gaskets were also put on to replace the older parts.

House Of Kolor Kandy ,Auto Body Shop

The client chose a beautiful House of Kolor paint – Kandy Tangerine for her color. We applied the nova orange ground coat before the tangerine – along with many final coats of high solids clear to finish it off.

The client chose a beautiful House of Kolor paint – Kandy Tangerine for her color. We applied the nova orange ground coat before the tangerine – along with many final coats of high solids clear to finish it below you will see the urethane black sealer we use to give the final auto body work a full [lock down ]and seal everything before applying the base coats .

auto body work , auto body shop
the cj7 jeep body after many hours of prep


Palm Beach Customs auto body shop produces High quality Auto Restorations

If you have a Jeep, pick-up truck, or classic car get in contact with us and we will be glad to discuss your next project from concept to reality.

This is a complete Photo album of 250 pictures taken of the 1983 Jeep cj7 Restoration Click Here  

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Auto Body ASE Certified and Factory Authorized

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In Need of Auto Body? Smart move to use an  ASE Certified and Factory Authorized Shop

You are in the right spot. Here at Palm Beach Customs we have been providing the best in Collision Repair.

Welcome to Our Clients

If you are in need of an insurance estimate rest assured our Auto Body Estimators have tens of thousands of hours in hands on experience in Repairing Your car. At Palm Beach we do things the Old Fashion way. We believe in order to preform a quality repair. Our Auto Body Techs  must be involved in every step of the way .

It is very simple, we love what we do, it is our passion. Each car will have the same tech assigned to your car and  will tear down your car, write your estimate, preform all body and frame work and then the same tech will follow your car into paint department.

Rest assured that your car will be Repaired to Factory Specifications and we don’t settle for Used Parts or Aftermarket when we are Repairing Your Car or Truck. There is only one correct way to repair a car. If you want it correct you are at the right place.

At Palm Beach Customs we use the best auto paints in the industry for a perfect color match. We put the same amount of effort in your collision repair that we use in all our restoration work. Take a look at some of our award winning Classic and Muscle car restorations through out our website and decide for yourself who you want working on your vehicle ?

We take pride in the cleanliness of our entire shop and in keeping your car clean through out the entire process.

So, keep us in mind when you’re looking for an ASE certified auto body shop!


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Corvette Auto Paint and Restoration Service

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At Palm Beach Customs we provide a high quality  Corvette auto paint  and restoration service  for our customers. Many car lovers all agree that the Chevy Corvette set the standard for American Muscle and sports cars. They are the top contender up against the Dodge vipers, Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. This 80 s era Corvette we did a restoration on including full body and paint work with a complete set of new weatherstrips, glass and interior kit. along with a hypo small block 350 with all the goodies .

Many customer’s ask me if there is a different paint procedure for restoring Corvettes compared to there metal brothers and sisters. While the answer would be to repair the fiber glass and bonding procedures are different once you are in the priming and painting stages the procedures are alike with the high quality urethane primers and top coats are compatible for fiberglass and metal alike.

Corvette was not known for precise fit of there panels especially in the 60-80s  but they started to pay closer attention to detail on the late model corvettes. So when  a  Corvette comes into Palm Beach Customs we spend time fitting all parts and improving the gaps. It is just a standard procedure that we  apply on all cars with our restoration service. You don’t want a beautiful paint job and the gaps that don’t line up, it just doesn’t look correct.

Once all the panels are straight and the finish coats of primer are sanded the final coats of color are applied. We  spray all of our cars with  High Grade Urethane base coat and Clear coat for a Show Room Finish.

Bring your Corvette auto paint Project to our shop and experience the difference.


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Fort Myers Muscle Car Restoration Guru Explains The Resto Process

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Muscle car Restoration in Swfl, Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota, Cape Coral and more

What is your flavor?

  • Gm
  • Mopar
  • Ford

We do them all!

John Russo (originally from New England) is now preforming Muscle car restoration in SWFL . It all   started at 14 years old building his first 57 Chevy and that started an addiction that never stopped. This post is about an x- race car that was always stored inside if it wasn’t burning the tires at the track.

What we did here was cut the factory quarter panels off (it was a shame though) they were rust free but needed to be removed so the car could be set up and mini tubed to fit the M&H Race master slicks. Then we welded new quarters on and shaved the door handles, completed the sheet metal alignment then final block sanding.Once the car was straight this was a good candidate for Sikkens spray poly that we use to lock in all body work and long board the panels to perfection. Then it was time for the Black urethane base by House of Kolor and then 2 gallons of House of Kolor urethane clear.

I would say this  muscle car restoration project had 350 man hours in the body. Don’t forget, this was a clean car with no rust and was in excellent shape. Many times we get into projects that take 1000 hours before any paint starts going on. Generally speaking the average muscle car restoration will use 10-12 gallons of (liquid) to complete. Sounds crazy but its true.

Here is a quick run down of materials needed:

  • 1 gal or epoxy primer
  • 2 gallons of urethane primer
  • 1 gallon of body filler
  • 2 gallons of color
  • 2 gallons of urethane clear coat
  • 2 gallons of reducer and
  • 1 gallon of activator for the clear coat

The cost for the materials has risen with the gasoline prices as well – the average material cost is $4000 including seam sealers and sand papers  so these jobs run in the vicinity or $25,000.00 dollars for body and paint.

Some of our restoration work has been upwards of 100,000.00. When you get into the jobs that take 2500 man hours the classic cars restoration are more time consuming with all the chrome and trim compared to the simpler Mustangs and Camaros.

This 1970 ss nova came with some pretty nasty power including a Sunnex 502 big block with Brod ex heads, Isky crank, and a Littlefield blower, with a pair of Demon 1150 cfm Carbs. It was pushing 1100HP and was set up with a clutched auto and computerized shift. Just a nasty Beast I must say!

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1940 Ford Frame off Restoration at Palm Beach Customs

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Another beautiful 1940 Ford Frame off Restoration at Palm Beach Customs what a great car!



During the 1940’s Ford produced about six car designs. This was the standard that was provided in the automobile industry to car manufacturers in that particular year. In fact, the 1940 ford is considered as the iconic classic vehicle for car enthusiasts. The inclusion of V-8 engine and style is stated be the best “hot rod” for the classic car lover. At Palm Beach Customs we provide exclusive car restoration services including classic vehicles like the 1940 Ford. Recently we had the opportunity of providing car restoration and auto paint services to a fellow car lover Teddy hired John Russo a specialist automotive restoration expert for the body metal work and paint refinishing.



The inclusion of V-8 engine and style is stated be the best “hot rod” for the classic car lover. At Palm Beach Customs we provide exclusive car restoration services including classic vehicles like the 1940 Ford. Recently we had the opportunity of providing car restoration and auto paint services to a fellow car lover Teddy hired John Russo a specialist automotive restoration expert for the body metal work and paint refinishing.



Fully Restored 1940 Ford Coupe restoration




Teds 1940 Ford


When a classic car requires restoration with services provided for body and paint, the vehicle must be brought to its bare metal at first. Such a procedure allows you to view any damage or even rust. The car’s exterior surface gets a complete metal striping and sandblasting. We use New Jersey silica along with a final dusting of DuPont star blast the star blast removes any containment’s from the metal therefore we are able to instantly apply a metal etching epoxy primer after the sandblasting procedure is completed. On this 1940 Ford frame off restoration we removed the body and frame for blasting and metal work. The car gets finished with a high quality urethane base coat and high solids clear coat by PPG refinishes. Once the body and paint refinishing is completed then all brand new wiring, chrome and rubbers are installed with fresh glass .



Teddy was a veteran repair shop owner in Hartford Ct. and remarks: “No one restores a car as efficient as John Russo”. He became engaged seeing Russo at work and kept admiring his skills and expertise in the task. He completely loved the restoration of his 1940 classic Ford and congratulated our specialists worked at Palm Beach Customs. The front and rear bumpers to the Ford required re-chroming with a three stage process copper, nickle then chrome. The interior was a Lebanon and Bonny kit carpeting with the re-upholstered seats door panels and headliner. The vehicle’s authenticity is maintained by using the original factory colors as well as the materials designed for the specific model.



The classic Ford from 1940 was not the only auto that was restored at Palm Beach Customs, but there are series of such amazing works that we have done in the past. Our store at Fort Myers, Florida is popular among the local people and also several places far off with the incredible response that we’ve acquired on our services. Teddy kept up to date with how classic cars like the 1940s Ford are restored in the present times. He also indicated how several such owners are looking to bring out these priceless possessions and relinquish the glorious past. Teddy was also very impressed with the other restoration procedures at our shop and our attention to detail and time. Once the car was completed he was excited to take his wife for an ice cream. Like back in the days they were dating.

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