1932 Ford Roadster – a Vintage Classic Car Barn Find Ready for Restoration

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1932 Model B Ford Roadster – Today’s Vintage Classic Car Barn Find




Today, the 1932 Model B, which is always slightly in the shadow of the V-8, is an extremely collectible vintage classic car and buyers will pay thousands of dollars to restore an original one to original specification.



classic and muscle car restoration shop in cape coral



All 1932 Fords— including the V8-8s and Model Bs—came with black fenders, wire wheels, and a rear-mounted spare wheel (with side mount on cars equipped with the tail gate).



Vintage Classic Car Barn Find Ready for Restoration





Options for this classic car once included the choice of single or twin sidemounts, a luggage rack, a clock, in- and outside mirrors, and choice of either leather or Broadcloth (for the closed cars) interior styling.





Check out this awesome Vintage Barn Fin of a 1932 Ford Roadster find here for Sale on Ebay 





If you follow the link you'll find the 1932 Ford Coupe sold as is. While the vintage classic car comes without title the seller can provide bill of sale. The last time it was registered was in 1984 in California.



This cool vintage barn find had been in the garage of a man who has since passed away for 30+ years.



Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Sarasota


Needs some TLC:


Some birds were living above this 32 Ford Roadster in the garage, so it will need a good scrubbing.



Only one wheel is rolling, the other 3 were locked, but for a car of this age, it appears to be for the most part structurally sound. Important to note that the top above driver and passenger is not metal, but most of it is original.


Here are some photos of the Vintage Classic Car Barn Find Ready for Restoration


Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Florida



Vintage Classic Car Barn Find Ready for Restoration in Florida



1932 Ford Roadster Restoration Project in Naples Florida



32 Ford Vintage Classic Car Restoration in Sarasota Florida



Classic Cars for Sale in Florida



1932 Ford Roadster Vintage Classic Car Barn Find Restoration in Florida



To the untrained eye, this old car might not look like much. But car enthusiasts know a score when the see one and this vintage classic car is definitely one them.





Interested in owning this awesome vintage classic 1932 Ford Roadster?



Or maybe you need a hand restoring it - get in touch with us at Palm Beach Customs and we'll be happy to work with you.










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1969 Boss 302 Mustang inspiration car: Most potent Barn find Ever?

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Larry Shinoda’s First 1969 Boss 302 Mustang inspiration car: Most potent Barn find Ever?

1969 boss 302 mustang 1



Ohn Grafelman bleeds Ford blue. He says he is “invariably watching for historic Fords.” He remembers reading way back to the early ’80s about the lengthy-lost 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 prototype once owned via automobile clothier Larry Shinoda. Now, wouldn’t that be a Mustang to seek out?

Incredibly, this hardworking farmer from Peoria, Illinois, already owned that very Mustang. Unbeknownst to him, the ‘sixty nine Cobra Jet fastback he bought by way of an advert in the regional newspaper used to be that very vehicle.

“the fellow I bought it from was once an aged man or woman,” says John. “He told me that this car had some Ford historical past.”

The vendor made no point out of the automobile’s prototype history. The Cobra Jet fastback’s exact points would have with ease been misplaced within the palms of both a restorer or a modifier. Nevertheless, John proved to be very observant. The day he drove the automobile to his farm he realized the rear window game slats weren’t construction.

:Users:johnrusso:Desktop:1969 boss 302 mustang 2


“They had been up to now faraway from creation they stood out like a sore thumb,” John says. What number of house owners would fully grasp the latches were one of a kind?

After riding the auto for 2 years and 7,000 miles, John saved it safely in considered one of his barns. Although he did not comprehend the automobile’s heritage, he and his loved ones continually said the auto as “their precise model Mustang.” His spouse, Danette, remembers, “We drove it, had Jason’s youngster seat in the again, after which i noticed it was sort of hard to get him inside and out of, so we parked it, and that’s where we stopped. The years glided by faster and rapid.”

because the years handed and first-iteration Mustangs became valuable, Mustang month-to-month, super Ford, and different magazines wrote stories about the lost Shinoda Boss prototype. Donald Farr even released a guide, Mustang Boss 302, with more knowledge on the illustrious Boss.


John kept uncovering specific features on his ‘sixty nine Mustang. The spoiler mounted on the rear decklid obviously didn’t fit the mould of a creation unit. “it is three inches wider and it’s thicker. And the blade on it’s sharper,” he says. Also, the rear spoiler’s two pedestals are 5 inches nearer collectively than construction and have a chrome finish, evidently now not stock.

There used to be additionally an obstacle about the car’s stance. “I was variety of considering that possibly this automobile came out with some susceptible springs, why it set so low,” John recalls. “the front and back? It sits low.”1969 boss 302 mustang 5


Of direction, the prototype Boss sat low for the reason that of the best way Kar Kraft reworked the suspension (which was once developed on an extra Boss prototype). Kar Kraft used to be Ford’s job save for constructing forte racing, prototype, and high-performance models, including both Bosses, the Boss 302 and 429.


The simulated scoops on prime of the rear quarters have been an additional major problem. Every Mach 1 came with these scoops. However, Shinoda favored a tender physique for his Boss. Each ’69½ Boss 302 got here from the manufacturing facility with smooth rear quarters with out the fake scoops—which is how John’s Mustang looked. He checked for evidence of changes to this scoop on his auto. He poked a protracted replicate down the quarter from inside the trunk and could see brazing work from the backside. Later, he pulled the rear seat to peer the work directly.

“Ford brazed on those caps. They are not pop-riveted.”

The stripes have been one other question mark. They gave the look of ‘sixty nine-old Boss 302 stripes, but without the Boss 302 brand. Donald Farr’s booklet showed a snapshot of this Boss prototype parked in Shinoda’s driveway. Sure sufficient, the stripes have been the identical, despite the fact that the rear quarter-panel scoops had no longer but been modified.


A manufacturing unit Shaker scoop poked by means of the hood. The ‘sixty nine Boss 302, on the other hand, got here with a flat hood on top of the Boss 302 engine. (The Shaker grew to be optional on the Boss 302 for the ’70 model 12 months.)


John had read about Shinoda’s Boss 302 prototype. He knew it used to be firstly a ’69 Mach 1 with a 428 CJ and computerized transmission. Ford did not introduce the Boss 302 except the spring of 1969. The primary Mach 1 predates the first Boss 302.

According to Mustang Boss 302, “some of the earliest Boss 302 picture prototypes was a Mach 1 Cobra Jet that regarded in a photograph with Shinoda and a Cougar Eliminator.” (Shinoda additionally designed the pics for the Boss 302’s Mercury counterpart.)


Shinoda used to be a scorching-shot fashion designer in these days, already noted for his work at normal Motors. I knew him well since he attended vehicle hobbies. He was once one of us, not just a famous automobile clothier. Born in 1930, he built scorching rods in the ’50s before graduating from the art middle university of Design in los angeles, his fatherland.

John researched this invoice to his Mustang, which matched his car’s VIN and had “L Shinoda” in the 1/3 line from the top. The Ship to address at the bottom is for the I R storage, which is right across the street from the Ford Design center. This file proves the link to both Larry Shinoda and the Ford Design core. The crew used the Pastel grey fastback as a palette to apply Shinoda’s now noted Boss 302 images.

Shinoda was instrumental in the design of the usual ‘sixty three Corvette “split window” coupe. Three months after his buddy Bunkie Knudsen left GM in January 1968 to turn out to be president of Ford, Shinoda switched brands too. At Ford, he helped design the original Boss Mustang and in addition got here up with the name Boss. He genuinely stopped the auto from having the identify SR-2 when the decals have been already made. SR-2 stood for Sedan Racing staff 2.


Shinoda normally questioned what occurred to his old Boss prototype. He offered the scorching auto to his tailor in Brighton, Michigan, sometime around 1970-1972. That is the final he knew.


In 1976, John read an ad in his regional paper for a Mustang. The advert called the vehicle a “1969 Cobra Jet,” he recollects. He paid cash for what he notion was once a Mach 1 with the 428 Cobra Jet backed by using a C6 automatic transmission. John recalls that the odometer read somewhere around 70,000 miles. The deluxe Mach 1 seats have been black with the inventory crimson stripe. He noticed a tilt wheel, an electric trunk lock, and a constructed-in burglar alarm within the trunk.

1969 boss 302 mustang 5


The Cobra Jet fastback sat in John’s storage and barn (quite often the barn) from 1978. Then, 12 to 13 years ago on a travel to California, his son Jason visited a couple of strong point car earnings places asking about his father’s striped Mustang. An owner of one of the crucial stores had a snapshot of Shinoda’s Boss 302 with his two daughters, Karen and Lisa. This man knew many info about Shinoda and this car, together with the fact that the customary engine used to be a 428 CJ. He additionally knew Shinoda had mounted an aluminum consumption on the 428 CJ. Stock 428 CJs came with cast iron intakes, however this aluminum consumption used to be nonetheless on John’s 428 CJ.


Jason noticed that the automobile within the portraits had fender scoops atop the rear quarters. His dad’s ‘69 Boss 302 had gentle quarter-panels. Might be his father didn’t have Shinoda’s Boss?

John commenced intensive research to examine if he owned the Shinoda Boss. Shinoda died in 1997. At present, John laments, “I would have paid Larry a aircraft ticket earlier than he handed away. It could had been simple.”

He did talk to Howard Freers, an engineer who labored with Larry at Ford. Freers mentioned again then persons at Kar Kraft observed this 428-powered Boss as “Larry’s Boss.”

within the car, the three-spoke, Momo guidance wheel without doubt wasn’t stock. John didn’t believe much, to start with, concerning the LB on the horn ring. Later, he would have a revelation at the same time plowing dust with his tractor. Would LB stand for Larry’s Boss? He virtually enlisted the support of a Corvette expert to track down Shinoda’s personal ’63 Corvette Sting Ray. The center part of the guidance wheel on this ’63 read “LC,” which, John surmised, stood for Larry’s Corvette. So LB might stand for Larry’s Boss.

John has performed a fine job of detective work on his Mustang. He feels fortunate to have bought the auto and held onto it for 35 years. He plans to first show the automobile as is so every body can see the unique features of this certain prototype. First stop will be the Boss Nationals. After a few suggests, he plans to revive the car to exactly inventory. originally  Posted on Hot Rod Magazine

barn find 1969 boss 302


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1955 Ford Pickup Barn Find

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This is another True story of a 1955 Ford Pickup Barn Find truck Frame off Restoration went under a full Restoration including sandblasting replacement of all 4 fenders including a set of running boards .

The Front doors were in above average shape ..the cab not so much
we replaced the inner and outer cab corners as well as the inner rockers and a pillar supports to floor .. the Pictures of the project are in order so you can see the completed project and as you go from top to bottom we take you thru the entire process…
Here you get a Quick Tip on How we ultra fine and Buff to a show room Finish

 This is the Finished 1955 Ford Pickup barn Find getting loaded into the enclosed interstate car trailer before it makes it’s Journey from  Ocala Florida to Fort Myers Note the wheels we made so it would fit inside the trailer  …

1955 ford 4









This truck just has a cool nose and grille at this point all the buffing and cleaning is completed

1955 ford 1










the front fenders and lower valance along with the inner fenders were also Replaced 

1955 ford 2

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1955 ford 7







1956 Chevrolet 2dr Belair Restoration Project

JohnLatest Projects, RestorationNovember 29, 20140 Comment

1956 Chevrolet Belair 2dr Restoration Project



1956 Chevrolet 2dr Belair Restoration Project  210 with 265 V8 and 3 on the tree,

Dug out from many years in a barn!

engine turns over but has not fired, straight body with some rust

The engine in the car is an original 1956 -265 v8 > The car originally came with a 6 cyl

glass is there , trim is excellent, interior will take you back in time.

Have all the stainless to make it a BelAir ,extra set of inner fenders nice trunk lid ,front splash

extra rear bumper along with front bumper


Very complete car Great candidate for a restoration

1956 Chevrolet 2dr Belair Restoration Project  210 with 265 V8 and 3 on the tree,

Dug out from many years in a barn! a True Barn Find

engine turns over but has not fired, straight body with some rust

The engine in the car is an original 1956 -265 v8 > The car originally came with a 6 cyl

glass is there , trim is excellent, interior will take you back in time.

driver floor has holes, rear body also. (See Images) Clean Title in hand

Car Is located near Ocala Florida inside storage . If you would like to inspect thats not a problem

It is located at my shop and we are available 🙂

Call with questions 239-281-6754

Once you win the auction, you will be expected to complete the deal as per our terms, without hesitations or excuses.

Please do YOUR part before you buy….unanswered questions are no ones fault but your own.

We will be more than happy to do our very best to answer any questions or concerns

no matter how minor you may think they are.

Just call or email us before bidding,if you have any Questions on this

1956 Chevrolet 2dr Belair Restoration Project  210 with 265 V8 and 3 on the tree,

Dug out from many years in a barn! a True Barn Find

engine turns over but has not fired, straight body with some rust

The engine in the car is an original 1956 -265 v8 > The car originally came with a 6 cyl

glass is there , trim is excellent, interior will take you back in time.


Buyer pays and arranges all shipping/pick ups….we will assist and help however we can with your arrangements.

we do have a local Orlando Shipper that Is excellent , You can also check Uship .com

This is a survivor we are a Restoration Shop with over 35 years in the business

this car will need the typical frame off sandblasting floors rockers quarters ect

Having said that we all know these are becoming hard to find !!

you may also call or e mail me to discuss completing this car for you Before or after purchase If you

want a cool classic Chevy but dont have the time yourself to build !




  Check it out here  Good Luck and Happy Bidding 🙂

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