1935 Ford 5 Window Coupe Original Barn Find

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Here is a 1935 Ford 5 Window Coupe Original Barn Find…


This classic barn find is virtually complete, see the pictures in the post below



1935 Ford Coupe 5 Window


It has a rock solid floor, comes complete with rear fenders – which are rarer than hen’s teeth. As you know they are only making them for the 1936 Fords.

Nice straight hood sides and grill.




Other good features:

Clear title


Matching VIN on frame


Matching V8 Flathead (engine is stuck but rebuildable)


Transmission shifts and it does roll


Original rims and driveline




Comes with a few pieces of sheet metal that it does need


Window hardware is included


Comes with interior window bezels



Roof is straight

Drip edges are good

Has original paint


This 1935 Ford Coupe 5 Window is ready to be taken apart and media blasted to start metal work



Trunk area is decent, this will make a nice hot rod or original

This is a great example of an unmolested original survivor





There's some direct sheet metal goodies that come with the project.




Has original steer column and dash. As well as the hood is very straight on the top edges.





We are also offering this car as one of our high-end 1935 Ford Turn Key Builds.

So don't hesitate.

If you want this car, drop the hammer or it will be gone.



Below is an Art Morrison Chassis which would be awesome to pair with this build!




1935 1936 ford 5 window coupe art morrison Chassis classic car shop florida



Here's a history of the 1935 Ford Coupes and some cool original Ford ads that we dug up....

The '35 Ford Coupes were the Model 48 which was an update of the Ford's V8-powered Model 40A

Beginning in 1935, the Model 48 was given a cosmetic refresher each year, begetting the 1937 Ford. The price, practicality, and looks catapulted Ford ahead of  Chevrolet that year, with about 820,000 of the 35s sold that year

To the eye, the 1935 Ford Coupe 5 Window was much more modern with its grille pushed forward with de-emphasized and integrated front fenders. A major difference was an integrated trunk on the trunk-back sedans.



Two trim lines were offered with the 35 Ford - the standard or the DeLuxe, across a number of different body styles from the base roadster, the five-window coupe (above), the three-window coupe, Tudor and Fordor sedans in two versions, a convertible sedan, a woody station wagon and the trucks. Wow!

Additionally, rumble seats were an option with the coupe model. A buyer could also opt for an oil pressure gauge (for an additional $4). Two windshield wipers were also optional. If one got the radio installed, it replaced the ash tray.






You might also be interested in the 1936 Ford Coupe we have Over Here






Not Your Typical Barn Find – The Million Dollar 1950 Ferrari 166MM Barchetta

JohnCool CarsApril 11, 20170 Comment

rare barn finds 166M ferrari barchetta

A MILLION-DOLLAR BARN FIND: 1950 Ferrari 166M Barchetta

Only 25 Ferrari 166MM Barchettas were made and they are nearly all accounted for or still in existance, so how did this one gather desert dust in a barn for decades?





When you typically hear of a barn find - the phrase conjures up an image of a dusty old car scored for a deal from an original owner in their 80's looking to get rid of their car. A barn find is a creeky classic or muscle car that you can flip for good profits with little work needed to clean it up and start the engine.


Barn Finds a million dollar 1950 166M Ferrari Barchettas




That's for your typical find... But the story of Manny Del Arroz's Ferrari barn find is far from ordinary - the owners were asking a high price.



This Was Not Just Any Barn Find...



The car is a 1950 Ferrari 166MM Barchetta. According to Michael T. Lynch, an automotive historian who specializes in Ferraris, "This was the car that made Ferrari."


ferrari classic cars in sarasota florida


The Story Behind the 166M Ferrari


Lynch believes that possibly 50 years ago, a  guy living in Europe, maybe serving in the U.S. military, found the 166MM in a used car showroom in Lausanne, Switzerland.


He then contacted his friend, Reg Lee Litton, in Scottsdale, Ariz., who was familiar with Ferraris.



Litton had his friend buy it and ship it. The Ferrari went for maybe $5,000 to $8,000.


Litton got it running and would meet with friends to race all over the Arizona valley before going home to talk about it over a few beers. Eventually the Ferrari needed work.... And this is when the now iconic race car was put away in the back yard, covered with some rugs and black plastic.



Over time, the coverings were removed and the car was left to open sky. Sadly, this is how the Ferrari remained until Litton died.



muscle and classic car restoration ocala florida



Left with a 6-figure car, Litton's children put it up for sale... but not on Craigslist.

Litton's family was asking for a little over a million for the rare car and the word was put out to catch the attention of Ferrari seekers world wide.



Del Arroz said that he was first tipped off about the car's availability by a Swiss Ferrari historian named Marcel Massini.

"I saw photographs of the car, and I was very intrigued because of its originality," Del Arroz said. "You just don't see these things."


He bought it sight unseen.


Classic Race Car Driven by the Best...


muscle car restoration shop in florida



Adding to this already incredible story, Del Arroz and Massini found out that his 166M Ferrari had raced at some of the famous races of the day, such as Le Mans, Silverstone, Targa Florio and was driven by none other than Juan Manuel Fangio.



classic and muscle car restoration in ft myers




What an awesome story, huh?



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