Featured Car: 1970 Nova SS

JohnCool Cars, RestorationAugust 8, 20150 Comment

Today’s featured car is a 1970 Nova SS. This car was originally a racer x car and boy oh boy did she race! She was strutting a clutched automatic Sunnex 502 big-block, Iskey Crank Crower cam, Brodex heads, Demon carbs and rolled in off the Dyno at 925hp! On top of all that a Littlefield blower was added and this baby was putting down around 1100 ponies!

Being in the classic car restoration business since I was 14 years old I thought I had seen it all, but this car had ZERO rust! I was shocked! Especially with this vehicle coming from up north where they salt the roads like it’s going out of style! We had a blast on this restoration and it turned out beautiful! This was a very special car for us too; we officially hit 500 cars when this one was completed!

Below are some pictures of this memorable build! Enjoy!



nova 1noak


nova noak 2


70 SS 1










At Palm Beach Customs we focus on creating the highest quality product possible. Along with over 35 years in the business our team of top body and paint pro’s use many techniques and materials that were not available for the original mass-produced versions of these amazing cars. At PBC we hand craft one of a kind vehicles for you and will deliver more than just a car, but a work of art.

Whether it’s your first or your last, if you are seeking a Nova or another classic car Palm Beach Customs is dedicated to finding and restoring an original high quality numbers matching vehicle for you. We will produce a work of art for you that is better than the day it rolled off the line.

Make sure you check back for more featured cars from PBC. Do you have anything you’d like to see? Let us know if you have any comments, questions or if we can help you with your classic car restoration or customization below, by email, or give us a call at (239) 281-6754. Until next time, keep cruisin’



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JohnRestorationDecember 7, 20130 Comment

1970 SS Nova


SO here is a story of a 1970 SS BIG BLOCK NOVA MUSCLE CAR  Far from the Brady bunch Here “

This Particular car Has a Sunnex 502 big-block with a Iskey Crank Crower cam and Brodex heads and on top of all that was a littlefield blower and 2-1150  cfm Demon carbs all with a clutched automatic .. wow now that we got that out of the way  .


You will notice that this SS Nova is Black with the shave door handles kinda going for the Vin diesel Look 🙂

The grille is blacked out while all the rest of the chrome is factory OEM

I think its safe to say that the car Dyno-ed out with out the blower at 925 HP with the LittleField Blower it was upwards of 1100 hp


The body on Original 1970 Big block Nova Muscle car was rust free it was an x race car since the early  70s

and it was exceptional clean when we removed the front and rear windshield to our surprise NO RUST !

I was shocked ! being in the classic car restoration business since 14  years old I have seen just about everything especially from being up north where they salt the roads its very rare to see a clean car with ZERO rust !


You will notice the Lazar straight body Due to countless hours of Block Sanding and Prep

the key on a project like this is to use a good quality fillers and once you have body blocked correctly

to apply a spray poly — I used Debeer spray poly on this Job its a catalyzed polyester primer

that you need a special gun with a very large gun fluid tip and nozzle to actually get the liquid to move from the spray gun

Its like spraying mud and is Well worth it when it comes time to long boarding and making the car straight .

Below on this picture you will notice I have the car in the Car-o-liner  frame rack so while Im cutting the car loose

we dont loose the measurements ..We hand to cut the perfectly good quarter panels off the car Just to get access oh the rear Minni tubs

we Minni tubed this car to allow for the big slicks >

 NOVA 13

There she is after 150 Man hours I believe that this ground ponder is ready to burn some rubber  !

70 SS 1

 We  used High Build Black Debeer urethane primer on the   1970 SS BIG BLOCK NOVA MUSCLE CAR  simply

a smart move to color coat the primer the same color you will be painting unless using candy’s

When the weather permits we will let the cars bake in the sun If not we put in the down draft booth and cook them at 165 degrees .


I hope you enjoyed this post on this Restoration Project


This was a special car the Shop hit 500 cars restored when this one was completed. If you have a project you would like to discuss we book by appointment and I will be glad to discuss the procedures for your project !




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