Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL

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Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL


Here at Palm Beach Customs we specialize in many automotive fields, but we also specialize in helping your business attract more clients! Did you know that a company’s sign design and logo is the greatest influence on customer decisions to either choose you or your competitor? We create high-quality, eye-grabbing business sign designs for your company that drives more traffic to your business.

An example of our sign design capabilities can be seen in our work with a local business, Gentle Care of Fort Myers, FL.

Business Sign Design Done Right


business sign design in florida
Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL
  • sign design and board concept
  • logo font style and layout
  • colors and style
  • gold leaf scrolls
  • measurement sizes of the alum lite  panels
  • Step one: Sign design and board concepts
sign design
Sign design for local business layout



We sit down in a meeting with the customer to decide what they want to say, the important points of their business, and then coming up with a couple sign board design concepts. We take into consideration the shape/layout of the building, the color, and position to the street(s). Once the client is happy with a board design, we move on to deciding the font style and layout.

  • Step two: Logo font and layout
lettering sign panel
installing the graphics on the highly finished sign boards

When picking a logo font style and layout, we really have to make sure we pick the right one to attract the most customers for our client’s business. Something too fine can’t be read and something too thick is off-putting. Also, we have to make sure that the logo is going to work for the next couple of years and that the client won’t want a redesign in a few months! When picking out fonts and layouts for sign designs, Palm Beach Customs makes sure that your new look will be effective and lasting.

  • Step three: Colors and style


Color and style is also very important to take into consideration and the balance can be difficult to find no matter your budget – but we don’t have any trouble with that! After considering many color schemes and taking into account the clients budget, Gentle Care decided to go with a 3-color scheme of red, yellow, and black.

  • Step four: Gold leaf scrolls
Sign design with 22k real gold leaf scrolls
Sign design with 22k real gold leaf scrolls

Gold (real) leaf scrolls are not necessary, but they certainly add a little something – elegance, eye-catching, yet subtle. Scrolls come in many different designs so make sure to inquire about them when you’re doing your sign design!

  • Step five: Measurement sizes

The size of a sign is another aspect to consider when creating a sign design concept and depends on local zoning ordinances maximum size permitted and placement so it looks uniformed. Usually I will work on a design then tweak and fit the measurements In some cases this will produce a nicer result .

Finished Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL
Finished Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL



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Boat Refinishing and Custom Graphics

JohnBoat Refinishing & Graphics, Custom Paint, Gallery, RestorationOctober 5, 20120 Comment

Here is another example of Boat Refinishing and Custom Graphics addiction of John Russo owner of Palm Beach Customs. It started out that my daughter and I were going to purchase this boat, clean it and just use it as is. The funny thing is, as I am writing this post anyone who knows me realizes that is just not possible. It did start out that way and the cleaning turned into removing all the carpets and interior then we faced the fact that it was going to be a canidate for a paint job .

     Boat Refinishing and Custom Graphics 

Well, as you can see it wasn’t just the average paint job. I decided to use House Of Kolor Spanish Gold Kandy and Pearl White as the main base colors and wanted asymmetrical graphics that I later named broken graphics. This meant that not one panel on the boat was the same.

So as the boat paint job and now full restoration was under way we got to thinking what are we going to name it? Then it came to me, clearly it was a jet boat that blew a Rooster- Tail about 60 ft in the air so there it was: Rooster Tail. That made me think about my favorite cartoon as a kid (plus my family owned a big chicken farm)  Foghorn Leghorn (loved that show). Well, I will just let you see the rest.

Below is a better shot of  Foghorn Leghorn airbrushed on the engine cover.

As you can see we replaced the entire dash and interior along with marine grade Berger carpet. All wood for the seat panels were new and coated with fiberglass resin to keep the moisture out in case they got wet and a nice pearl white vinyl was used. Oh, check out the custom stitched seats.

As you can see after about 400 man hours the “quick little detail “turned into a major paint Boat Refinishing and Custom Graphics work of art that was sure to turn some heads on the water. If you have a boat that needs gel-coat, fiberglass repairs and some updating or you are simply looking to get your boat name and some graphics, we are here to help. Just give us a ring and fill out the contact form and we will make your dreams a reality!

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Boat Fiberglass Gelcoat And Refinishing

JohnCustom Paint, Gallery, RestorationOctober 4, 20120 Comment

Welcome To Our website! Today we will  go over boat fiberglass gelcoat and refinishing and give you examples of our work on a 38 ‘ Cigarette Top Gun restoration that was a solid boat but needed updating with some fiberglass repairs on the top deck and removal of the center rail on the bow.

As you can see in the above picture the rub rails were removed and all screw and seams were filled with 3m 5200 marine sealer. Below you will see the cockpit and dash area being prepped and ready for refinishing.

Here you can see the dash with silver base coat applied with urethane top coat.

We also spent a good amount of time prepping the engine compartment and we used Awlgrip on the inside of engine compartment the original gel coat finish was prepped and sanded then wiped down with acetone for good adhesion.

 Once we had the boat pretty much ready we took care of the prep on the stern.

Then it was time to add the pair of brand spanking new 540 big block power.

People often ask is it different performing boat fiberglass repair and refinishing compared to automobiles corvettes and metal refinishing  and I say its similar and once you get past the fiberglass repair with fiberglass resin and matt. Then it is basically the same there on after body work and urethane primer the same paints are used on the cars now as well as the boats. You will find the top boat manufactures like Cigarette, Apache, Nor Tech  Outer-limits, Donzi and Magnum, just to name a few, are all using high quality automotive primers and base coats along with high solid urethane clear coats. You will see below the cigarette was shot with 5 gallons of yellow lemon ice base to start the wild paint job.

Here we have the graphics starting to be applied including the Cigarette logos done in carbon fiber. Being in the auto restoration business since the early 1980s and restoring fleets of old cars it sure is fun applying some magic tricks to the massive canvas.

So whether it is a simple boat fiberglass gel coat and refinishing repair you need or a new logo and boat design we are here to help you in Swfl – Fort Myers area. Don’t hesitate to check out our other articles on the website and give us a call.

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Commercial Business Graphics with House of Kolor Custom Paint

JohnCustom Paint, LetteringSeptember 8, 20120 Comment

Our Very Own Commercial Business Graphics with House of Kolor Custom Paint…


Before we were Palm Beach Customs in Florida, we went by JR’s Crashlane and had a graphics division – JR’s Graphix.


See one of our vehicles below custom painted with House of Kolor custom paints.


Need Commercial Business Graphics with House of Kolor Custom Paint for your vehicles?


Contact us to get started



See the Gallery Below of the JR’s Graphix truck getting completed:


Miss Budweiser Driver Howie Benns Has His Boat Lettering Done at Palm Beach

JohnLetteringAugust 14, 20120 Comment

Howie Benns, Miss Budweiser Driver has his boat lettering done at Palm Beach Customs

Miss Budwiser

Howie Benns, Miss Budweiser Driver has his boat lettering done at Palm Beach Customs in Fort Myers situated on the Caloosahatchee river popular for its amazing culture home of the Hennery Ford and Thomas Edison museum. A variety of sports are played here. The Boston Red Sox have a winter training park here. Also one of the most renowned recreational activities in the area is the off shore boat racing. Many of the go fast boats were constructed in Miami on the famous “Thunder Boat Row” or gasoline Ally. Palm Beach Customs specializes in various race boat services. We have an excellent team and provide customized boat lettering for an effective advertising campaign. Boat owners also get the provision to display any name on the boat using vinyl lettering or custom painted graphics.

 We were all taken by surprize with a chanced visit of Howie Benns, the fantastic Driver from Miss Budweiser, holding a distinguished carrier, having won the Valleyfield race three times. Benns had come to us to trick out his 1962 Chris Craft which he had just finished the restoration process at his shop about a block away. He wanted to get gold leaf lettering for his boat to match the natural wood finish. We have two choices usually, one is to contrast the lettering color to the boat surface or come up with an entirely different hue. Red worked as a drop shadow with the gold leaf lettering.

Howie Benns, the  world champion and amazing sportsman liked the work immensely and congratulated our men and John Russo the owner of Palm Beach Customs. He spoke to John how in his younger years he drove for Berni little’s famous team Miss Budwiser racing and also for Richie Sutphen Power boats. He also recalled his memories in swfl and the climate here. It was a great  day for our crew  at Palm Beach Customs, having got an opportunity to serve one of the finest and skilled race boat drivers of all times.

To make a long story short the Chris Craft looked like a piece of furniture: the way they built these boats back in the day was unreal. Howie took the boat up north to the lakes for summer and we have an agreement to keep our eyes out for a old hydroplane boat that’s in need of a restoration. Check out the pictures  of the Chris Craft and of Howie Benns Miss Budwiser world champioon boat.

here is a vid of Howie Benns CLICK HERE


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