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Truck Lettering, Signs, and Graphics

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gold leaf ,car graphics

Expert Advice on Truck Lettering, Signs, and Graphics


In this post I’m just going over some the questions and ideas that you need to keep in mind for truck lettering, signs, and graphics.



One of the important things that you need to think about is your target market – who you’re speaking to. For example, if you’re selling Harley Davidson’s you’re going to be talking to the biker crowd so you’re image and graphics can be a little bit edgy. If you have a home care business, you’ll want something soft and inviting so that your target customers feel safe with your services.


You’ll also want to keep in mind that many times, less is more – how many times have you seen a truck or van that went by that looked beautiful with colors and design, but you asked yourself, Who was that? because you miss their name and/or message?



You want to be careful that you don’t look like a newspaper print.



car graphics , blue candy , pearl white ,pin stripe,
Truck Lettering done with Automotive Paints with simple clean Look



2-layer reflective lettering for great 3D looks
See how the lettering is designed around the truck door to achieve great looks and visibility.


The next thing that I would like to point out is that you want to keep in mind is your branding image and how you’re going to portray yourself on your website, your social media outlets, and your business cards. It is important to keep a clean and consistent message.



Something cool to do is to create a tagline that people will remember -examples below.
BMW “The Ultimate Driving Machine”
Palm Beach Customs Tag line is “Building Dream Rides Since 1980"
Apple's Tagline "Think Different "


Keep in mind that colors play an important role in the psychology of consumers. You will see some different pictures of a few fleet lettering jobs that we have done for our fleet customers. Many of these are just truck lettering, signs, and designs that we did for local businesses in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers area, including the 50 mile radius around SWFL.


So keep us in mind for your next project whether it is truck lettering, business signs, or vehicle graphics because we will get you ahead of your competition.


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