1984 Jeep CJ-7

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red 84 Jeep CJ7

Kandy Apple Red 1984 Jeep CJ-7



This jeep is originally from California and rolled into our shop with almost no rust. This was a  3/4 restoration and ended up looking like a brand new jeep without having to lift it off the frame.



It originally came with the hard doors and hard top and clean underneath and body in general, for the use of it. We gave it a 2-inch lift, using 33 BF Goodrich k-o tunes. we went with new 15′ steel wheels with a blacked out look. We went with the original CJ Red color and 4 coats of high-grade urethane clear coat and ultra fined and buffed to give it that “Show Car” gloss.



As we were doing this build you’ll see in the pictures we went with a brand new front windshield, rubber weatherstrips, wipers and wiper blades. The doors were taken apart and dismantled and all the glass was removed.

Every one of these cj7 s usually has two cracks on the inside of the door (fatigue cracks) right next to where the vent window locks into place right about 25% up the front of the door.
So, we welded those nice so they’re solid again. We then put them into primer and base and clear and then wet sanded and buffed and then we put them on a nice soft table and put the new glass back in clean. Typically, just to do the doors you’re looking at a day’s worth of labor probably a half a day to paint them and I’m gonna say a few hours to wet sand them buff and a few hours to assemble. The doors are not a 5-minute project; you can blow a day or a day and a half on a set of doors.



The jeep got brand new steel latches, hood latches, park lights, side marker lights and a full stainless steel exhaust with Bora stainless muffler. We redid the brakes and belts and belts and battery too.





Check out the photos BELOW of the 1984 Jeep CJ-7 Restoration 


Final Walk-around video of the 1984 Jeep CJ-7 below 




84 Jeep CJ-7 motor


1984 Jeep CJ-7 red


new 15' steel wheels Red CJ-7 JeepAbove are the new 15′ steel wheels with a blacked out look.


underneath CJ-7 Jeep 1984


door rubber red cj-7

New door rubber and windows



front interior red 1984 CJ-7 JEEP

In the photo above, you can see the whole front interior and doors, which come together very nicely


hard top cj-7 jeep

The jeep came with the hard top, and here it is all cleaned up 








CJ-7 Jeep ready for bed liner


ready for bed liner with a red cj-7 jeep


components blocked off for bed liner in a 84 CJ-7 Jeep

Above are a couple photos showing what the jeep looks like when it is ready for the bed liner. 


bed liner for a red cj-7 jeep


front floor boards with bed liner

The two photos above show what the bed liner looks like when it’s done…….awesome! 


cj-7 jeep dash with new everything

Above we have a photo of the dash with all new buttons, levers, gauges, etc. 


cj-7 restoration custom seats

Above is a photo of the new seats 


Below Some photos of some of the things we used for the restoration

jeep cover "JEEP"


dash switched for 1984 CJ-7 JEEP


Mopar parts for CJ-7 Jeep


wheel installation and door brackets for cj-7 jeep 1984




15' wheels



Final walk around video of the 1984 Jeep CJ-7


Click HERE to check out some more videos of our other JEEP CJ-7 Restorations.


1984 Jeep CJ-7 Restoration


We hope you enjoyed the 1984 Jeep CJ-7 Restoration.



We only need 2 things from our customers:




As long as you can provide us with those two things, we can work with you to bring your classic car to life.


Whether you have an original classic car or want to start from scratch with a new steel body and chassis, at Palm Beach Customs we go over every inch of your car to make sure the build is solid and the details are perfect.


Go over to our FAQ page to learn some of the specifics and then get in touch with us – We would love to hear what car you’re dreaming up!


CJ-7 Jeep Restorations

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kandy red cj-7 jep

We really do get it……… It’s a Jeep thing.

CJ-7 Jeep Restorations

That’s why Palm Beach Customs has always loved turning that “Jeep thing into a Real thing ”

with Many of our classic CJ-7 Jeep restorations including turn-key builds

If you have an original unrusty Body that’s Great However if your tub is in tough shape we offer Brand New steel bodies Here

Jeeps History: 

Willys Overland built the first prototypes for a commercial version in 1944 after being one of the main two manufacturers of the military jeeps at the time. Sadly, that jeep line ended in 1984. But don’t doubt a thing, because they look and drive beautiful, then and now. In fact, they were called “America’s Workhorse” and described as being amongst “…the most successful utility vehicles ever made.” Also, CJ stands for Civilian Jeep and fits perfectly with its description!!

Want to learn more about the CJ-7 jeep history? Click Here.


Our Coolest CJ-7 Jeep Restorations!


“The Beast” CJ-7 Jeep Restoration:


This jeep restoration was done for a dad and his two sons.

We installed 35 inch BFG ko2 all-terrain tires after installing a 4-inch suspension as well as a 1-inch body lift kit.

When we delivered the car, nothing but laughter and joy came about. Watch the video below to hear from the client himself!


Below is when we delivered the Cj-7 to Boca, Florida for the Client


Below is The Beast 1977 Jeep CJ-7 after its first test ride from the shop in Ocala.

Watch the test ride Video Here.


Here is a shot of the Jeep in the shade which gives you a better look at the tires.

The Beast CJ7 Jeep restorations

Click Here to see more about “The Beast” CJ7 Restoration.

CJ-7 Jeep Restorations


1984 CJ-7 Nevada Jeep Restoration:


At the time of this jeep restoration, we chose to restore this Jeep as a ¾ restoration to keep the buy-it price reasonable. This Jeep ended up being perfect for a real Jeeper.

The jeep body came into the shop pretty much rust free.  In fact, we chose to leave all the factory fusion welds on the rear quarters from the factory assembly as is. We also kept the original “sunshine” yellow color.what we did on this was a full strip down and all moldings all off, the windshield was taken apart and all new rubber was put around the windshield. All the lights have been replaced.

Before painting, we disassembled the truck, took the top off and prepped the paint. Then we totally D chromed, primed and we did the base and clear coat on the Jeep.

Everything works and there were no air gaps or rattles. This jeep also got stainless hinges, cool
aftermarket stainless mirrors and a nice set of Pro Comp 33 twelve fives tires.

It left with new plugs, wires, fuel pump, air filter, oil change, new alternator, serp. belt, antifreeze, differential oil, rough country leaf springs, a new set of shocks, awesome exhaust with a stainless steel catalytic converter, with the 6 cylinder header with the exhaust custom bent to fit into the cat.


Here is a walk around the yellow CJ7 Jeep after it was restored:

Below is a picture of the jeep restoration all done, with the top off.

cj7 Jeep restorations


Below is a side shot of the yellow cj7 Jeep.

cj7 jeep restorations yellow


Here is a picture of the jeep all done and ready to be seen by the owner.

1984 cj7 jeep restorations

Click Here to see more about this CJ7 Jeep Restoration.


1984 Renegade CJ7 jeep restoration: 


This jeep was a 3/4 restoration as it came with a reman motor and a new clutch when it came into the shop. We gave the renegade fresh paint, new rims, and tires, shocks, brakes, wheel cylinders, plastic frame cover and new lights. We also put all new radiator support grommets and new battery and we did a complete tune-up.

distributor oil change belts some hoses

Here is a final walk around with John Russo:


We opted for a new front windshield and new window rubber

red renegade cj7 jeep restoration


Below is a side shot of the renegade. You can see really the deep red color here.

cj7 red renegade jeep restorations



Want to restore your CJ7?  Contact Us and we can help you.




1977 Automatic V8 Renegade CJ-7 Jeep Restoration in Ocala Florida

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This Week we have a ’77 Renegade CJ-7 Jeep Restoration in Ocala Florida at Palm Beach Customs

This 1977 Renegade is an automatic with a 304 V8 engine. We say this about all the Jeeps that come through, but seriously, this one might be our favorite!


More About This 1977 CJ-7 Jeep Restoration in Ocala Florida at PBC


1977 CJ-7 Jeep from California, Rust Free

This is your chance to own a really nice Jeep.

This Jeep has absolutely no rust! The factory chalk markings were still on the frame when it arrived from California.

We steam cleaned underneath and painted with black undercoating. The body has been painted with professional grade,  high-quality urethane primer,  high-grade urethane base coat, and high solids clear coat.

The roll bars, front, and rear bumpers were base-coated black and satin clear.

Inside of the tub was coated with a spray-on bed liner, dash and hardtop were painted a gunmetal gray,

and original rims have been two-toned black and gray.

This Jeep has the original 304 V8 automatic engine that has been completely gone through with a fresh rebuild.

Rebuild Includes: 

Re-machined block with all new pistons, new cam, and lifters, timing chain, heads all redone, fresh tune up, brand new carb, and electric distributor with 8mm wires.

The engine was broken in with Lucas Break-in oil. Has a new MagnaFlo muffler, ranchero shocks,

and a mild 2-inch lift kit.

The 304 used from ’72-’78 has the best performance of all the 304s used in the CJ.

Here are some specs on the engine:

  • 4×4 full-time (all-wheel drive permanent Quadra-Trac with center planetary differential), automatic 3-speed gearbox
  • petrol (gasoline) engine with displacement: 4981 cm3 / 303.9 cui, advertised power: 86 kW / 115 hp / 117 PS ( SAE net ), torque: 298 Nm / 220 lb-ft
  • characteristic dimensions: outside length: 3802 mm / 149.7 in, wheelbase: 2375 mm / 93.5 in
  • reference weights: estimated curb weight: 1400 kg / 3090 lbs, gross weight GVWR: 1882 kg / 4149 lb
  • top speed: 132 km/h (82 mph) (theoretical);
  • accelerations: 0- 60 mph 14.3 s; 0- 100 km/h 15.6 s (simulation ©automobile-catalog.com); 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 19.4 s (simulation ©automobile-catalog.com)
  • fuel consumption and mileage: average estimated by a-c: 17.5 l/100km / 16.2 mpg (imp.) / 13.4 mpg (U.S.) / 5.7 km/l

List of Parts:

– New stainless steel hood latches

– New tail light lenses

– New side mark amber lenses

– New wipers

– New windshield glass and glass weather stripping

– New cowl weather stripping

– Both doors have completely new weather stripping

(inner door jamb rubbers, outer belt molding,

– innerbelt molding, full channel-run)

– New tailgate rubber

– New speakers

– Pioneer radio system with Bluetooth

– Rebuilt 304 V8 Automatic engine

– Fresh tune-up

– All new fluids (oil, antifreeze)

– Ranchero shocks

– 2-inch lift

– MagnaFlo muffler

– Fresh set of off-roading “racing’ style front seats

– 4 Yokohama ATS 33×12.5 tires (no spare)


We built this as a good driver.


If there’s something that you want to be added to the Jeep, it’s not a problem. Just let us know – a custom winch, stereo, etc. we would be happy to work you to make this Jeep what you want.

Contact with any Questions:



Photos of the ’77 CJ-7 Jeep Restoration in Ocala Florida


Here is the finished CJ-7 Jeep without the top and doors…

Here it is with the gunmetal grey top and hard doors installed…

Comes with the Halogen headlights in the front. Sure beats the original Jeep bulbs 🙂

Has a full roll bar…

Here is the spray-on bed liner on the floors…

Comes with stock back seat…

All new tailgate gasket with spray-on bed liner for easy cleanup.

Here is the CJ-7 Jeep restoration process below…


Brand new front windshield installed with new windshield weather stripping…

See the pile of goodies: complete door weatherstrip kit, cowl weatherstrip kit, and full light lens kit!

Brand new door window channels…

And the door all completed ready to be installed!

Fresh V8 304 engine rebuild:

Make this Jeep Yours! 

Hope you enjoyed going through this 1977 CJ-7 Jeep Restoration build pictures and videos above.

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