CJ-7 Jeep Restorations

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kandy red cj-7 jep

We really do get it……… It’s a Jeep thing.

CJ-7 Jeep Restorations

That’s why Palm Beach Customs has always loved turning that “Jeep thing into a Real thing ”

with Many of our classic CJ-7 Jeep restorations including turn-key builds

If you have an original unrusty Body that’s Great However if your tub is in tough shape we offer Brand New steel bodies Here

Jeeps History: 

Willys Overland built the first prototypes for a commercial version in 1944 after being one of the main two manufacturers of the military jeeps at the time. Sadly, that jeep line ended in 1984. But don’t doubt a thing, because they look and drive beautiful, then and now. In fact, they were called “America’s Workhorse” and described as being amongst “…the most successful utility vehicles ever made.” Also, CJ stands for Civilian Jeep and fits perfectly with its description!!

Want to learn more about the CJ-7 jeep history? Click Here.


Our Coolest CJ-7 Jeep Restorations!


“The Beast” CJ-7 Jeep Restoration:


This jeep restoration was done for a dad and his two sons.

We installed 35 inch BFG ko2 all-terrain tires after installing a 4-inch suspension as well as a 1-inch body lift kit.

When we delivered the car, nothing but laughter and joy came about. Watch the video below to hear from the client himself!


Below is when we delivered the Cj-7 to Boca, Florida for the Client


Below is The Beast 1977 Jeep CJ-7 after its first test ride from the shop in Ocala.

Watch the test ride Video Here.


Here is a shot of the Jeep in the shade which gives you a better look at the tires.

The Beast CJ7 Jeep restorations

Click Here to see more about “The Beast” CJ7 Restoration.

CJ-7 Jeep Restorations


1984 CJ-7 Nevada Jeep Restoration:


At the time of this jeep restoration, we chose to restore this Jeep as a ¾ restoration to keep the buy-it price reasonable. This Jeep ended up being perfect for a real Jeeper.

The jeep body came into the shop pretty much rust free.  In fact, we chose to leave all the factory fusion welds on the rear quarters from the factory assembly as is. We also kept the original “sunshine” yellow color.what we did on this was a full strip down and all moldings all off, the windshield was taken apart and all new rubber was put around the windshield. All the lights have been replaced.

Before painting, we disassembled the truck, took the top off and prepped the paint. Then we totally D chromed, primed and we did the base and clear coat on the Jeep.

Everything works and there were no air gaps or rattles. This jeep also got stainless hinges, cool
aftermarket stainless mirrors and a nice set of Pro Comp 33 twelve fives tires.

It left with new plugs, wires, fuel pump, air filter, oil change, new alternator, serp. belt, antifreeze, differential oil, rough country leaf springs, a new set of shocks, awesome exhaust with a stainless steel catalytic converter, with the 6 cylinder header with the exhaust custom bent to fit into the cat.


Here is a walk around the yellow CJ7 Jeep after it was restored:

Below is a picture of the jeep restoration all done, with the top off.

cj7 Jeep restorations


Below is a side shot of the yellow cj7 Jeep.

cj7 jeep restorations yellow


Here is a picture of the jeep all done and ready to be seen by the owner.

1984 cj7 jeep restorations

Click Here to see more about this CJ7 Jeep Restoration.


1984 Renegade CJ7 jeep restoration: 


This jeep was a 3/4 restoration as it came with a reman motor and a new clutch when it came into the shop. We gave the renegade fresh paint, new rims, and tires, shocks, brakes, wheel cylinders, plastic frame cover and new lights. We also put all new radiator support grommets and new battery and we did a complete tune-up.

distributor oil change belts some hoses

Here is a final walk around with John Russo:


We opted for a new front windshield and new window rubber

red renegade cj7 jeep restoration


Below is a side shot of the renegade. You can see really the deep red color here.

cj7 red renegade jeep restorations



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“The Beast” 1979 Jeep CJ-7 Frame Off Restoration In Our Jeep Restoration Shop Florida

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Today in our Jeep Restoration Shop Florida we bring you a The Beast

 This is a 1979 Jeep CJ-7 Frame-Off Restoration that we did for a Florida family. Check out the pictures and read the story below… 

Do you have Jeep fever? Don’t worry, it’s a Jeep thing and we understand….

Work with us to build a Jeep just for you. 

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Gallery of the Beast in our Jeep restoration shop Florida…



We Love Stories in our Palm Beach Customs Jeep Restoration Shop Florida …

Here we will share with you a Visual Story with many pictures of the Restoration of this classic CJ-7  why it was a special project and all the goodies that went into the project.

As most all of our projects, there is usually an underlying story, in this case, Brian and His dad built this jeep together when Brian was a Kid and he saved it all along knowing one day he would bring it back to life in Honor of his Dad who is no longer with us. I have a feeling he is still watching over his son and the family

as a matter of a fact I’m sure when Brian puts the gas to the 304 his dad is smiling.

Ok so we will do this post a bit different and I will go over the project with the pictures as we go….

Ps.. we will go from forwarding to Reverse 🙂


Jeep Restoration Shop Florida


This Picture is when we delivered the Cj-7 to Boca Florida for the Client Brian and his Sons

their names are Ozzy and Van let me tell you they were pretty excited!


This Is a Picture of the Jeep on its first test ride from the shop in Ocala .. we took  out and put the BEAST” thru its paces



Here Are the Boys Ozzy and Van ( vans in the orange shirt ) they told me that their dad would have to ask permission to borrow the jeep on the weekends “


another side shot of the Jeep in the shade, we installed 35 inch BFG ko2 all-terrain tires

after installing a 4-inch suspension as well as a 1-inch body lift kit



Brian picked out a Rock Hard Rear tire carrier .. and the jack to match .. tell ya what nice products built very heavy duty.




There is a rear shot of the 35 BFG sitting on the back




The interior was a saddle brown ( tan ) really set well with the forest Green Metallic paint.






We installed all new seat frames and 3 point lap belts along with a nice center console all from Best Tops


The Backseat has the standard two lap belts, the roll bar we took our time and really laid the clear coat to it to fit it back in the jeep we used ratchet straps to pull it together and then released them and the roll-bar sprung back to its original form.




All new hardware and brake – clutch pedals I broke the spray on bed-liner seam as you can see directly where the firewall starts.




Rear Shot of Behind the backseat to the tailgate






we used brand new seat frames for the Smitty Built seats




dash shot with all new cables cluster and indicators



Front fender with new park light assemblies as well as a set of new fender flares





This 1979 Jeep CJ-7 Frame Off Restoration included all new parts a complete front hub assembly and rotors pads & Brake lines.







Pioneer makes a radio Deck I call the short stack perfect for Jeeps simply because of the blower motor to dash defrost / heat


Perfect so you don’t crush the ductwork




Stainless Grille Cover




Painless wiring Harness complete install we soldier all connections as well as heat shrink each as well




Very good Idea to use Dielectric Grease on all connections




notice the wiring is all enclosed in flexible conduit and we use all 3m high-quality electrical tape it is 90% better than the cheap stuff & it will last !




a Shot from the back of the Jeep looking In



Brand new dash panel with all new  switches , Gauges and speedo cluster



with the last coats of High Solids Urethane Clear Coat on top of Gm forest green Metallic 1978 Vintage







last coats of clear going on !! 


This is the Brand New Steel Body tub From Omxi Ada .. all prepped and seam-sealed we chose to spray 2 light coats of spray liner on the underside 




This is the inside of the Body Tub with Spray ON Bedliner 




When prepping the Job we use wire tape and generally come up 6 inches on the roll Bar s 




This is the underside of the body tub with Spray liner applied




all new Body mounts bushings and hardware



floor with liner before we installed the seats




rear seats with all new hardware 




Underside of 1979 Jeep CJ-7 Frame Off Restoration











Installing the Rock Hard Bumper and Tire Rack 





Front end all rebuilt with new drop Pitman arm to allow for the correct geometry for the 4-inch suspension lift

as well as a Skyjacker Stabilizer  and of course new inner and outer tie rods 




New stainless Exhaust, brake lines as well as fuel lines ohh don’t forget U-joints






Brand New fresh 304 Chrysler V8 with Edelbrock Cam, Intake as well as a 650 cfm Carb and hooker headers 


[video_player type=”youtube” width=”853″ height=”480″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS9aREhENE1iamdMQQ==[/video_player]



 Just about ready for Body install 


Engine Trans all mated with new flywheel clutch and pressure plate 


For this Build, I chose a one wire electronic distributor from Summit racing 


of course all new wheel bearings and seals 


complete with all new rotors pads and calipers and stainless lines accounting for the 4 inch lift 



Bushing install for all new leaf springs 



WOW! Yes the tub is being installed and the 2 post lift works great for this or you can gather 4 buddies 🙂


All new stainless steel Brake lines why would you want to use anything else ? 


Ring and Pinion service and fresh fluid and seals 


Body Tub  Final Blocking and Primer including seam seal 



Yes they take some work to make them ready for paint 

Jeep Restoration Shop Florida


installing the mounting holes for rear taillights 

1979 Jeep CJ-7 Frame Off Restoration ‘AKA’ The BEAST “


We appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read about The Beast 1979 CJ-7 Frame Off Restoration in our Jeep Restoration Shop Florida.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our restoration services, keep in mind we also build classic cars and American muscle cars. We also sell and build with the new steel bodies manufactured by Real Deal Steel, Dynacorn, and Omix-Ada.Jeep Restoration Shop Florida

Get in touch with us to start your restoration project!


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e Restoration Info





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