Forest Green 1980 CJ5 Jeep Restoration from Bonita Springs Florida

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1980 CJ-5 Jeep Restoration from Bonita Springs Florida

Check out this CJ5 Jeep Restoration from Bonita Springs Florida


We don't see many CJ5s anymore, so when this one came into the shop at Palm Beach Customs we were excited.


This 1980 CJ5 restoration that came to us from Bonita Springs, Florida is almost buttoned up! See some of the progress photos below and come back later for updates.


(Just an FYI, the pictures are in chronological order so the newest will be at the top! )


It's a Jeep thing, we understand.

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1980 CJ-5 Jeep Restoration Photos .....



Right Now:





New stainless steel exhaust was put on - looking good ... 


Exhaust installation for CJ Jeep restoration


New exhaust for 1980 CJ-5 Jeep Restoration from Bonita Springs Florida


stainless steel exhaust jeep


After paint and the bed liner, this CJ5 Jeep is ready for the final buff! 


Time for the reveal! Here we are taking the tape and paper off the Jeep after applying the spray on bedliner. You can never have enough - seriously.





This 1980 CJ-5 restoration is ready for the spray on bed liner. We always suggest going with this option for the CJ Jeeps because it protects the tub and is easy to wash out after a day in the elements 🙂  


Spray on bedliner for Jeep preparation



New head light lenses and bezels have been put on after we painted the grill. We also installed the new fender flares, the park lights, bliner lights, and other pieces that could go on. 


1980 CJ-5 Jeep Restoration from Bonita Springs Florida


CJ Jeep Stick Shifter



Below is the Windshield cowl going on to the bottom of the CJ5 Jeep window frame before we mount it to the Jeep. A note to our DIY Jeepers - the new rubber will always make it a little difficult to screw the windsheild back onto the body... So make sure you have a few people who can pull down on the windshield while the other gets the screws into place!


CJ-5 Jeep Restoration from Bonita Springs Florida


The windshield is almost ready to go on with new glass from Accurate Auto Glass, visors, rear view mirror, and weatherstripping. 


cj5 jeep windshield cowl rubber being assembled



Once the CJ5 Jeep was dry we moved it back into the prep bay so that we could put on the hood tie downs, lights, and flares. 


The name of this awesome paint color is "Forest Green Metallic"... pictures and fluorescent lights just don't do it justice. Can't wait to see it in the sun! 



Jeep passenger fender painted forest green metallic

Jeep has been painted Forest green metallic paint


Forest Green Metallic CJ5 Jeep Hood After Paint



Here's the Jeep ready for paint in our prep bay - it has been sanded down and primed with Valspar black primer. The taped off, wiped down with "wax and grease" remover, and then gone over with a tac rag. 


1980 CJ5 Jeep Restoration from Bonita Springs Florida


CJ5 Jeep in primer ready to paint



We taped up the inside even though we are going to shoot a spray on bed liner later because it keeps any dust from kicking up - a little extra effort here saves a lot of time on the other end. 


Jeep bed taped off ready for exterior paint


All the little parts get repainted or replaced as well - we've got seat brackets, license plate bracket, the jack, and we even do the screws 


Jeep brackets and parts repainted


screws cleaned up and repainted




Before painting the tub, we painted the inner fenders, firewall, and grill support... 


CJ5 Jeep Firewall and Battery support


Jeep Front grill painted to match exterior



The original straight 6, 258 engine -- complete tune up, new battery, new starter, new clutch, and pressure plate, fly wheel with z-bar, ready for Round II   🙂 


1980 CJ5 Jeep engine



New BF Goodrich All Terrain tires have been mounted and balanced onto the original rims that we cleaned up and painted black. These are great tires for the Jeeper who wants to hit the pavement and something off the beaten path every once in a while. 


BFG KO2s Tires 33x12.5



You can see that we steam cleaned and undercoated under this CJ5 Jeep - and this was a phenomenally clean Jeep. We just went "WOW" once we started taking it apart  because some of the pieces still looked almost new!


New shocks Pro Comp


New shocks, leaf springs, and body mounts give this 1980 CJ-5 restoration from Bonita Springs Florida


New cj jeep shocks and leaf springs


All new body mounts....


All new body mounts for the cj5 jeep restoration


Complete new set of Pro Comp leaf springs for a meaty 2.5-inch lift to allow for the BFG KO-2s, 33X12.5 tires. 


Pro comp leaf springs



Saftey is key when building any restoration, especially with vehicles that have seen 30+ years. So we are redoing all the body mounts, u-bolts, leaf springs, shocks, brakes, tires, etc.


1980 CJ5 Jeep Restoration Parts


New CJ5 Jeep leaf springs with 2 inch lift


Our client went with the tan seats and we were able to hook him up the Smittybuilt front bucket seats over at Quadratec (along with most of the other parts)


Tan front seats from Quadratec


New tail light lenses make all the difference and go into every CJ Jeep restoration that we do: 


Jeep CJ5 Tail Light Lenses




You've reached the end (or beginning) of this project! If you want to see some more, we think you'll like to see these 3 other CJ-7 Jeeps we've restored.... Click Here to head on over. 





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