3 Tips on How to Choose a Classic Car in Florida

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3 Tips to Choose a Classic Car in Florida Before You Buy…


While choosing The Best Classic Car in Florida to collect classic cars can be a massively fun and rewarding hobby, it’s one you want to enter with your eyes wide open.




  • Decide if you're building a car for equity or for passion.



  • Research the Value of the Car Completed, Reverse Engineer the Build



  • Find a solid frame and body



Decide Why You’re Building a Classic Car


Some old cars appreciate in value, while others simply idle or take a nosedive.


If you are buying a classic car as an investment, ensure you know how the vehicle has appreciated over time.



Confirm once you are 100% satisfied.


Research the Value of the Car Completed

You can do some research on Hemmings Motor News and Ebay as well as Nada Classic Car Guide. This will give you true numbers.

You need to do a bullet point list and cost sheet of what you need from…

It might look something like this: 

  • Engine
  • Chassis/Frame
  • Suspension
  • Rims & Tires
  • Weather-stripping
  • Glass
  • Interior
  • Wiring
  • Body & Paint
  • Assembly
  • Etc...



At that point in time you’ll have a rough idea of where you will be at the end of a build.


Don’t buy a vehicle which requires significant repairs and restoration unless you are 110 percent committed to completing the work.


Frequently, car collectors get into the hobby and get in over their heads. Bank accounts get drained, patience gets strained and the classic car is never restored.


classic and muscle car restoration shop Fort Myers



If you are serious about purchasing a classic car that needs restoration and you have both the financial resources and the follow-through to complete the task.


It’s possible to find classic cars in Florida to meet all your requirements from start to finish. If you shop carefully, you can find a great deal and save yourself time and money.


Find a Solid Frame & Body

If you can do this, you will have good bones to work off of.



Good luck on your search –

Palm Beach Customs often has a number classic cars for sale on our website. As well as 1200 Rust Free Cars in a secret location out west.


So if there’s something you’re looking for we can help you find it and restore it.

Check out the Cars for Sale page to see what we have.




You might also like to see some of the classic cars in florida we’ve found!


Can’t find a classic car in florida that you like? We’ve got connections and can you on your search.



Get in Touch with Us to find your dream car.








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