Auto Paint In Cape Coral and Fort Myers

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If you are looking for a shop that does Auto Paint in Cape Coral and Fort Myers  

  • we welcome you to take a look  at what we do behind the walls of Palm beach customs .
  • You will Find  some of the Finest Auto Painting In the USA has been completed By John Russo and the team .
  • whether its a brand new collision Job on a late Model Foreign or Domestic  car Or a Classic car 
  • we strive for the very best for our clients .
  • Below you will see our Paint Mixing room that mix all the paints by precise measurements to assure for a the Perfect color match .
  • Most colors have 5-10 different mixing tints and pearls that are combined to make your cars color correct .


Finished restoration project lincoln ft myers


Trust Us With Your Auto Paint Needs

Normally the new cars require a primer sealer on the new sheet metal parts then a few coats of base color and 2-3 coats of high grade urethane clear coat to match the OEM finish . When we refinish the classic cars  It can be a very different procedure with body work and multi coats of primer and blocking the primer to straighten the sheet metal .


Once the sheet metal  is ready for paint Then the base coats are applied  usually 4-5 coats  of base and 3 coats of clearThen  the car is sanded with 500 grit wet sand paper  and 600 grit then an additional  3-4 coats of flow clear is applied ( look below )


Lincoln Zephyr restoration finished custom paint florida


I challenge you to ask yourself a question if you are spending the money ( or investing ) on Auto Paint in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

Give us a call or stop buy we have cars and trucks that we have Repaired  and Restored all over the country .

Automotive Paints are very expensive and when you are looking to Refinish your car or truck you want to make sure the shop you chose will preform the proper prep procedures before spraying your car.

classic and muscle car restoration specialists ft myers, cape coral, naples, sarasota, swfl

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classic and muscle car restoration in florida



Classy High Quality Auto Paint Workshop in SWFL for Restoration Projects

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Palm Beach Customs is a skilled and certified high quality auto paint workshop serving Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Charlote County in SWFL.

Below is just a small sample of the award-winning paint works we’ve done mostly on restoration projects. Feel free to browse our site and get in touch with us for more info.

High Quality Auto Paint on a 1934 Ford Coupe Restoration
1957 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon Restoration Project with High Quality Auto Paint
1966 ford mustang 289 rag top with a/c completed for a local Fort Myers business owner
This is a 3-window 1941 Ford Lincoln Zepher coupe completed for The owner of the Seattle Mariners

Bring your Classic Car Hot Rod and Sports Cars To Palm Beach Customs. You will receive a Complete estimate and a Time Frame ( schedule ) to complete your Project .
The Owner John Russo Grew up in a Family Business That was quality and production orientated. This has allowed his team to produce over 500 completed restorations since the early days of 1980.


  • All Auto Insurance Accepted
  • Certified Body Shop 35 YEARS
  • Collision Specialists
  • PPG  Paint Finishes
  •  I-Car & ASE Certified
  • Free  Collision Estimates
  • Collision Paint & Body Work
  • Over 500 Classic Cars Restored
  • Hot Rods And Customs
  • Graphic Design Shop
  • Heavy Equipment & Box Trucks
  • Auto Glass replacement
  • Reflex  Spray In Bed-Liners
  • Lettering Service Buses, Tractors & Trailers

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Corvette Auto Paint and Restoration Service

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At Palm Beach Customs we provide a high quality  Corvette auto paint  and restoration service  for our customers. Many car lovers all agree that the Chevy Corvette set the standard for American Muscle and sports cars. They are the top contender up against the Dodge vipers, Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. This 80 s era Corvette we did a restoration on including full body and paint work with a complete set of new weatherstrips, glass and interior kit. along with a hypo small block 350 with all the goodies .

Many customer’s ask me if there is a different paint procedure for restoring Corvettes compared to there metal brothers and sisters. While the answer would be to repair the fiber glass and bonding procedures are different once you are in the priming and painting stages the procedures are alike with the high quality urethane primers and top coats are compatible for fiberglass and metal alike.

Corvette was not known for precise fit of there panels especially in the 60-80s  but they started to pay closer attention to detail on the late model corvettes. So when  a  Corvette comes into Palm Beach Customs we spend time fitting all parts and improving the gaps. It is just a standard procedure that we  apply on all cars with our restoration service. You don’t want a beautiful paint job and the gaps that don’t line up, it just doesn’t look correct.

Once all the panels are straight and the finish coats of primer are sanded the final coats of color are applied. We  spray all of our cars with  High Grade Urethane base coat and Clear coat for a Show Room Finish.

Bring your Corvette auto paint Project to our shop and experience the difference.


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Fort Myers Muscle Car Restoration Guru Explains The Resto Process

JohnGallery, RestorationOctober 3, 20120 Comment

Muscle car Restoration in Swfl, Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota, Cape Coral and more

What is your flavor?

  • Gm
  • Mopar
  • Ford

We do them all!

John Russo (originally from New England) is now preforming Muscle car restoration in SWFL . It all   started at 14 years old building his first 57 Chevy and that started an addiction that never stopped. This post is about an x- race car that was always stored inside if it wasn’t burning the tires at the track.

What we did here was cut the factory quarter panels off (it was a shame though) they were rust free but needed to be removed so the car could be set up and mini tubed to fit the M&H Race master slicks. Then we welded new quarters on and shaved the door handles, completed the sheet metal alignment then final block sanding.Once the car was straight this was a good candidate for Sikkens spray poly that we use to lock in all body work and long board the panels to perfection. Then it was time for the Black urethane base by House of Kolor and then 2 gallons of House of Kolor urethane clear.

I would say this  muscle car restoration project had 350 man hours in the body. Don’t forget, this was a clean car with no rust and was in excellent shape. Many times we get into projects that take 1000 hours before any paint starts going on. Generally speaking the average muscle car restoration will use 10-12 gallons of (liquid) to complete. Sounds crazy but its true.

Here is a quick run down of materials needed:

  • 1 gal or epoxy primer
  • 2 gallons of urethane primer
  • 1 gallon of body filler
  • 2 gallons of color
  • 2 gallons of urethane clear coat
  • 2 gallons of reducer and
  • 1 gallon of activator for the clear coat

The cost for the materials has risen with the gasoline prices as well – the average material cost is $4000 including seam sealers and sand papers  so these jobs run in the vicinity or $25,000.00 dollars for body and paint.

Some of our restoration work has been upwards of 100,000.00. When you get into the jobs that take 2500 man hours the classic cars restoration are more time consuming with all the chrome and trim compared to the simpler Mustangs and Camaros.

This 1970 ss nova came with some pretty nasty power including a Sunnex 502 big block with Brod ex heads, Isky crank, and a Littlefield blower, with a pair of Demon 1150 cfm Carbs. It was pushing 1100HP and was set up with a clutched auto and computerized shift. Just a nasty Beast I must say!

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1940 Ford Frame off Restoration at Palm Beach Customs

JohnRestorationSeptember 11, 20122 Comments

Another beautiful 1940 Ford Frame off Restoration at Palm Beach Customs what a great car!



During the 1940’s Ford produced about six car designs. This was the standard that was provided in the automobile industry to car manufacturers in that particular year. In fact, the 1940 ford is considered as the iconic classic vehicle for car enthusiasts. The inclusion of V-8 engine and style is stated be the best “hot rod” for the classic car lover. At Palm Beach Customs we provide exclusive car restoration services including classic vehicles like the 1940 Ford. Recently we had the opportunity of providing car restoration and auto paint services to a fellow car lover Teddy hired John Russo a specialist automotive restoration expert for the body metal work and paint refinishing.



The inclusion of V-8 engine and style is stated be the best “hot rod” for the classic car lover. At Palm Beach Customs we provide exclusive car restoration services including classic vehicles like the 1940 Ford. Recently we had the opportunity of providing car restoration and auto paint services to a fellow car lover Teddy hired John Russo a specialist automotive restoration expert for the body metal work and paint refinishing.



Fully Restored 1940 Ford Coupe restoration




Teds 1940 Ford


When a classic car requires restoration with services provided for body and paint, the vehicle must be brought to its bare metal at first. Such a procedure allows you to view any damage or even rust. The car’s exterior surface gets a complete metal striping and sandblasting. We use New Jersey silica along with a final dusting of DuPont star blast the star blast removes any containment’s from the metal therefore we are able to instantly apply a metal etching epoxy primer after the sandblasting procedure is completed. On this 1940 Ford frame off restoration we removed the body and frame for blasting and metal work. The car gets finished with a high quality urethane base coat and high solids clear coat by PPG refinishes. Once the body and paint refinishing is completed then all brand new wiring, chrome and rubbers are installed with fresh glass .



Teddy was a veteran repair shop owner in Hartford Ct. and remarks: “No one restores a car as efficient as John Russo”. He became engaged seeing Russo at work and kept admiring his skills and expertise in the task. He completely loved the restoration of his 1940 classic Ford and congratulated our specialists worked at Palm Beach Customs. The front and rear bumpers to the Ford required re-chroming with a three stage process copper, nickle then chrome. The interior was a Lebanon and Bonny kit carpeting with the re-upholstered seats door panels and headliner. The vehicle’s authenticity is maintained by using the original factory colors as well as the materials designed for the specific model.



The classic Ford from 1940 was not the only auto that was restored at Palm Beach Customs, but there are series of such amazing works that we have done in the past. Our store at Fort Myers, Florida is popular among the local people and also several places far off with the incredible response that we’ve acquired on our services. Teddy kept up to date with how classic cars like the 1940s Ford are restored in the present times. He also indicated how several such owners are looking to bring out these priceless possessions and relinquish the glorious past. Teddy was also very impressed with the other restoration procedures at our shop and our attention to detail and time. Once the car was completed he was excited to take his wife for an ice cream. Like back in the days they were dating.

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New Steel Body Replacement for Classic Cars in Florida

Classic Car and Muscle Car Restoration Services in SWFL, Ft. Myers

JohnRestorationSeptember 8, 20120 Comment

Looking for classic car or muscle car restoration services in South-West Florida? Consider this: Palm Beach Customs in Ft. Myers has a track record of over 500 restoration jobs since the early 1980s. When it comes to car restorations, this is the Go-To place. There are over 500 happy clients to vouch for this.


Classic Car Restoration Services

Classic car restoration services require considerable skills and insight to be successful. In fact vintage automobiles that are no longer in production can be worth a lot of money. The process involves repairing classic cars to restore back to its original condition. Such kind of restoration work involves:

  • doing body work and paint of the exterior of the car
  • engine and the mechanical repairs of the car
  • repairing of the interior of the car

Palm Beach Customs is dedicated to provide extensive vehicle restoration services, including classic car restoration works. Located in Fort Myers, our store offers parts and components to car owners that are difficult to acquire. There is also the inherent issue of wear and tear that exists with regular usage of automobiles which can be maintained by our service techs at work.

41 Lincoln Zepher Award winning Paint

Muscle Car & Hot Rod Restoration Services

Muscle car and hot rod restoration offers you your dream car. These fuel guzzling monsters once used to rule the streets. In the age of engine efficiency, these muscle cars come to be known as classics. Such cars include both muscle cars and hot rods. Our specialists at Palm Beach Customs have still held on to the most popular muscle cars of that time.  Not because it’s a classic but since its appearance and design is coming back  in the cars today.

Order your muscle car restoration at our store we’ll get it restored for you. These cars require maintenance and proper care to ensure that they remain in good state for years to come. Restoring muscle cars like Ford’s Mustang to life can be performed by suitable mustang restoration. For many owners these restoration services become a necessity. Restoring this amazing American motoring icon to mint condition brings a smile to any car lover’s face, guaranteed.

Jasons pro street Nova Fresh out of the down draft bake booth

1968 Mustang Fast Back Restoration


Ever since its first year of production in the year 1964, the mustang body has allured many people. This two door classic muscle car has acquired great recognition and is considered one of the most popular vehicles around the world. Even the 57 chevy acquired immense accolades during this time which packed a real punch on the performance and mechanical front. It scores high points due to its style and design which was unseen previously. This new highly styled version of pickup trucks becomes the most recognized symbols of that time. At Palm Beach Customs we work on your car  to restore to  original or custom whichever you prefer.

In 1968 Ford Mustang got a body expansion which made it look massive with included features as well. However, by the time the 1970s had arrived, the Mustang could no longer be stated as the sleek elegant pony car it was originally styled to be. Our specialist service techs at Palm Beach Customs provide exclusive mustang car restorations and making the car of your dreams within your specified budget. Our range of services includes classic and antique car restoration, lettering, bedliners, collision repair works and more.

1968 Mustang Fast Back Restoration


With over 500 car restorations completed for our customers since the early 1980s, consumers now have great choices in our services that have only evolved with time. In 2009, the new concept of the Camaro hit the big screen making a comeback in the movie “The Transformers”.  In 2011, Camaro celebrated its 45th year in production.

Restoring the 1969 Camaro big block


Order your classic car or muscle car restoration from Palm Beach Customs. It’s your choice:

  • we can restore your car, or
  • locate a project car for you

In United States peoples’ dream is to own a vintage car. There are many car lovers who tend to get these valuable possessions restored to enhance the performance and appeal. Getting your classic car restored is an extremely satisfying activity. Choosing the right assistance in the field becomes necessary to guarantee maximum pleasure, and with over 500 restorations, Palm Beach Customs is the best place in South West Florida for a car restoration job.

1970 SS Nova In Down Draft Booth

1970 SS Nova



1970 ss nova In Down Draft Booth Final Clear coat

Please feel free to ask us any questions on your next car restoration project

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Palm Beach Customs Spray on Bed Liner Services Jeeps 4×4’s

JohnBedliner, Latest ProjectsSeptember 8, 20120 Comment

reflex spray on bedliner jeep for sale in florida at palm beach customs

Choosing Palm Beach Customs Spray on Bed Liner Services Jeeps 4×4’s to Keep Your vehicle tough…

Palm Beach Customs Spray on Bed Liner Services Jeeps 4×4’s and since they are efficient in transporting heavy cargo many people use there trucks to transport cargo as well as we now have such nice trucks with extra cabs and quad cabs like the F150s the Dodge Rams and the Chevrolet Silverados.



However, if you happen to use truck bed regularly, you will notice that it does not stay in its original condition for long.


Within a short time, the paint will start to wear off.


In fact, loading cargo on a daily basis leads to formation of dents and scratches. This is the reason why it is necessary for all truck beds to acquire regular maintenance so that they offer optimum performance.



A great way to prolong the lifespan of the vehicle cargo area it is important to use a proper bed-liner.



Purchasing new trucks can be quite expensive making it vital to ensure that these are maintained properly. One of the most prominent places in the trucks that tend to show signs of aging is the cargo area. Wear and tear occurs quickly in a pickup truck given the huge quantity of load that it bears regularly. Bed-liners are an additional coating which covers and prevents the original bed surface.


With a good quality liner in place, the sides of the cargo area obtain proper protection from dents, scratches and dirt. The original paint lasts longer since it is not exposed to oxidation caused by sun’s rays and hence does not get peeled off easily. Truck owners are now spoiled for choice as manufacturers of bed-liners can provide such covers for varies cargo sizes.


These are available in different designs that provide various advantages as well.


The to Extending Your Vehicles Durability …


Restoration companies like Palm Beach Customs also apply such bed-lining to other vehicles too. Most notably Jeep CJ’7s.



Keeping an expensive truck looking new can be accomplished using a spray on bed-liner.


In fact, casual use of a pickup will in time leave your vehicle bed scratched or even damaged.


This may not be quite a problem if your truck bed does not get wet at all. But this aspect cannot be guaranteed forever as this entirely depends on the area where you use such vehicles. Added to this a wet bed often substantiates rust and corrosion mess.


The right bed-liner creates custom appearance completing the entire vehicle look that is personalized to you.


Spray on bed-liners available in a variety of colors can be matched perfectly to the  pickup truck. Bed-liners are UV resistant, that prevents the colors from fading even in sunlight.



Palm Beach Customs Spray on Bed Liner Services Jeeps 4x4's

Vehicle owners can easily obtain the benefit of installing bed-liners by using the services of Palm Beach Customs.



We  use Reflex brand, comparable with Linex and Rhino, exceptional for tough use even off road. In fact the thickness and durability of the coating becomes a barrier against all damage causing aspects.



These are not only suitable for truck beds but are also used on Jeep floors, running, boards, bumpers, stone guards as well as heavy truck commercial applications.



Jeep cj all preped and ready for sprayon bedliner


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Palm Beach Customs Restoration Services Shelby Cobra

JohnRestorationAugust 14, 20122 Comments

 Palm Beach Customs Restoration Services Shelby Cobra


Palm Beach Customs Restoration Services restores a Shelby- And Carroll Shelby had a vision by which he would change automobile industry forever. He was born in Leesburg, Texas and has a great passion for speed. He wanted to design and develop a high performance efficient American sports car which he could drive in racing contests all over the world.  The car that brought Shelby immense fame is the 1962 Cobra. The history of Cobra started in 1961 when Shelby saw the Ace as a potential engine which was beginning to loose sheen to the powerful Bristol motor. He found it greatly admirable and wanted to restore its performance before it was gone forever. This took to the making of the AC chassis just a year later in 1962.


The amalgamation between British Ace roadster and Ford’s hot new V-8 engine caught the sports car industry by storm. His career as a champion race driver was in its height, winning contests worldwide including the smashing victory over sophisticated models like Ferraris and Corvettes. However, a heart condition discovered during this time changed the Caroll Shelby history completely. He began a new chapter in his life as an automotive engineer. This did not stop him from continuing with his dreams. Since he couldn’t drive he created cars that would give others the thrill.


The cars created were lighter, faster and were able to beat out the world’s fastest cars. Of the several achievements, the greatest was designing the AC Cobra or more prominently Shelby Cobra which made him a legend. Shelby’s original model was kept by himself over the years as his own personal car which quite recently was auctioned at a whopping $5 million. Palm Beach Customs got an exclusive opportunity some time back to get up, close and personal to this amazing car by performing  Restoration Services on the  Shelby Cobra . Our client, the famous engineer, Dick Crook stopped by our shop at Fort Myers to get the incredible muscle car restored .


Restoring muscle cars is certainly a great thing that car owners can do to preserve their glory. Having designed and manufactured radiators for Peterbuilt, Kenworth, Mack, Freightliner and more. Crook knew exactly what it meant to get the Cobra restored. In fact, he once owned an original Shelby cobra back in the late 1960s. He was particularly specific about the car due to its history and the kind of glory associated with such wheels. Getting the Shelby restored was an incredible experience. Our Team at Palm Beach Customs understands the business of restoring hot rods and realize this is a very personal experience for the owners.

John and Dick became close friends thru the Restoration Process  and now consider each other family .


To Palm Beach Customs, restoration services of  a classic car means bringing American generations together. High compression engines and horse powered engines are part of the history of muscle cars. This requires restoration services to rebuild the old blocks. At Palm Beach Customs, swfl we strive to create the best for your hot rods. Restoring antique cars is a time consuming job. Getting the paint applied on the car body and making it shine to its full splendor is an amazing experience. We also offer company graphics, truck design, lettering and paint services at Palm Beach Customs Serving lee county area , Fort Myers , Naples , Sarasota Clients ship their cars from all over the USA to Palm Beach Customs Restoration Services and have their cars restored and back to their former glory . 










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