How to Keep Rust from Attacking Your Classic Car

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Hate Rust? Here’s How to Keep Your Classic Car from Rusting


If you’re a classic car lover then this article should help you…


Unlike many of the new cars in production currently, some of which have the bodies and metal parts dipped a zinc-coating or anti-corrosion primers… One of the best car manufacturers out there for protecting the bodies is Porsche. They were way ahead of the curve.


Unfortunately the classic and muscle cars, when they were built back in the day by the Big 3, they used very little sealer and virtually no paint on the undersides.


Below is how to keep your envy-inspiring dream machine from, slowly but surely, turning into a rust bucket:


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First of all, if you are just building and restoring a car, then you are going to be able to take different steps than someone who already owns a complete car.



These steps are if you are building a car and what to do as you are building it to prevent it from rusting away due to moisture.


Below you will see my weapons in the war against rust when I restore a classic or muscle car:



[bullet_block large_icon=”26.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]

  • PPG DP90 Epoxy


DP90 Is the first step in how to keep your classic car rust free


PPG makes an awesome product that has been out for a long time. When we do media blasting on the frames and the underside of the bodies, DP90 is a nice Epoxy Primer that comes in black which is awesome for the chassis and steel bodies. This would be my first line of defense. Of course then at that point, it will be refinished in whatever color we are shooting the chassis and undersides.


how to keep rust from attacking your classic car

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  • Debeer Primer


The Debeer Primer is the best I’ve seen in 34 years. We started using this primer about 10 years ago. What turned me onto it was that it was a very heavy, high-build primer that came in black, white, and buff. Most high-end automotive finish paint companies don’t offer high-solids urethane black primer (which is absolutely necessary if you plan on having your high-end job laser straight after body work).


[bullet_block large_icon=”26.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]

  • 3M Bare Metal Seam Sealer & 3M Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer




The 3M bare metal seam sealer is, believe it or not, on the 64-70 Ford Mustangs and the 67-69 Camaros, the factory did horrible with sealing the cars. This let water come in from the inside and from underneath. We use the 3M bare metal seam sealer in certain areas and then we use the heavy bodied seam sealer where were are filling big voids.


[bullet_block large_icon=”26.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]

  • RusFre (brand) Clear Inner Panel Undercoating


This is really good stuff to shoot inside:

[bullet_block style=”size-16″ small_icon=”15.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]

  • Inner panels
  • Doors
  • Inside Quarter Panels
  • Inner Front Fenders
  • Inside Wheel Wells
  • Inside Rocker Panels
  • Even Inside Frame Rails



This is basically like the old war days when they used to shoot the cosmoline on the military Jeeps so that they wouldn’t rust on the transport ships overseas.



Pay Careful Attention to Underside and Wheel Areas.


Due to the accumulation of mud, sand, road salt, and everything else on the road – rust is likely to target your classic car’s underside and wheel areas. Pay special attention to these spots.


Also, be careful when using a high-pressure washer, as these can remove the protective under seal.


We suggest rinsing out your cars when you get them dirty and make sure to keep dirt out of the wheel wells. You can even use a blow-gun to blow-dry the car when you’re done to remove the water from behind the stainless moldings and whatnot.



I’m sure everyone has heard of the Mother’s Spray mist where if the cars not dirty just give it a little mist and wipe it down. This keeps your car dry.



how to stop your classic car from rusting in cape coral florida

The smartest and best way you can keep your classic car looking and running beautifully for years to come is by befriending with a classic car restoration specialist in Florida.


You’ll get the expert advice you need to keep rust and other threats at bay.


And just as importantly, you can be assured that you’ll be supported by a team that cares as much about classic cars as you do.


classic and muscle car restoration specialists ft myers, cape coral, naples, sarasota, swfl




If you’ve landed yourself a car that needs a tetanus shot – check out our new replacement steel bodies and chassis. Sometimes getting a new body is the best way to go.




If you’ve landed yourself a rot box Click Here to Learn More About Steel Body Replacements for your Classic and Muscle car restoration.





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1940 Ford Steel Bodies and Services at Palm Beach Customs Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida

JohnLatest Projects, New Car BuildsMarch 1, 20170 Comment

1940 Ford in PBC’s Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida


The 1940 Ford Coupe is an iconic classic car, but solid original steel bodies are becoming hard and harder to find.

In PBC’s classic car restoration shop Florida we are all about the replacement bodies manufactured by Real Deal Steel.


[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS8tZXE2cE9HeHoyZw==[/video_player]

New Steel Bodies for Your 1940 Ford

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Check out this cool photo the 1940 Ford Coupe sitting in the Real Deal Steel warehouse


1940 Ford Restorations and Builds at Palm Beach Customs…

Interested in owning your very own 1940 Ford Coupe? We don’t blame you!

[button_4 color=”red” align=”left” href=”” new_window=”Y”]1940 Ford Coupe Steel Bodies[/button_4]


Take a look at your Ford Licensed 1940 Ford Steel Bodies Here 

Keep in mind that at Palm Beach Customs we are more than happy to help customize or restore your steel body… >>Read More About Your Steel Body Options Here<<

1940 Ford Steel Bodies
Order Your New 1940 Ford Steel Bodies









NEW in PBC’s Classic Car Shop Florida: 1956 Chevrolet Truck Big Window For Sale

JohnCar SalesFebruary 20, 20170 Comment

Tri-5 Steel Body big window restoration

Waiting for a new home in our classic car shop Florida… 1956 Chevy Truck (Big Window)


We were really excited to find this classic Chevy truck, but our classic car shop Florida is not its final home!


Read the ad below and check the pictures to see how awesome this rare 1956 Big Window Chevy Truck is.



1956 Chevy Truck Big Window For Sale

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Restoration Project 1956 Chevrolet Truck Big Window 

(have brand new glass in box)
3200 Long Bed
Clear Title: Washington state

SEE PICTURES ( Great Project )

1956 Chevy Truck Big Window 1


1956 Chevy Truck Big Window 2


1956 Chevy Truck Big Window 2


Rolling-project needs full restoration work

Solid truck that runs (will need cab corners)
235 in-line 6 cylinder engine/ 4 speed with granny gear

Does need a little work:
Needs seat, gas tank flushed, cab corners,
roof skin they are available for 125$
everything is available restoration

The floor is very solid
Frame is solid
8 lug Heavy duty .. or go with art Morrison Chassis If you are street rodding

wood still in bed fenders doors hood savable

**Also included in the sale is a rear glass in the box

[button_4 color=”red” align=”center” href=”” new_window=”Y”]Contact Here [/button_4]

I can Deliver in Florida .. and can help if you need a shipper

Check Out The Art Morison Sports Chassis Available online in our classic car shop Florida for the 55-57 Chevy Trucks Here  


Looking for a new 1956 Chevy Truck Steel body?



[button_4 color=”red” align=”center” href=”” new_window=”Y”]Chevy Trucks This Way! [/button_4]

Check out our Steel Body Services to learn more about what we offer at Palm Beach Customs 

NEW in Our Classic Car Shop Florida: 1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe

JohnCar Sales, Classic Car Restoration, New Car BuildsFebruary 20, 20172 Comments

This month in our classic car shop Florida we’ve got something awesome…

5 window for sale

This is a 1936 5 Window Ford Coupe that we have for sale on Palm Beach Customs – See the Ad below.

[button_4 size=”large” color=”red” align=”center” href=”″ new_window=”Y”]Go to the Auction! [/button_4]


It’s all Henry OEM Original with over $25,000 already invested in it and so much more. It’s hard to let this baby go. But we’ve got too many cars as is – we’re running out of room!

You can’t find a rarer car in a classic car shop Florida…


See the pictures below and check out the ad. We’ve even found some of the old time



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1936 Ford  5-Window Coupe 



**All Henry OEM Original Steel Car **


Don’t Miss THIS one !! 


well over 25,000 Invested so far 


California Car with clear California Title


Car Is Located in Ocala Florida 34470


Car was taken apart and media blasted 

 all metal has been sealed 

.. see pictures 

1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe


1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe back



Car is  assembled – see pictures )

 The roof has been filled and metal worked

 all fenders are original

except for right rear which is a new bob drake-reproduction….



under 1936 Ford 2



New Direct Sheetmetal Firewall Installed and

New Floor 14 gauge Very Clean Look Underneath

Chassis Blasted & painted  black satin 


Under 1936 ford

 classic car restoration 1936 Ford Coupe

1936 Ford 5 window coupe classic car restoration

1936 Ford classic car restoration

Black 1936 Ford Coupe restoration

Fresh 350 CI Chevrolet Engine Block code

3970014 ( 68-79)

 Edelbrock intake & Webber Carb

and accessories

Rebuilt 350 Transmission

with a new 2200 stall converter

Brass walker radiator

New coated block hugger headers with collectors




New steel gas tank & electric Fuel pump

all new fuel lines that have been plumed

New leaf springs New 9 inch Ford Rear

 with 350 Positraction

& new drum brakes

New super bell front axle with new springs

& – Gm disc Brakes




New duel GM Master Cyl

7-inch power booster

all brake lines have been installed

see pictures on the lift 

Running boards are Nice

all bolted on with brackets and into OEM locations

New duel GM Master Cyl

7-inch power booster


——-Include but not installed ——-

glass and window regulators ( fair shape )

(I would buy a glass kit for $375.00)

see pictures 🙂

Original Gauges Headlights

tail lights garnish moldings and headliner bows

front and rear bumper brackets with OEM bumpers…

Hood and hood sides are in great shape

Have all new Metal  panels that are needed

2 rockers, quarters

1 door bottom inner and outer

along with Steve’s restoration deck lid



[divider style=”10″]

All metal work completed perfectly…

still, some work left to do 

Sheet metal  to complete the car is included

New direct sheet metal firewall 

14 Gauge floors rear floor tubs perfect originals 

Rear floor tubs perfect originals 

Hidden Door Hinges Done Right 



This is a nice start for someone

350 hours in labor and 15,000

in parts already put in this Hot Rod

most of the hard work

has been done as you can see!



You Finish 

(body paint wiring -glass and interior)

If you are a Buyer that can finish metalwork 

which is very close .. Great 



[button_4 size=”large” color=”red” align=”center” href=”″ new_window=”Y”]Go the Auction! [/button_4]

If you are looking To purchase

and Have body and paint done?

You Can contact me I restore Cars 

( the last picture, of course, is an example

 everything is included 

in the pictures 

Car Is Located in Ocala Florida –

It’s in enclosed, dry storage

will deliver  Up To 500 miles from 34470

In enclosed Trailer for reasonable Price

Further, we can work your Shipper

or recommend a shipper if you are out in the snow belt

Once Auction Ends Payment Is Due – Once Funds Clear

The title will be fed-ex with tracking to you

the car can stay in storage no charge for 90 days

if that Helps

( but the car must be paid in full ) at end of auction

We will be more than happy to do our very best to answer any questions or concerns

no matter how minor you may think they are.




Just call or email us before bidding, if you have any Questions 

 Available for viewing with appointment 7 days a week 12 noon – 9 pm 

The car is listed locally, Auction could end at any time 

This is a Restoration Project 

Email or call 

CONTACT palmbeachcustoms@gmail

or 239.281.6754


[button_4 color=”red” align=”center” href=”″ new_window=”Y”]Go to the Auction![/button_4]


( the last picture, of course, is an example

of how this car can look completed)

 everything is included 

in the pictures 

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Email or call 



Auto Collision Frame Alignment

JohnCollision, Latest ProjectsJuly 19, 20140 Comment

Welcome My Friends Today’s Post is about  Auto Collision Frame Alignment Equipment and to show you a few examples of What we go through to Repair your Vehicles back to there original specifications  whether it be a brand new Mercedes Benz with uni body construction or a Full size Truck with a Full Frame

Keep in mind the same Procedures our shop uses when Rebuilding Classic cars and replacing METAL panels to insure your Classic car is welded , fitted properly along with  close attention to door and quarter panel gaps while we re construct to original condition.


Auto Collision Frame Alignment
Chief EZ -Liner Uni body Frame specs Print out

It all starts out with a Print out from the Data base of the original build measurements of the vehicle unless its a older classic car and measurements are not available what we do then is set up a blank sheet and run measurements of the existing vehicle confirm that its square

center line is on thats is a center line that Runs thru the middle of the car the next step would be to check datum height that is up and down specifications along with checking wheel base and all steering points after all the lower measurements are complete the final step is to check all outer body sheetlmetal .


above picture is of a Chief measuring system this system measures as many points as you set up and continuously measures throughout the repair process this is very helpful to see the repair and watch other crucial points to see the damage being removed as the  corrective Pulls are made .


CAROLINERAbove is a Car -o-liner Mark 5 rack one of my favorite tools of the trade very cool simply because its a piece of precision steel with a machined true surface to jig the cars and access to all suspension is easy along with this Frame Machine went from 0 – to 6ft so weather you were working on the roof or the underside it was readily available .

CRASH4This is a shot of a late model Nissan torn down for an estimate with the insurance company over the years

My shop has completed over 15,000 collision Wrecks we have 3 frame machines and also owned a fleet of tow trucks  .

CRASH1On the newer cars we often find that the engine cradle its a square box that bolts into the lower frame rails to support the engine and suspension many times we have to R7I the engine with cradle and install I new one . Due to miss alignment during impact.

CRASH7 I hope Today’s Post is about  Auto Collision Frame Alignment gave you a better Picture of what it takes to put your car back to Pre- loss condition and gives you a sense of relief that when you use our Collision services you are in good hands

Get More Collision Repair Info

Beginning Your Classic Car Restoration

JohnRestorationJuly 3, 20130 Comment

classic car restoration

Where Do You Start with Your Classic Car restoration?

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It’s very important for anyone looking into a  classic car  restoration this is a good example of what they’re getting into – to know that the exact cost of restoration cannot be set firmly in the beginning, that it’s going to cost for quality work (like what we do here at PalmBeachCustoms), and that you, the customer, really just has to love classic cars.



Recently, a potential customer came to me about a classic car he would like to restore: a 1965 442 Oldsmobile. I was impressed with the level of detail he gave me along with the questions he asked. Below is the conversation we had about what condition the vehicle was in and what else I would need from him in order to give him an estimate of cost and worth.


This is a great example of the mindset and level of commitment anyone looking to restore their classic car should have.


1965 olds 442

[divider style=”11″]

Have a Conversation About Your Classic Car Restoration


Chris wrote:

I have a 1965 Oldsmobile 442.  I have been looking to get myself a classic, muscle car for years now.  However, rather than purchase something turnkey ready, I would prefer to have something old that needs restoration so I can really appreciate the vehicle and the work going into it.  I am taking the liberty of attaching some pictures of the 442 and hoping you could provide me an approximate estimate of what it might cost to get the vehicle completely restored.  Moreover, perhaps, you could give me your honest opinion whether the vehicle is even worth restoring.  If not the 442, than perhaps, I may have a 66 Mustang you could help me with.





classic car restoration


PalmBeachCustoms Reply:

“Christopher ,
First off I want to say hello ,

My Name Is John Russo The owner of Palm Beach Customs

I would need some better pictures of the underside of 1965 Oldsmobile 442  to get a better understanding of the quality of the floor pans also the history on the motor if its matching numbers and any other in-tell you can provide me.  As you might know the car done correctly would be worth $45,000-$60,000. Here are a few  examples on Hemming s check out this link below

Also you  have to consider If you like the car and what it might be worth 10 years from now just like an investment if you buy a bunch of Apple stock its worth a set number and where will it be in 10 years. The 442s are a good investment everyone likes them and they are fewer examples available then many of the other collector cars so they will hold their own on the value side.I would think this would be a good car to restore it will hold value and most likely appreciate. Also to consider is are parts available for the restoration rubbers, chrome and interior they make just about everything for these cars.

I have done many restorations and it’s amazing to see some of these cars double in value in 4- 6 years
But bottom line do you like the car because even if you were upside down upon a few grand upon completion     if you enjoy the car then the numbers will come together at the end of the day .. as far as pricing send me some more info and then we can chat on the phone and get a number on your project . Also, where are you located , and what is the history on the car ?



Chris’s Reply:

          John:  Unfortunately, the vehicle is in Georgia and I am a wounded Marine and am not getting around like I previously had.  Nevertheless, when an extended family member of mine told me she would sell her to me for a grand or two depending on my financial status.  I had asked her all those questions but my Uncle had passed and she doesn’t know anything about the car.  However, I had her take a magnet around the vehicle to check for bondo and there was none.  She also informed me there wasn’t any major rust except on the front hood.  Unfortunately, the major question is whether the numbers all match and there is no way for me to find out.  I tried to explain where she could look but she claims she is too old to go digging around.  Now my uncle planned on restoring the vehicle for his grandson but that doesn’t mean the numbers match.  Moreover, one brother had 3 65 Oldsmobile 442 and each of the three brothers took one of the colors.  My uncle got the red one.  Before he passed 5 years ago, the vehicle was supposedly running but now it’s not.  At first, I was informed she needed a new motor but when I asked what happened in those 5 years to make the motor go bad, she told me it may just be the battery.  I was hoping one of the engine photos could give you some indication whether the vehicle looks like a real 442 or do you believe its a clone.   Therefore, I was hoping to hear your professional opinion about whether you believe I should have a flatbed go pick it up.  Sure is one expensive way to find out if the No. match.  On another note, I am a  Marine and would only have 2-3 thousand a month to do the job, I wouldn’t have everything up front.  Now that I have laid my cards on the table, what do you recommend?



PalmBeachCustoms’ Reply:

   “I appreciate the honesty – what i see on the car is most likely a very good start – inside the trunk wheel tubs look good  trunk jambs look good – seems to be a dry car  – saw the hood – no biggie – the fire wall looks like it was original blue metalic — took like its all there — the distributer is electronic – some one switched it —  every resto needs new wiring – chrome – and interior– and its all there — classic industries website  they have most all you would need .

I would get the car !– go on u ship and have someone bid to pick it up see if you could get it for 1000-2000k —
the car is worth the money — if you get lucky – and the motor matches you have a home run if you dont  you can build it as a resto – mod  or original  your choice if you saved up  6 k- 10k and start

  • phase 1-you could do a tear down get the body and frame phase going ( then refine your list )
    phase 2 – color in jambs – get all the wiring replaced and all rubbers
    phase 3 – suspension – drive train- motor
    phase 4 –  final paint fit finish and chrome
  • Even if you did 2 phases a year – in 2 years you would have a nicely done project take action – live your dream – as long as you are committed to finish then you win and if it gets here something is way out of wack – (doesn’t look that way) you can sell

cant loose – many people would die to get that car for 1-2k
hope that helps”

455 v8 olds rocket


Chris’s Reply:

          You are the man!!!  Not many people would do another fellow a favor and break everything down like that… unless something was in it for them.  I was reading your email with my brother and we couldn’t get over the fact you broke everything down so easy for a couple knuckleheads like us so kindly.


            Honestly, I was hoping I would hear something positive like your review and just get her but really since I don’t have really much knowledge about muscle cars, I was hoping to get a business with someone honest like you have already proved to be and just have the first 3 phases knocked out immediately……  Basically, in essence, I should have a little change for my dream.

            Would you be interested?  How much do you think it will cost me total to do it right?  Thanks kindly!



PalmBeachCustoms’ Reply:

          “Chris I would be happy to restore your 442

Its difficult to price with out seeing because maybe its rust free – or maybe it needs a few floor pans so the only way I can price it is get the car in – and do a real estimate -If that didn’t work then Ill help you sell it – It looks very solid so -I dont believe that’s the case. Once I see it I can make you a list something like this is a ball park of 450 man hours plus parts and materials. it’s easy to go over 50 hours and under estimate prices for items. Having said that, most suppliers are willing to offer discounts when you purchase complete sets like rubber – interior – ect 

 its very important to get quotes in when doing the final estimate – It will take a entire day to get close –and you will have a pretty solid idea on exact pricing for items needed when its time to order (it makes it easier)

  • Body , all sheet-metal blasting , prepping , blocking 10k
  •  frame , blasting , painting , break lines , gas tank , suspension 3k
  • interior , wiring , chrome , rubber………………………… 5k
    engine and mechanical s?………………………………………5k
    materials  for body work , epoxys , metal work……… 2k
    sheet metal cost and labor……………………………… TBD
    tires rims………………………………………………………..1-2k
    final  assy , paint work finish………………………………10k
    materials…………………………………………… 2500.00
  • at this your at 39,000- so 40-45 k would be my estimate ”


[divider style=”10″]


As you can see, even considering starting a restoration project for your classic car requires a lot of thought, time, and research. But, if you really want to follow through, the only thing that is stopping you from finishing your classic car is yourself. Here at Palm Beach Customs, we’re willing to work with our customers based on their budgets to help them achieve what they want.


Like this post on classic car restoration ? Make sure to share, like, and comment!


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classic and muscle car restoration in florida

Auto Paint In Cape Coral and Fort Myers

JohnCustom Paint, RestorationDecember 12, 20120 Comment

If you are looking for a shop that does Auto Paint in Cape Coral and Fort Myers  

[divider style=”9″]

  • we welcome you to take a look  at what we do behind the walls of Palm beach customs .
  • You will Find  some of the Finest Auto Painting In the USA has been completed By John Russo and the team .
  • whether its a brand new collision Job on a late Model Foreign or Domestic  car Or a Classic car 
  • we strive for the very best for our clients .
  • Below you will see our Paint Mixing room that mix all the paints by precise measurements to assure for a the Perfect color match .
  • Most colors have 5-10 different mixing tints and pearls that are combined to make your cars color correct .


Finished restoration project lincoln ft myers


Trust Us With Your Auto Paint Needs

Normally the new cars require a primer sealer on the new sheet metal parts then a few coats of base color and 2-3 coats of high grade urethane clear coat to match the OEM finish . When we refinish the classic cars  It can be a very different procedure with body work and multi coats of primer and blocking the primer to straighten the sheet metal .


Once the sheet metal  is ready for paint Then the base coats are applied  usually 4-5 coats  of base and 3 coats of clearThen  the car is sanded with 500 grit wet sand paper  and 600 grit then an additional  3-4 coats of flow clear is applied ( look below )


Lincoln Zephyr restoration finished custom paint florida


I challenge you to ask yourself a question if you are spending the money ( or investing ) on Auto Paint in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

Give us a call or stop buy we have cars and trucks that we have Repaired  and Restored all over the country .

Automotive Paints are very expensive and when you are looking to Refinish your car or truck you want to make sure the shop you chose will preform the proper prep procedures before spraying your car.

classic and muscle car restoration specialists ft myers, cape coral, naples, sarasota, swfl

  Please share and comment if you liked this post about  Auto Paint In Cape Coral and Fort Myers

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classic and muscle car restoration in florida



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1972 Wasque Boat Restoration by Bud Gallup

June 26, 2018

1979 K5 Blazer (Jimmy) Restoration

June 26, 2018

1969 Mustang Front-End Rebuild

June 25, 2018

1973 Bronco Build – Finishing Stages

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