Classic Car Restoration in Florida

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The classic car restoration of a Tri-5 Chevy is how it all started here at Palm Beach Customs…..

Classic car restoration 57' chevy nomad

John restored a 57′ Nomad wagon after picking it up at Carlisle Hershey Car Show in Pennsylvania. A total restoration was done after 2500 man hours and that led to John doing quite a few cars, and opening PBC.

Here is a video showing you photos of some classic car restorations done at PBC.


Best Classic Car Restoration


41′ Lincoln Zephyr

This restoration was done for Craig Walkins, the owner of Seattle Mariner. He grew up a Microsoft child and ended up being vice president. He also went to school with bill gates and a few of the other guys from New England area.

The 41′ Lincoln Zephyr has a V12 engine in it, all new braided wiring harness and gold plate on the dash. All the bezzles were gold plated and had a full leather hide from Europe. This was a 2500 man hour job.

Fun facts about the 41′ Lincoln Zephyr:

The 41′ Lincoln Zephyr was designed by Raymond Loewy, who also designed the Concord plane, the Coke bottle, and the Dominos logo. Loewy was hired by Ford to come up with a new design for the Lincoln and he did a great job. What’s so special about the car is that Ford decided to weld the body to the chassis, creating a Unibody and a heavy duty car.

Here is a video that shows an old Lincoln Zephyr commercial.


Below is a photo of the Lincoln Zephyr all done with restoration
Classic car restoration 41' lincoln zephyr

Below is a good shot of the front of the car, you can also see the show quality paint shining very well

licoln zephyr classic car restoration

Cool Fact: The steering wheels were made out of soybean at the time before fiberglass, and when you ordered your car, the car comes gold plated 

classic car restoration 41' Zephyr

Below is John Russo standing with the restored Lincoln Zephyr

classic car restoration Lincoln zephyr 41'

27′ Buick Roadster

This restoration was a father and son project, originally painted with a brush back in 1927. You were lucky for Grey and Black and that car ended up being painted Yellow, Olive and Black tricolor with the golf doors. Pretty cool.


Below is a photo of the roadster in the shop in the Car-o Liner 

27' buick roadster classic car restoration

Below is the roadster all taped and ready for paint 

roadster classic car restoration

Below, you will see the first color (Yellow) being added to the car 

classic car restoration 27' Buick Roadster

Below you can see the Olive and Yellow paint that was decided for the car 

27' Buick Roadster Classic Car Restoration

Rolls Royce

We did this 51′ Silvercloud build for a local collector in Ft. Myers who owned a big company that did electrical systems for the U.S. defense before he retired. PBC helped bring his car back to life. We also did some mechanical and upholstery work on the project.


Here is the Rolls Royce finished with restoration.

classic car restoration 36' Ford

At this stage, the Rolls is blocked out and ready for paint.

Rolls Royce Restoration

Below is the last moments of the Rolls Royce being in the shop. 

Classic Car Restoration Rolls Royce


Here is a video of the Rolls Roye being driven shortly after the completion of the restoration. 

Cadillac El Dorado

This El Dorado was one of the first front-wheel drive American cars and it was also kinda difficult to find parts for the car because they only made 17,000.

However, Lin Steel Rubber was able to come thru with some of the parts. They actually made a lot of the rubber pieces for the trunk, door jams, and garments to be able to put the car together. The car left with a 429 big block, all new wiring chrome, full paint, leather interior with embroidered caddie logos and new vinyl top.


Below is a nice photo of the front of the Cadillac, you can also see the show quality paint up close.

Cadillac El Dorado Classic Car Restoration

You can see the tires and another good shot of the reflective paint. 

Classic Car Restoration Cadillac El Dorado


El Dorado Cadillac Classic Car Restoration

36′ Ford


This was a 1936 Ford coupe five-window that John restored. It was done with an all original frame and had super bell front axel done old school with a small block Chevy turbo 400.

Below is a demonstrative photo of what the client wanted the car to look like. 

36' Ford Black Classic Car Restoration

Below you can see the steel body blocked off and ready for paint

Below is a photo of the restoration in progress, next is the parts assembly.

36' Ford Classic Car Restoration


That’s just a little sample of some of the cars that we have done here at the shop. If there’s something we can help you with, feel free to hit us in the comments or contact us. We’d be glad to help you!

Tri Five Chevys Palm Beach Customs: Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Ocala

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262. Tri 5 Chevrolet Steel Bodies, Parts, and Services in Palm Beach Customs Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida

Tri-Five Chevys – Steel Bodies, Turn-key Builds, and Restorations in Ocala Florida



Palm Beach Customs is a classic and muscle car restoration shop in Palm Beach, Florida, with a special focus on Tri-Five Chevrolets.


Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Tri-5 Chevy




We also offer brand new classic and muscle car steel bodies:


1940 Ford Coupes 

1967-69 Camaro

1966-68 Chevy II/Nova

1970 Chevelle 

1970 Challenger

1965-70 Mustang

1947-57 Chevy Truck

CJ-7 Jeeps


We have plenty of experience with classic cars, we have restored and built thousands of them. We have been building custom classic cars since 1980. So feel free to check out the website and if there’s anything we can help you with, feel free to contact us.



Tri-five Chevy Steel Body Restoration



We offer a variety of brand new car parts for classic cars, built by a Florida firm, Real Deal Steel. We have the classic car and muscle car steel bodies for Tri-Five Chevrolet, 1967, 1968, and 1969 models of Camaro, Mustang of 1967, 1968, and 1969, as well as the 1940 model of Ford Coupe.





GM Certified Camaro Steel Body Restoration



Whatever classic car you have, you may worry about replacing car parts. You do not have to look for rare parts any longer. We already have what you are looking for. We have licensed General Motors, Ford, and Mopar steel bodies from reliable manufacturers, and we use high-quality car parts.



[video_player type=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”360″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS8yeFhVeHVOeWdvQQ==[/video_player]





If you want to build your classic automobile, we will do it step by step. You design your car, we build it from the car parts and sheet metal you select from our store.





We offer extras, like body fabs, chassis work, wheel tubs, and custom paint for your beautiful automobile.



Take a Look at our Restoration Services 


Muscle Car Restorations


Classic Car Restorations


Steel Bodies for Classic Cars 







Looking for a Tri-Five Chevy Restoration Shop in Florida? Talk to Palm Beach Customs Experts

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57 chevy nomad

Tri-Five Chevy Restoration Shop in Flordia


With a classic V8 engine pumping 162 horsepower into the car, Chevrolet had seen its golden days in the Tri-Five Series.


The Chevy 150, 210, Bel Air and Nomad were referred to as the Tri-Five – A series which had amassed a massive following in the years following its release in the mid-1950s.  Chevys are still the cult favorite all over.

The high compression, short stroke design, and a modified overhead valve rather than a side-valve made this series continue production for years down the line.


classic car restoration Chevy Nomad


Here at Palm Beach Customs, we are not just car mechanics but enthusiasts. If you own a Chevy or want own one then you are just one call away from making your dreams take shape. Contact us with questions!


Tri-5 Steel Body


Our restoration shop in Florida is your one-stop store for anything related to your beloved machine. Being in the business since the 80s, we know each and everything about restoration and customizations.



Though we provide any number and extent of customizations and repair, our services can be put into three broad categories:


  • Custom Restoration Services – So you need your car in a candy apple red? Or a color which would match the street cred – Shiny Black? We can do it for you and more. Maybe you need a new firewall, grill or your top’s broken, we can fix it all for you. Worried about shipping? Palm Beach customs will even ship your finished product right in front of your doorstep with utmost care.



  • Steel Replacement Bodies – Since the Tri-five series boasts a variety of cars with a Vintage styling, we offer just the right replacements for your car. Be it a Hardtop, 2 –door Sedan or even a Convertible, we provide authentic parts for your car. After being in the business for such a long time, we can rally up just the right spares even when it is not available anywhere else.



  • Turn-Key Builds – With the new replacement steel bodies, Palm Beach Customs offers their clients with an exclusive offer. Not only can you order a steel body, but we build them as well from the ground up. We can take a headache out of building your project.


Do you have a project build in mind?



We provide Steel Bodies which are licensed (GM, Chrysler, Ford) and handcrafted to perfection. With the assured quality we also provide steel bodies and chassis from top manufacturers in the State like Dynacorn, Art Morrison (Yes!) and Omix-Ada.


Watch a Tri-Five Chevy Steel Body Being Built!



The following three stages sum up the work we do…


  • Full Custom Build – Everything from Paint to the Engine, a turn-key finished product.
  • Steel Body – You chose the body and we deliver
  • Steel Body and Paint of your choice – You chose your color and we paint it


For a better view and assurance, do visit our website for the many videos and testimonials which speaks volumes about us.


Have a build in Mind?





American Classic Car Icons: The Tri-Five Chevrolet

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There is no doubt that the Tri-Five Chevrolet is the most iconic American car.

Black Tri-5 Chevy Truck


It has long the favorite with the hot rod and collector crowd and John Russo at Palm Beach Custom’s first car was a ’57 Chevy (learn more about us here).


This classic car has recently attained automotive immortality status. How do we know?


Well, they’re making brand new tri-five Chevrolets from scratch!

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See an All-New Steel Body for a Tri-Five Chevrolet Being Built…

[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1OWlliaWpwQjUwUQ==[/video_player]

For a little over $180,000, you can buy new 1957 Bel Air 2-Door Sedan, Hardtop, or Convertible assembled from GM licensed reproduction steel bodies and parts. We’re building them at Palm Beach Customs in Florida at our shop – see our Tri-Five Chevy Build Here if you’re curious.

Tri-5 Chevy Banner


The history behind the ’57 Chevy (and its ’55 – ’56 predecessors) really cool (we think) and worth know if you’re interested in these American icons.

[divider style=”9″]

Beginning with the 1955 Chevy

The ’55 Chevy model was completely new in every way when it was first introduced to the public. Especially if you think about the soon-to-be legendary small-block V8 engine it came with.

The ’55 – ’57 was surprisingly compact, especially compared to its successors in later years. At 196 inches long and 72 inches wide and weighing in at a light 3150lbs this size car was what many Americans at the time (and today) prefer.

With the Chevy’s upright-style seating, there was room for about 6 people. Unfortunately, by today’s standards, the 1955 Chevy might seem a bit small for 6 people.

This balanced package of size, weight and dimensions paired with good performance, efficiency and easy handling was never again replicated. The Big Three (Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler) were determined to churn out lower, longer, wider and heavier models.

Old Tri-Five Ad


Tri-Chevrolet Small Block V8 Engine Stood Above the Rest


Chevy’s all-new small block V8 is an important player the Tri-Five Chevy history. It was the most advanced American engine produced during this time due to the compact size, light weight (from new thin-wall casting techniques) and its efficient cylinder head design.


This Chevy small block engine became the most produced engine in history – over 90 million! In 1955, in the ’55 Chevy, its lively performance, smoothness, and efficiency were appreciated at the start.

57 chevy nomad


Further, compared to the competition produced by Ford and Chrysler, the ‘55 Chevy just looked clean, sophisticated and upscale. Sales jumped almost 50% and eager buyers got their hands on 1.7 million of these cars.


Introducing the 1957 Chevy…


By 1957, the small block V8 grew to 283 cubic inches. The fuel-injected version cranked-out up to 283 horsepower. With a power-to-weight ratio comparable to today’s WRX, these cars hauled ass to say it simply!


Check out this old 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Commerical…


[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1iUWM3Sjk4a0ZTaw==[/video_player]


The tri-five Chevy quickly replaced the ’32 Ford and the flathead V8 as the iconic generational car and the hot-rod legend was born.


The Race Between Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler – the end of the Tri-Five Chevy Era


Ford and Chrysler were determined to beat GM and they rolled out completely different cars that were longer-lower-wider 1957 models. Because the Chevy had been all-new in 1955, GM decided to simply tack on a face-lift to the 55-56 Chevy. But no one was fooled that this was a new car, the ’57 Chevy was just a ’56 that sported fins.

However, this inability to beat Ford and Chrysler became a critical step to the eventual beatification of the ’57 Chevy.



57 Chevy Red


Sure enough, the Chevrolet got clobbered as Ford went for the gold for the first time since 1929.


But the all-new Fords, and the “Suddenly it’s 1960” 1957 Plymouths and Dodges were horribly built. Doors sagged, windows didn’t seal, and water leaks were characteristic – especially in the Chrysler models.


Meanwhile, the little Chevy, now in its third year of production remained as solid as a brick house.


1955 Chevrolet Production Line…


[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1EQ3dMaHpTZWFQRQ==[/video_player]



The huge Chrysler cars drove GM to replace their all-new ’58 models with the batwing look.


In just two years’ time, Chevys became huge barges like their competitors, sufficiently losing the excellent build quality and performance.

The race between the Big Three to build oversized vehicles resulted in cars that were no match in quality compared to the tri-five Chevys.

The Start of the Tri-Five Chevrolet as an Iconic American Classic Car

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Soon, the newly winged land-yachts were being avoided by customers looking for a quality vehicle. Used tri-five Chevys were suddenly prized for their quality, trim size, and good handling.

It’s surprising that Chevrolet has yet to bring back the set of classic ingredients that made the Tri-Five Chevys winners to this day.

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Hope you liked this Post American Classic Car Icons: The Tri-Five Chevrolet. 


You might also like to read about another American Classic – the Lincoln Zephyr 


Featured Car: Shelby Cobra

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No top and lots of pop! Today’s featured car is a Shelby Cobra Factory Five body we made for a great customer back in 1999. This gem launched out of the shop with two wheels up! She was a great car for a great customer! Check out the video’s below to learn more about the build and this crazy ride!

Fun Fact: Did you know that when Carrol Shelby was originally showcasing the Cobra he repainted the car for every event, so people would believe he had more than one car when in fact it was the same car over and over?

Check out some more pictures of the car below!

Shelby Cobra


Shelby Cobra

At Palm Beach Customs we focus on creating the highest quality product possible. Along with over 35 years in the business our team of top body and paint pro’s use many techniques and materials that were not available for the original mass-produced versions of this Cobra. At PBC we handcraft one of a kind vehicles for you and will deliver more than just a car, but a work of art.

Whether it’s your first or your last if you are seeking a Cobra or another classic car Palm Beach Customs is dedicated to finding and restoring an original high-quality, numbers matching vehicle for you. We will produce a work of art for you that is better than the day it rolled off the line.

Make sure you check back for more featured cars from PBC. Do you have anything you’d like to see? Let us know if you have any comments, questions or if we can help you with your classic car restoration or customization below by contacting is Here.


Until next time, keep cruisin’

1940-1960 Top Ten American Classic Cars

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1940-1960 Top Ten American Classic Cars

Top ten American classic cars
Cadillac Convertibles
The American auto industry has no doubt produced some of the most thrilling and memorable vehicles of all time. Number ten on the list of the top ten American classic cars are the Cadillac Convertibles produced in 1959-1960. Manufactures of Cadillac have been known to produce machines that are of high quality. This is also a brand that showcases luxury in their products. The reason as to why this is a favorite classic car on the list is the fact that it allows different modification to be done to it easily.

Chevrolet Bel Air
This is another classic American car. It has been popular due to the manner in which its production has spanned over the years. One of the distinct features of the Bel Air is its design. The year of production of this amazing classic car is around 1957. The car is characterized by coupe and convertible body style. The Chevrolet Bel Air is considered as one of the cheapest American classic cars because of the influx of such models in the year 2005 and 2006. Due to the popularity of this car the production of this car span from 1953 to 1975.

Mercury Eight
This car out-cooled any other vehicle on the road during the period of 1949 to 1951. This was the first model of the Ford Motor Company. The 1941 model of the Mercury eight is characterized by the “eight” script that appears on the front of the hood. This made the car to be so tantalizing and this is a reason as to why the car can be described as one of the best American classic cars of all time. The mercury grille that was on this model made it look more dazzling. Some other feature that makes this car to stand out from other is the chrome headlight covers.

Lincoln Continental Mark II
The division of Ford Motor made a model name for a series that they called Lincoln Continental. This was produced around 1956-1957. It was a time when Chrome was the in thing. It is the age when chrome was used as a decorating tool, that this Mark II became so enticing. Its design was very classy and sophisticated without being elitist. Lincoln Continental Mark II brought a breath of fresh air as far as car was concerned during that time. This makes it be one of the most sought classic cars in the 1940s -1960s.

Chevrolet Corvette
An amazing fact about this American classic car is that only 300 cars were built. The year when this car model was produced is around 1953. There were very many fanatics of Corvette, and the fact that only very few were available could mean that they were too much in demand. The style of the car and the design made the car to be much desirable. It is also important to take into consideration that the car was a first-year model. The first-year models are usually very sought after cars. For this reason, it becomes a classic American car of all times

Chrysler C300 Hard Top
The main feature of this model of Chrysler is that it was huge. The car was also powerful and bold with an attractive elegance that exemplified trendy Fifties-era design. Its framework is a spectacular piece of metal carving. The interior of this classic Chrysler is well enhanced by an instrument panel that is loaded with fine details that captivates the eye. Only 1725 cars were built on this model making them be rare. This Chrysler can be said to be a very sought after car in the 50s period.

Ford Thunderbird 1955
This model for the ford company is also known as “T-Bird.” This is an American luxury car, and eventually, it enhanced a market niche known as a personal luxury car.’ When the Thunderbird was first produced in 1955, it was a two-seat sporty convertible. The main reason for the manufacture of this model was to try to compete with the Chevrolet Corvette. Due to this response, the manufacturer had to ensure that it is more appealing than the competitors. An enticing feature of a Thunderbird is derived by the fact that it is sleeker. The car was also considered very speedy as the speedometer was calibrated up to 240km/hr, a feature that other Ford models didn’t have.

Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
The Pontiac Bonneville of the 1959-’60 was one of the amazing models to be ever produced by the company. Some feature such as the split grilles, twin-fin rear fenders and the more surface area covered with glass as compared to the previous model made the car exemplary. The wheelbases of this model were also large (124 inches). The car was a convertible with two doors. The oval taillights that were on all the Bonneville series were also incorporated in this model. This astonishing feature of the Pontiac Bonneville convertible makes it rank among the top ten American classic cars of the 1940s and 1960s.

Buick Electra 225 convertible
This model was introduced in 1959 alongside other 285,089 Buicks and only 2% were Electra 225. The “225” represented the inches of the length of the car even though this remained true only to the four doors. The unique attribute of this car was the standard bench seats which were made of leather and also the first year bucket seats. This was the only Buick model made in 1959 which had bucket seats or leather ones. This car offered several options such as fully tinted glasses, bucket seats, wonder bar radio, automatic heat, air conditioning, air ride suspension, and rear speaker. The under-body of the car was undercoated by a Buick authorized dealer.

Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
The model can be traced back to 1957 and featured multiple stylish ideas like the bodywork with sparkling stainless steel, a four-door hardtop, and rear-hinged doors. The unique feature of this model was the exclusive Quad headlights. The car was engineered such that it was power everything in its operation. The rear doors and trunk lid was opened and closed at the push of a bottom. Air conditioning was naturally present in the car with the first memory front car seat. The aluminum wheels were forged in nature which was exclusive for a production car.

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