1966 Cobra Jet for Sale at Our Classic Car Shop

JohnCar SalesJune 19, 20170 Comment

1966 Cobra Jet for Sale

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This is a really clean 1966 Cobra Jet in the British Racing Green with Pearl White Stripes.


This car has a Midstates kit fiberglass body with 12,ooo adult driven miles on it.


Mike, the current owner, put in $15-20,000 to reproduce the power plant in this car


Watch the Walk-Around of the 1966 Cobra for Sale…



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What You Get with This 1966 Cobra for Sale



The engine is a 460 Ford built by Fastlane out of Arizona and the engine has been balanced and blueprinted –  comes with Dyno sheet (see images below).


At 7,000 ft in Colorado where the car is located, this car has

400 HP and 400 FP Torque measured on the dyno


This means at sea level you’re looking at 600-650 HP and a lot more torque.



Cobra Jet aluminum headers with 9.8 compression and were ported, polished, and cc’d. The heads were also flow tested.

It has the aluminum intake with 800 CFM Demon carb

It has a heavy duty C6 automatic transmission built professionally to handle the extra horsepower.

Ford 9 inch 3.0 rear end positraction and 4 wheel disc brakes. The front brakes are 13.5 and rear brakes are 11.5 —-> Dual piston and the brake booster is on the driver side.

The front and rear tires are 275 x 40 x 17

This 1966 Cobra for sale has a 50/5o weight ratio like a Porsche

Has an electronic distributor and MSD ignition box..

All the interior is professionally done, including the trunk, and the dash has the really nice ultralight pro comp gauges.

Comes with a custom-made lap cover that snaps in under the dash for the chilly weather.

Additionally, custom door hinge covers are included…

The paintwork is really nice, done right in the British racing green with the pearl white stripes.

There are a few stone chips on the front nose. A few little spots – but nothing major. A nice buffing and little touch up to be show quality. Watch the video to see them.

The battery is in the rear tucked under the pass, the hood includes the hinge covers, and there are wings on windshield and visors that keep the driver and passenger dry and out of the wind.

A few extra goodies are included like a spare steering wheel in a different style and a white convertible top (has never been attached)


classic and muscle car restoration shop sarasota florida

Overall, this 1966 Cobra is professional, grade-A work

The original owner spent  $70,000 to build this car.

classic and muscle car restoration shop sarasota florida

The asking price is $55,000 OBO for this awesome cruiser. 

Watch the Video and Look through the Pictures… we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

classic and muscle car restoration shop sarasota florida


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Shelby Cobra Factory Five Body

JohnCustom Paint, Gallery, RestorationAugust 16, 20131 Comment


I actually had the Pleasure of Refinishing a Shelby Cobra Factory Five Body for a really Cool Client!


His name is Dick Crook what a great guy. Have you ever worked with someone on a project or maybe at a job where ever you were and you just realized that this person was exceptional?



Well, that was the case with this project and it’s always special when that happens because when the project is over and the Job is complete you realize that you miss seeing each other. That was the case with Dick when we finished his Shelby Cobra Project.



It was bittersweet because we couldn’t hang out at the shop each day. Dick was the guy that was actually filming the job as I was spraying and working on the project. That’s why you don’t see him FYI.



When we finished the car Dick Thru me the keys and said “let’s drive ” well you saw the pictures of me?

I’m not a small guy – Nobody ever accused me of missing a meal! 

  With some convincing, I wedged myself in the driver’s seat and got comfortable.

Then Comes the fun part ( seriously wasn’t ready for this ) and for people that know me, I was always building go fast cars and even had the pleasure of Piloting  38 cigarette Top-gun for many years off the Block Island sound whats the point?

OK, I will get to it when I put my foot into this Shelby Cobra.

This monster just leaped up with both wheels of the ground “my god what should one do when this happens? I will tell you don’t let off the gas 🙂

This monster took off faster than my twin turbo porches I look over and Dicks smiling from ear to ear .. You just had to be there I guess this guy became a good friend and – to see his dream when he was retired come thru it was Just awesome!

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