New Tee Shirt Design

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Here’s The New Tee Shirt Design for the Boys & Girls at The Beach ..The Palm Beach Customs ..Lol 

 New Tee Shirt Design : PalmBeachCustomsNomadShirtBackPROOF



PalmBeachCustomsNomadShirtPROOF (1)

John Henry Local Business Truck Lettering With Two Layers For A Great 3D Looks

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Two-Layer Truck Lettering for great 3D looks

Truck Lettering With Two Layers For A Great 3D Looks for Local Business, John Henry Paving in Rhode Island

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Services: Bed Lining, Lettering

Client: John Henry Paving

Materials: 3M Reflective foil, 3M color foils



Done in: 1 day

Love the reflective lettering, thanks for the suggestion


Local Business Truck Lettering
two-color foil creates eye-catching 3D effects for this truck lettering.



Henry brought his company truck with a request for some standard lettering with his company name and contact info.


As we do with all our clients, John Russo, the owner of Palm Beach Customs had a short talk with Henry about his company, how he sees it and how he wants other people to see the John Henry Paving company.



classic truck restoration shop in ft myers florida



From the conversation the conclusion was that the company truck should get a more eye-catching lettering service so that it clearly communicates that John Henry Paving is not just any ol’ paving provider, but a serious business with impressive track record and amazing paving jobs done over the years.
To match the company status Russo suggested that the local business truck lettering should be with two different foil types to get a solid 3D effect for the letters, and high contrast for the additional graphics and logo elements. Russo also suggested using a reflective foil to get a rich and engaging looks of the lettering.



The reflective foil looks great especially at night because it reflects lights just like the way police vehicle lettering is reflective.
All these elements worked together to achieve a hi-end look of the lettering job for this truck and Henry was very happy with the end result.


As an additional idea, Russo suggested bed-lining the truck with the rugged and durable Reflex Bedliner. There are several reasons why a paving company truck needs bed lining:

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  • Noise and rattle are minimized because the Reflex Bedliner acts as a muffler and deadens that metallic noise of truck beds
  • Tools and materials will not need too much extra fixing because Reflex has good gripping properties
  • The Reflex Bedliner is resistant to UV sun radiation and won’t lose any color for at least 10 years
  • With color-matching the Reflex Bedliner significantly improves the truck looks
  • Reflex Bedliner is tough and protects the truck bed from dents
  • The Reflex bedliner is resistant to chemical and oil spills




Check out the lettering job in more detail:


2-layer reflective lettering for great 3D looks
See how the lettering is designed around the truck door to achieve great looks and visibility.



2-layer reflective lettering for great 3D looks
Well laid out, easy to read and eye-catching lettering that makes the wanted impression.



2-layer reflective lettering for great 3D looks
Notice the Fine-detail lettering and how the two layers are working together to make an excellent looks of the lettering job





Classy High Quality Auto Paint Workshop in SWFL for Restoration Projects

JohnCustom Paint, RestorationNovember 27, 20120 Comment

Palm Beach Customs is a skilled and certified high quality auto paint workshop serving Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Charlote County in SWFL.

Below is just a small sample of the award-winning paint works we’ve done mostly on restoration projects. Feel free to browse our site and get in touch with us for more info.

High Quality Auto Paint on a 1934 Ford Coupe Restoration
1957 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon Restoration Project with High Quality Auto Paint
1966 ford mustang 289 rag top with a/c completed for a local Fort Myers business owner
This is a 3-window 1941 Ford Lincoln Zepher coupe completed for The owner of the Seattle Mariners

Bring your Classic Car Hot Rod and Sports Cars To Palm Beach Customs. You will receive a Complete estimate and a Time Frame ( schedule ) to complete your Project .
The Owner John Russo Grew up in a Family Business That was quality and production orientated. This has allowed his team to produce over 500 completed restorations since the early days of 1980.


  • All Auto Insurance Accepted
  • Certified Body Shop 35 YEARS
  • Collision Specialists
  • PPG  Paint Finishes
  •  I-Car & ASE Certified
  • Free  Collision Estimates
  • Collision Paint & Body Work
  • Over 500 Classic Cars Restored
  • Hot Rods And Customs
  • Graphic Design Shop
  • Heavy Equipment & Box Trucks
  • Auto Glass replacement
  • Reflex  Spray In Bed-Liners
  • Lettering Service Buses, Tractors & Trailers

Get More Restoration Info

Sport Bike Custom Painting And Graphics

JohnCustom PaintOctober 5, 20120 Comment

Sport Bike Custom Painting and Graphics is what your looking for on your next project or on your current bike? The crew here at Palm Beach Customs is ready to trick out your ride. You can either drop off your entire bike or give us the panels and we will take it from there. On this bike we went with red and silver with black and some beep red candy fades. Then we buried all the graphics with high solid House of Kolor urethane clear coat. Take a peek of the progress below and feel free to call us with all your questions for your project.

Here are some close ups of the different stages of graphics and striping.

Next stage.

The complete bike is a real show stopper with the sunlight beaming of the Kandys.

  Sport Bike Custom Painting and Graphics at Palm Beach Customs bring your bike in and leave with a wild custom paint job to match your taste.


Get More Car Restoration Info


Custom Motorcycle Painting

JohnCustom PaintOctober 5, 20122 Comments

Palm Beach Customs  has been turning out  some pretty cool Custom Motorcycle Painting since the early 1990es. Having run a restoration shop for about 10 years it was time to kick it up a notch and have some fun and create some cool paint jobs so if you are a Harley Davidson bike owner or even the sport bikes we will be glad to make you smile.

Below you will see a bike that was done with Sapphire Black Metallic (House of Kolor) with Blue Pearl. Then we put a special mix of blue Kandy and Chameleon  eyeballs. The rest check out for yourself.

With all our custom motorcycle painting we let the customer give us ideas of what they are looking for and then we take it from there working with them on all steps of the process.

Next comes the gas tank with the Harley logo done in script.

Kevins custom motercycle paint

Once we put the House of Kolor  blue kandy on, you can see what happens, it is ghostly and when it hits the sun it lights up.

So if your looking for  Custom Motorcycle Paint Palm Beach Customs is here to help. We are located in Sunny Fort Myers Florida and if you are in the area we invite you to stop in and visit. Keep in mind that we can ship your tins and even do an extra set for you while you are still riding. 🙂


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Commercial Business Graphics with House of Kolor Custom Paint

JohnCustom Paint, LetteringSeptember 8, 20120 Comment

Our Very Own Commercial Business Graphics with House of Kolor Custom Paint…


Before we were Palm Beach Customs in Florida, we went by JR’s Crashlane and had a graphics division – JR’s Graphix.


See one of our vehicles below custom painted with House of Kolor custom paints.


Need Commercial Business Graphics with House of Kolor Custom Paint for your vehicles?


Contact us to get started



See the Gallery Below of the JR’s Graphix truck getting completed:


Benefits of Vinyl Lettering for Effectively Advertising Businesses

JohnLetteringSeptember 8, 20121 Comment

Vinyl lettering is a great selection for Effectively Advertising Businesses that ranges from huge display doors to even vehicle surfaces. If you’re looking for affordable promotional techniques then vinyl business signs have the potential to custom design your message. These work remarkably well offering a great facility for informing customers about the business name, location and even the working hours along with website address and specials.

Business lettering

Vinyl signs are designed exclusively to meet business lettering needs. Business signs are an efficient way to promote products and services. Sign makers are skilled to customize absolutely anything you want. However for this choosing the size and design of the lettering requires careful consideration. Palm Beach Customs located in Fort Myers is also minutes away from Naples, Cape Coral and Charlotte county. We use vinyl lettering and have an extensive quantity of fonts that are available in many  styles, sizes and colors allowing businesses to custom design their look.

Truck lettering

These are used for truck lettering,  lettering. The vinyl lettering can stick to various surfaces like walls and glass. Vehicle graphics is used for customized lettering  excellent advertising tool that allows businesses to enhance their client base. This is an ideal technique for businesses with a truck or even huge companies with number of vehicles. It is a rolling billboard and in just one day your company truck can be exposed to hundreds of thousands of potential customers.


Personalized boat lettering is also great way to make your vessel unique and customized. Pam Beach Customs in Florida offers the benefit to place your company name or message using lettering custom paint. With the immense variety of color available, we at the shop apply the hue that suits appropriately for the purpose. Often a gold leaf vinyl is placed on your race boat to signify your style and exhibit elegance. We ensure that the letters are placed at the right spot alongside the boat using effects such as outlines and shadows.

Custom graphics logo design

The benefit of custom graphics logo design is also available that is unique to your company. The result is that your business stands out efficiently in a unique and exclusive way. Not every business does that, making your promotional techniques a success. Palm Beach Customs located in Fort Myers FL ensure delivery on time, serving clients online as well. Once your lettering is created and placed, you can also induce into the maintenance facilities offered by us. Keep in mind if you’re looking for a wild candy custom paint job, or mind graphics done in House of Kolor paints we can handle that as well. Fell free to check out our gallery and see what we can do for your boat.

Keep in mind vinyl lettering is easy to remove as well. We provide custom lettering services, truck and vehicle lettering at Lee County and Cape Coral too. Palm Beach Customs also provides excellent consumer assistance to creating your perfect design.



Need Custom Lettering and Graphics in Florida on Your Truck?

JohnLetteringApril 10, 20120 Comment

Lettering and Custom Graphics of a Peterbilt Truck

Trucks are fun to own, and every self-conscious truck owner wants a truck that is a bit different from all the rest.



The easiest way to get this uniqueness is to do a lettering and custom graphics job, which can be adjusted to your line of work, your character and your truck.



Here is how a Peterbilt owner added uniqueness to this truck , that is eye catching and unobtrusive at the same time. The owner wanted to have their business name appear on the doors, and asked for something extra on the side panels to spice up the look.




Lettering and Custom Graphics of a Peterbilt Truck
The metalic tiled foil we used for the lettering job really creates a rich look of the finished work, adding style and prestige to this beautiful Peterbilt truck.



For this lettering and custom graphics job we went with a metalic-tiled foil and used two extra foils, deep blue and light red. Since this Peterbilt was deep red, with smart techniques we actually ended up getting a four layers custom graphics and lettering that really looks great.


We started off by thoroughly cleaning and polishing all the lettering surfaces to make sure there is no dirt or grease that would interfere with the quality of the adhesion of the foils. We always do this step in order to ensure a long lasting lettering warranty. With the high quality foils we use, and our detailed work, this Peterbilt custom graphics and lettering got a 10 year warranty of work and materials.



lettering on truck
For the door panels we created a deep, 4-layer lettering that made the metal-tiled foil stand out even more.



For the side panels we went with a zig-zagged, almost biker-style custom graphics using three colors plus the truck base paint to create a vivid detail adorning the Peterbilt sign, without being too flashy. This was a detailed airbrush graphics for the truck so we’d get an illusion of a 3D graphics truck adornment. This Peterbilt got the identical graphics detail on both sides.



custom paint on a peterbuilt truck
To addorn the Peterbilt logo, we did a 3-color airbrush biker-style graphics to spice up the side panels.



For the door panels we went with a detailed lettering job but with an unobtrusive design. We first applied the light red foil that had cut-ins, to create a very cool negative film graphics effect off the darker red truck finish and create extra detail. Then, we moved up one layer and used a dark blue color to create extra depth for the final, metalic-tiled foil.


custom lettering and graphics in florida
Before lettering, we gave this Peterbilt a thorough cleanup and polish of the lettering surfaces to ensure a 10 year warranty on materials and work.



This layered approach worked out wonderfully and the client was extremely happy with this unique custom graphics and lettering of the Peterbilt truck. Both the lettering and airbrush graphics have plenty of depth and detail to create a memorable appearance of this truck wherever it goes.



If you’re from the Ft. Myers FL area and want a lettering and custom graphics services, feel free to contact us and find out how you can benefit from our quality materials and custom graphics and lettering experience.


Get More Custom Graphics Info

P.S. It’s been a while since we did this Peterbilt lettering and custom graphics job. Lou Andrews, the proud owner recently called the shop, and this is what he said:

John, Thank you again. Usually people only call when they have something to complain about.
After you finished my truck I just wanted to let you know I’m very happy. Thanks for everything.
Lou  Andrews









classic truck restoration shop in ft myers florida

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low-mileage 1968 convertible Camaro restoration

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