Original 1984 CJ-7 Jeep Restoration in Florida

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1984 CJ-7 Nevada Jeep




Check out the walk around Video tour of the finished  CJ7 Jeep)






“OEM” Jeep Restoration


This is Jeep has an original rust free body - there is ZERO rust - and its repainted with the original “sunshine” yellow color.


We opted to remove the doors and the hood and prep the truck with the original paint sanded.


We found absolutely zero rust which makes this CJ-7 a good candidate for a restoration...


Then we applied 2 part urethane grade primer.

Next step was to sand out the primer up to 320 grit. The hood had a few dings in it so we repaired with minimal filler



This is what we call a 3/4 restoration doing a nice clean well executed Job with out Braking the bank ..with out  doing a complete tear down ..and making the CJ-7 Un- affordable to many



OUR goal is to Make it so Everyone can afford  ! and build with moderate 2 inch lift and 33 in tires something that looks cool and still goes down the highway Nicely



CJ-7 Jeep Restoration Shop Florida at palm beach customs



The doors, you will see pictures, were rock solid. So we stripped them down, removing all old weather stripping. Then just about every CJ-7 door I’ve seen has a little fatigue crack on the inside next to the vent window. So that was prepped, MIG welded and body worked so you can’t tell as well as all new seam sealer applied on the factory seams.



FYi It Requires 16 hour just to strip paint and rebuild 2 doors ... Yeas 2 days labor ...


CJ7 Jeep Doors being prepped in palm beach customs cj7 jeep restoration shop florida


 Do you think its a good Idea to rebuild the doors and install new weatherstrips ? look how brittle they are after 30 plus years in service


Replacing hard door weather stripping in our cj-7 jeep restoration shop florida


This is the full weatherstripping kit we use on the door rebuild




After this work was done we followed the same procedure with the high-build urethane primer and prepped ready for base coat, clear coat. The doors have all new gaskets and brand new door locks with a set of matching keys. As well as a new set of stainless steel hinges for the doors, brand new stainless mirrors that are really cool.





Watch the Video for a Tech Tip: How to Assemble and Install a CJ-7 Jeep Door/Window...




Jeep restoration shop florida ocala tampa naples stainless mirrors


Insert door Video here after you blend them together


jeep restoration shop florida miami ft myers cape coral



This Jeep I chose to leave all the factory fusion welds from the factory assembly as is. This Jeep will be perfect for a real Jeeper. As you’ll see, in the following pictures and descriptions, we chose to restore this Jeep as a ¾ restoration to keep the buy-it price reasonable.



jeep restoration shop florida cj7 sunshine yellow oem


There was no reason to strip this CJ-7 down and do a nut and bolt restoration.


The suspension was brand new Rough County 2 in lift


 sheetmetal, the body mounts, and all are in great shape.


rotors and pads were brand new as well as we replaced the front Brake hoses



If you’re looking for a nut-and-bolt restoration and you want to spend triple the money, we Be more than happy to do that for you


Check out this project here that took 500-hours to build to see what a complete restoration looks like.



We also replaced the front windshield frame with a new window gasket and a lower cowl seal, cleaned up and greased all wiper linkage. The reason that we had to do that was that someone installed the light bar fog lights and drilled into the side of the original window frame – it just wasn’t pretty so we opted to replace that.


cj-7 jeep restoration shop florida new window frame, window cowl gasket, and windshield seal

This Jeep has a 6 cylinder with great compression and around 130k miles all gone through with new plugs, wires, fuel pump, air filter, oil change, new alternator, serp. belt, antifreeze, differential oil... brakes are awesome in excellent shape.

Brand new rough country leaf springs, new set of shocks, awesome exhaust with a stainless steel catalytic converter, with the 6 cylinder header with the exhaust custom bent to fit into the cat. Sounds beautiful.





Nice set of rims with the black satin & New 33 x 12.50 R 15 LTs Pro Comp tires. Comes with a spare, but it’s not a matching spare.




cj7 jeep new tires blacked out rims restoration project


The spare tire holder was refinished black satin ... the tire is not a match to the Pro comps ... if you would like a match we will be happy to get one mounted

jeep restoration shop florida sarasota ocala


 Fresh, high-quality, 2-part spray-on bedliner – we are a licensed Reflex spray-on bedliner applicator.



You can also see how rust free the Jeep Body tub is in this picture ...


reflex spray on bedliner for cj7 jeep palm beach customs

Below we have the CJ-7 Floor with Spray on-Bedliner applied .. Great for easy clean up and tuff rugged protection 

Jeep CJ-7 sprayOn Bedliner


See the Bedliner Application...






tires for cj7 jeep procomp mud terrien




The CJ-7 Jeep was steam cleaned and the bottom was prepped (no rust) and then we chassis blacked with black satin underneath of the floors, the frame, and differentials. We just sprayed undercoating on the wheel tubs, not under the floors so that you can see they are OEM originals.

cj7 jeep restoration shop florida undercoating


High Quality paint, wetsand, and buff...


We took everything out of the Jeep before painting. We then sealed it with 2-part Debeer urethane primer that we use on the custom car builds. Then it was wet sanded before we put on 4 coats of yellow base and 3 coats of high grade urethane clear ultra-fined and buffed at 1500 up to 3000 in a 3-stage buff.


1984 CJ7 Jeep Original Color Sunshine Yellow


1984 Jeep wet sanding after paint




The hard top has been cleaned up – it had no cracks in it. We took off the tint that wasn’t looking that good, cleaned the glass, shot the top with the black satin.



 cj-7 jeep hardtop



We have a decent set of seats with a console in there, custom tan at about 90% - they are not perfect but they are more than acceptable.



cj7 jeep restoration seats



cj-7 jeep restoration shop florida

Just to go over:

  • Complete new paint job with high-solids clear
  • New spray-on bedliner
  • New window weather strips and cowl gasket seal
  • New door seals
  • New door locks with keys
  • New side marker lights
  • New park lights
  • New stainless glovebox cover
  • New plastic glovebox
  • New heater control cables
  • All new stainless latches
  • 33 x 12.50 R 15 LTs Pro Comp tires
  • Nice exhaust with brand new stainless Cat
  • New battery
  • New radiator hoses
  • New heater hoses
  • Power steering
  • Fresh oil change and tune-up
  • All differential and transfer case oils/fluids
  • New alternator
  • New front brake caliper hoses
  • Rotors, pads, and calipers have been replaced within the last 3,000 miles all at 95%
  • Nice set of tan seats with console (90%)
  • Factory OEM tire-rack all cleaned up
  • OEM hinges painted for the hood
  • All new anti-rattlers that go on the radiator support
  • 2-inch lift Rough Country leaf springs with shocks
  • Jenson AM/FM CD player with speakers in the dash


I’ve Restored  many  of these jeeps this is one of the top of the list  ones for cleanliness...Before the restoration



You can  Own this 1984 CJ-7 Jeep for the right price



If you have a CJ-7 you would like us to restore Not A problem

Get intouch with us


We did this as an OEM restoration – in other words – this is for the Real Jeep people that understand that we didn’t build this out like a Rolls Royce and take out every little wave. We left the original fusion welds in the quarters. So it’s factory – no bondo – except for in the hood in the few spots


cj7 jeep restoration sunshine yellow

This Jeep is a good Jeep for someone to get into and drive it for 20 years and make a few updates as you see fit. It’s a good running Jeep with power steering

That’s about it...


The body mounts are perfect, the frame is perfect. This is a solid Jeep from Nevada.



 Amazing you could even see the original marks from the Jeep assembly line build



Here is the Jeep CJ-7 Restoration Specimen Before we started the project

We Find Nice CJ-7 Jeeps  so you get a nice product In the end That will hold its value


CJ-7 Jeep Paint Codes


This CJ-7 Jeep is for Real Jeepers...


If you are looking for  a 500 man hour frame off restoration, all rivots filled, and everything perfect so you can bring this to Barret Jackson this is not the Jeep for you.

We Built this CJ-7 for someone who wants a rust free JEEP Project with out breaking the Bank .Completing the  body and paint work and assembly correctly and replaced what it needed with out getting ridiculous ..

 Jeep restoration door panel




You can see how nice the door glass Belt moldings look


cj-7 jeep weatherstripping classic car restoration



We have the original glass with brand new windshield seal and lower cowl seal between the windshield frame and Cowl panel ....


84 jeep restoration



New stainless hood latches with the 6 pack of anti rattle bushings between the radiator support and hood ....


1984 jeep cj7


If this one sells, don’t fret – we take orders weekly and we always produce within 90-120 days....



How do you Order your Jeep CJ-7 ?


Contact  us we will write up a build sheet:


75% Start Based on your project

25% Balance when Your Cj-7 is in final paint


Within 10-14 days Your CJ-7 is Completed

Shipping  Payment is The Customers Responsibility


We’re hooked up with some great shippers so we can ship around the country and internationally.


To book your Jeep build with us Go Here

1984 CJ-7 Jeep Restoration shop florida


Palm Beach Customs has been in business for 31 years. We have completed over 1100 restorations from Lincoln Zephyrs to muscle cars. As well as ran a successful, high volume collision shop.

We’re the right people to have do your Jeep.


We know Jeeps, we love Jeeps, & we drive Jeeps.



Shelby Cobra Factory Five Body

JohnCustom Paint, Gallery, RestorationAugust 16, 20131 Comment


I actually had the Pleasure of Refinishing a Shelby Cobra Factory Five Body for a really Cool Client !


His name is Dick Crook what a great guy. Have you ever worked with someone on a project or maybe at a job where every you were and you just realized that this person was exceptional ?



Well that was the case with this project and its always special when that happens because when the project is over and the Job is complete you realize that you miss seeing each other . That was the case with Dick when we finished his Shelby Cobra Project.



It was bitter sweet because we couldn’t hang out at the shop each day. Dick was the guy that was actually filming the job as I was spraying and working on the project. That’s why you dont see him FYI.



When we finished the car Dick Thru me the keys and said “lets drive ” well you saw the pictures of me ?

I’m not a small guy – Nobody ever accused me of missing a meal! 

  With some convincing I wedged myself in the drivers seat and got comfortable .

Then Comes the  fun part ( seriously wasn’t ready for this ) and for people that know me I was always building go fast cars and even had the pleasure of Piloting  38 cigarette Top-gun for many years off the Block Island sound whats the point ?

OK I will get to it when I put my foot into this Shelby Cobra .

This monster just leaped up with both wheels of the ground “my god what should one do when this happens ? I will tell you don’t let off the gas 🙂

This monster took off faster than my twin turbo porches I look over and Dicks smiling from ear to ear .. You just had to be there I guess this guy became a good friend and – to see his dream when he was retired come thru it was Just awesome !

Get More Restoration Info

tri five chevy turn key builds in florida

Beginning Your Classic Car Restoration

JohnRestorationJuly 3, 20130 Comment

classic car restoration

Where Do You Start with Your Classic Car restoration?


It’s very important for anyone looking into a  classic car  restoration this is a good example of what they’re getting into – to know that the exact cost of restoration cannot be set firmly in the beginning, that it’s going to cost for quality work (like what we do here at PalmBeachCustoms), and that you, the customer, really just has to love classic cars.



Recently, a potential customer came to me about a classic car he would like to restore: a 1965 442 Oldsmobile. I was impressed with the level of detail he gave me along with the questions he asked. Below is the conversation we had about what condition the vehicle was in and what else I would need from him in order to give him an estimate of cost and worth.


This is a great example of the mindset and level of commitment anyone looking to restore their classic car should have.


1965 olds 442

Have a Conversation About Your Classic Car Restoration


Chris wrote:

I have a 1965 Oldsmobile 442.  I have been looking to get myself a classic, muscle car for years now.  However, rather than purchase something turnkey ready, I would prefer to have something old that needs restoration so I can really appreciate the vehicle and the work going into it.  I am taking the liberty of attaching some pictures of the 442 and hoping you could provide me an approximate estimate of what it might cost to get the vehicle completely restored.  Moreover, perhaps, you could give me your honest opinion whether the vehicle is even worth restoring.  If not the 442, than perhaps, I may have a 66 Mustang you could help me with.





classic car restoration


PalmBeachCustoms Reply:

“Christopher ,
First off I want to say hello ,

My Name Is John Russo The owner of Palm Beach Customs

I would need some better pictures of the underside of 1965 Oldsmobile 442  to get a better understanding of the quality of the floor pans also the history on the motor if its matching numbers and any other in-tell you can provide me.  As you might know the car done correctly would be worth $45,000-$60,000. Here are a few  examples on Hemming s check out this link below


Also you  have to consider If you like the car and what it might be worth 10 years from now just like an investment if you buy a bunch of Apple stock its worth a set number and where will it be in 10 years. The 442s are a good investment everyone likes them and they are fewer examples available then many of the other collector cars so they will hold their own on the value side.I would think this would be a good car to restore it will hold value and most likely appreciate. Also to consider is are parts available for the restoration rubbers, chrome and interior they make just about everything for these cars.

I have done many restorations and it’s amazing to see some of these cars double in value in 4- 6 years
But bottom line do you like the car because even if you were upside down upon a few grand upon completion     if you enjoy the car then the numbers will come together at the end of the day .. as far as pricing send me some more info and then we can chat on the phone and get a number on your project . Also, where are you located , and what is the history on the car ?



Chris’s Reply:

          John:  Unfortunately, the vehicle is in Georgia and I am a wounded Marine and am not getting around like I previously had.  Nevertheless, when an extended family member of mine told me she would sell her to me for a grand or two depending on my financial status.  I had asked her all those questions but my Uncle had passed and she doesn't know anything about the car.  However, I had her take a magnet around the vehicle to check for bondo and there was none.  She also informed me there wasn't any major rust except on the front hood.  Unfortunately, the major question is whether the numbers all match and there is no way for me to find out.  I tried to explain where she could look but she claims she is too old to go digging around.  Now my uncle planned on restoring the vehicle for his grandson but that doesn't mean the numbers match.  Moreover, one brother had 3 65 Oldsmobile 442 and each of the three brothers took one of the colors.  My uncle got the red one.  Before he passed 5 years ago, the vehicle was supposedly running but now it's not.  At first, I was informed she needed a new motor but when I asked what happened in those 5 years to make the motor go bad, she told me it may just be the battery.  I was hoping one of the engine photos could give you some indication whether the vehicle looks like a real 442 or do you believe its a clone.   Therefore, I was hoping to hear your professional opinion about whether you believe I should have a flatbed go pick it up.  Sure is one expensive way to find out if the No. match.  On another note, I am a  Marine and would only have 2-3 thousand a month to do the job, I wouldn't have everything up front.  Now that I have laid my cards on the table, what do you recommend?



PalmBeachCustoms’ Reply:

   “I appreciate the honesty - what i see on the car is most likely a very good start - inside the trunk wheel tubs look good  trunk jambs look good - seems to be a dry car  - saw the hood - no biggie - the fire wall looks like it was original blue metalic -- took like its all there -- the distributer is electronic - some one switched it --  every resto needs new wiring - chrome - and interior-- and its all there -- classic industries website  they have most all you would need .

I would get the car !-- go on u ship and have someone bid to pick it up see if you could get it for 1000-2000k --
the car is worth the money -- if you get lucky - and the motor matches you have a home run if you dont  you can build it as a resto - mod  or original  your choice if you saved up  6 k- 10k and start

  • phase 1-you could do a tear down get the body and frame phase going ( then refine your list )
    phase 2 - color in jambs - get all the wiring replaced and all rubbers
    phase 3 - suspension - drive train- motor
    phase 4 -  final paint fit finish and chrome
  • Even if you did 2 phases a year - in 2 years you would have a nicely done project take action - live your dream - as long as you are committed to finish then you win and if it gets here something is way out of wack - (doesn't look that way) you can sell

cant loose - many people would die to get that car for 1-2k
hope that helps”

455 v8 olds rocket


Chris’s Reply:

          You are the man!!!  Not many people would do another fellow a favor and break everything down like that... unless something was in it for them.  I was reading your email with my brother and we couldn't get over the fact you broke everything down so easy for a couple knuckleheads like us so kindly.


            Honestly, I was hoping I would hear something positive like your review and just get her but really since I don't have really much knowledge about muscle cars, I was hoping to get a business with someone honest like you have already proved to be and just have the first 3 phases knocked out immediately…...  Basically, in essence, I should have a little change for my dream.

            Would you be interested?  How much do you think it will cost me total to do it right?  Thanks kindly!



PalmBeachCustoms’ Reply:

          “Chris I would be happy to restore your 442

Its difficult to price with out seeing because maybe its rust free - or maybe it needs a few floor pans so the only way I can price it is get the car in - and do a real estimate -If that didn't work then Ill help you sell it - It looks very solid so -I dont believe that's the case. Once I see it I can make you a list something like this is a ball park of 450 man hours plus parts and materials. it’s easy to go over 50 hours and under estimate prices for items. Having said that, most suppliers are willing to offer discounts when you purchase complete sets like rubber - interior - ect 

 its very important to get quotes in when doing the final estimate - It will take a entire day to get close --and you will have a pretty solid idea on exact pricing for items needed when its time to order (it makes it easier)

  • Body , all sheet-metal blasting , prepping , blocking 10k
  •  frame , blasting , painting , break lines , gas tank , suspension 3k
  • interior , wiring , chrome , rubber………………………… 5k
    engine and mechanical s?.............................................5k
    materials  for body work , epoxys , metal work……… 2k
    sheet metal cost and labor……………………………… TBD
    tires rims……………………………………………..............1-2k
    final  assy , paint work finish……………………………...10k
    materials…………………………………………… 2500.00
  • at this your at 39,000- so 40-45 k would be my estimate ”



As you can see, even considering starting a restoration project for your classic car requires a lot of thought, time, and research. But, if you really want to follow through, the only thing that is stopping you from finishing your classic car is yourself. Here at Palm Beach Customs, we’re willing to work with our customers based on their budgets to help them achieve what they want.


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classic and muscle car restoration in florida

Prestine example of Car Graphics and Logo Design applied with Custom Paint

JohnBedliner, Custom Paint, Gallery, LetteringJune 23, 20130 Comment

house of kolor ,automotive finishes ,branding ,logos


Pristine example of car graphics & logo design applied with custom paint


This is a pristine example of car graphics & logo design applied with custom paint for a complete color branding of a company and the image they want to portray to the public. There is no vinyl application in this particular piece – it is completely done with automotive finishes and paint masks. We hand taped and airbrushed the vehicle and logo that you see.

a logo design applied with custom paint
We hand taped and airbrushed the vehicle and logo that you see.


This is unlike a vehicle wrap, which is essentially a full sticker on the vehicle. Vehicle wraps often have a lot going on in the space and comes off as cluttered and difficult to understand what the main point is. While this works for some, the finished product of a vehicle is not as classy as what was done with this truck for Prestige; it does not require the same amount of skill, application time, or design and this is reflected in the end result.

car graphics
we used House of Kolor Burgandy and rainbow minis



You can think of the popular soda brands, Coke and Pepsi to illustrate a great logo and sign design scheme. They are both clean logos with only a few colors and easy to read fonts. The work done with the Prestige truck can be equated to the Coke and Pepsi labeling scheme: it’s clean, simple, and easy to spot with the white and blue two-tone body paint and easy to ready logo.

car graphics,cutom paint
Base coats of graphics done with a logo design applied with House of Kolor custom Paints Ready for clear coats


Along with the custom car graphics and paint, Prestige also decided to go with the Reflex spray-on bedliner that Palm Beach Customs provides to the SWFL area. The bedliner completes the clean look of this vehicle and it will never fade in the sun due to UV protection characteristics, flake from dry rot, or fail you when loading heavy equipment.

bedliner,sprayon bedliner ,sprayon-bedliner
At Palm Beach Customs we provide the total package with a top quality Sprayon Bedliner service


When you see a job done like Prestige’s truck, it just says quality of that business  at Palm Beach Customs we want our car graphics to do just that for our clients.

air brushing ,car graphics
after the base coat was applied then it was time to airbrush a gunmetal pinstripe before the clear coat


auto refinishing ,custom paint
Truck before we started the graphics with pearl white and cobalt blue candy

Here you see the final out come of car graphic ,logo design and custom paint that is simple clean and very easy to read .

car graphics , blue candy , pearl white ,pin stripe,
This is exactly what the doctor ordered with clean white pearl and blue candy – note the gun metal pin stripe along with the clean graphics

Side view

Custom Refinshing,logo design , air brushing , art work ,car graphics
This is exactly what the doctor ordered with clean white pearl and blue candy – note the gun metal pin stripe along with the clean graphics

Hood shot

house of kolor ,automotive finishes ,branding ,logos
This is a pristine example of car graphics done with a logo design applied with custom paint for a complete color branding of a company all done with high quality House of Kolor automotive finishes


If you like this post on a pristine example of car graphics & logo design applied with custom paint and company branding, don’t be shy and please retweet, share with friends, and comment below!



Looking for more on car graphics and branding?


Related posts can be found here at:http://www.palmbeachcustoms.com/projects/lettering/gold-leaf-lettering.html

Related posts can be found here at:http://www.palmbeachcustoms.com/projects/lettering/custom-paint-and-lettering-services-in-ft-myers-lee-county-cape-coral-swfl.html

Harley Davidson motorcycles with custom paint design from Palm Beach Customs

JohnCustom Paint, RestorationAugust 16, 20120 Comment

Harley Davidson motorcycles  with custom paint design from Palm Beach Customs 

If you’re tired of having a motorcycle that appears quite common or looks like any other bike, then it is best to avail custom paint design. In fact, custom paint is one of the most noticeable aspects of a bike. The application of quality paint in exquisite designs will set the vehicle apart from others on the road. One of the major draws of owning a custom motorcycle is the uniqueness and individuality that it provides. Professional builders at Palm Beach Customs have been providing restoration and paint works. Custom bike paint can be quite an exciting aspect for an individual. In fact, this is one of the most appropriate ways to express one’s personality.


With Harley Davidson motorcycles, the paint designing is an absolutely unique experience. The process should not be taken lightly and choosing the right store makes great difference in the work process. Another essential factor why your bike might require paint is to recover from sustained body damage. Before starting off with the process you may ask yourself, “How do I plan on any custom work for my bike?” This becomes quite essential as you do not want to incur expenses on a fabulous paint, only to see it peeling off after a few months. Such kind of a design will require repainting which will only make you spend more money. At Palm Beach Customs we understand that Harley paint varies greatly from varnishing other automotive requiring finesse of its own. We also provide warranty for paint work, however no such issues have erupted with the several designs that we’ve conducted so far.


The paint  that we use at Palm Beach Customs are obtained from the House of Kolor (HOK). We refrain from using any other combinations with this product line which will result in disaster when applied. The quality of custom paint HOK paints are formulated to protect the custom finish with over 2-3 times custom protection. We apply the next coat of paint almost immediately reapplying. HOK has  UV protect-ants to prevent the Sun discolouring the body paint. For custom paint applied on Harley Davidson motorcycles.




When performing such paint works, our store specialists look into few things, whether two or three coat paint is required. You may think that custom paint job can be quite expensive for your bike. However, in certain cases a simple design might look great without costing you too much. Our professional  custom bike paint Team  will tell you about the design estimates. You can also check out the other customized bikes to see what colours and designs you may like. We ensure that customers get to choose any design and colour of their preference. You may like to elaborate the design of a skull on your Harley bike or even graphic design flames with  custom colors. At Palm Beach Customs, we also offer custom boat paint for water sporting enthusiasts.

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2000 LTE 2500 Suburban Restoration in Florida For Sale

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Back to Original, 1969 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Restoration from Naples

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