Jeep auto body restoration

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This Is a cool Jeep Auto Body Restoration  job we did for a client I believe it was a 1966 Jeep 4×4

It came into the shop in pretty rough shape and in need of some serious love

Finished Jeep 4x4



The next step was to clean out the tub (inside floors and body ) then we chose to spray with our spray-on bed liner sometimes we

will do it in the beginning of the project and sometimes at the very end . In this case we wanted to shoot the liner in the beginning stages

so we could bring the final coat of indigo blue metallic over r the leading edge as you will see in the completed pictures .

This is the Famous AKA slink dog ( known as the Positive Pu r-swayer) ” great friend ” removing the wire tape on the bed-liner.

 john 5

 At this point you will see the Jeep back Taped and ready for the final coats of color to go on the dash and the push bars .


  Slink Dog showing it some love !


 This is slink Spraying the Push bars with gun metal poly .


john 3

 The final steps in the Jeep auto body restoration in final color Indigo Blue Metallic factory Gm color .

 This is Harold ( Aka the Worden ) He received this name for being the inspector if it didn’t pass his inspection

He knew it wouldn’t pass mine . Another Great friend that learned the Auto Body Restoration trade form me .

Harold an excellent carpenter ( they also make great Auto Body Men ) I have found If they are good at that trade

they will also excel in Auto Body .

john 4

 This is the finished product and the Client was tickled Pink !

john 12

  The ultimate Jeep Cruiser

 Finished Jeep 4x4

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Spray on Liner for Fort Myers Police

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Spray on Liner for Fort Myers Police was probably not what one would might think when one of the  Police captains came in to ask about our Spray on liner Products “ This time it wasn’t for a Truck Bed “. Take a look.

Pretty cool! We Sprayed the weights for Fort Myers Police out door Gym. Tired of the equipment being all rusty and keeping up with the paint we decided to give it three coats of Reflex Spray On Liner and of course we used medium gray Tint in the mix to give it an industrial look along with a cooler option when the Florida sun is out.

Gym Equiptment with Reflex Spray on Liner

Don’t hesitate to give us a call with all your questions for spray liner for your industrial needs. Spray on liner is great for outdoors including:

  • landscaping implements
  • farm equipment
  • swamp buggies
  • fence gates
  • trucks
  • Jeeps, etc.

Keep in mind you can e-mail us a pic of your project and we can give you an estimate. We are serving all of SWFL , Lee County and surrounding areas .

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