Tech Tips: The Big 3 “Body Secrets” Part 1

John RussoRestorationAugust 12, 20150 Comment

Tech Tips

How are you doing? Welcome to Tech Tips with John Russo. In today’s tip we will be going over part one of the three steps to creating a show room quality paint job. We are working on our Rolls Royce Silver Cloud for this tip series, however these steps can be applied to any vehicle you may be working on. Be sure to check out both sections A and B! Enjoy!

Section A will be going over how and why to lay down a guide layer before blocking.

Section B will be explaining blocking, what to do, and how to use the guide layer to get flawless results.


The Process

Below are some detailed step by step photos of the car with the guide layer and then moving into the blocking process.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
Putting down the guide layer.



rolls royce silver cloud
Putting down the guide layer on the side.



Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
Putting down the guide layer on the front.



Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
Starting to smooth out with blocking.



Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
Look at how straight those panels are!



Here at Palm Beach Customs we focus on creating the highest quality product possible. Along with over 35 years in the business our team of top body and paint pro’s use many techniques and materials that were not available for the original mass-produced versions of these vehicles. At PBC we hand craft one of a kind automobiles for you and will deliver more than just a car, but a work of art. In this tech tip we gave you part 1 of our Big 3 body secrets that help us achieve our high quality work.

Whether it’s your first or your last, if you are seeking a Rolls Royce or another classic car Palm Beach Customs is dedicated to finding and restoring an original high quality numbers matching vehicle for you. We will produce a work of art for you that is better than the day it rolled off the line.

Make sure you check back for more Tech Tips from our very own John Russo. Do you have anything you’d like us to teach you about? Let us know if you have questions or if we can help you with your classic car restoration or customization below, by email, or give us a call at (239) 281-6754. Until next time, keep cruisin’!

Check back for Parts 2 & 3!

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