Tech Tips: Welding Quarter Panels and Wheel Tubs

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1969 mustang restoration

Like every car builder will say, the foundation is a lot more important than the looks of the car. For instance, you don’t want ANY rust on the body of the car and you don’t want your welds to be to swallow, especially when fixing and assembling quarter panels.

We will be showing you how to do exactly that; fixing and assembling quarter panels.

In case you don’t know what the quarter panels of a car are exactly, they are the back two corners of your car, including the back wheel wells.

Showing you all these tips will be John Russo on the 69′ Cobra Jet Mustang Restoration project.

Welding Quarter Panels and Wheel Tubs


In this Video, John goes over some information and demonstration on how to get the best and strongest weld 


Here is what it looks like after the welding is completed. You can see the clamps holding together the metal that was welded into the wheel tubs.

Mustang 69' tech tips quarter panels replacement


Below is a video of John welding the rear quarter panels to the factory fusion welds. 


Tip: It’s really important to remember that before we started welding, the car was jigged and leveled and square. We pre-fit all the sheet metal panels and tested all the gaps by using Zip Screws in certain locations, allowing us to open and shut the doors and the trunk lid. Then, as we TACK weld, we remove each zip-screw as necessary.


Below is the inner, back part of the car. The OUTER back quarter panels and wheel tubs are what we are showing in the videos. 


Here is a good look at how someone inside the car would be looking at the back and working.

quarter panels replacement 69 Cobra Jet

Below is another photo of the wheel tub, and you can see how far that wheel tub goes into the middle body. That’s why we do the back wheel tubs as we do the rear quarters. 

wheel tubs quarter panels replacement

Here is a look at a welding spot as the welding is being done. You can see the heat from the weld almost reaching the other side and that’s important, as you want to make sure your weld goes through all the metal to make sure it is not loose. 

We hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful!

If you have any questions, Contact Us.

We would love to help. 

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