Commercial Pack: Bed lining and Lettering of Truck

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Services: Commercial pack: Lettering and Bedlining

Client: Cape Coral Plumbing Ft. Myers

Materials: 3M Durable Color Foils, Reflex Bedliner

Done in: 2 days

Cape Coral Plumbing is a local business operating from the Billy Creek industrial park here in Ft. Myers and they serve the Lee County area with plumbing services for various properties. They also do plumbing work as subcontractors servicing water lines, filtration stations… complete water maintenance.

When Nathan from Cape Coral Plumbing stopped by here at Palm Beach Customs he wanted to find out more about what we do and how we do things. Very early in the conversation he decided to go ahead and order the Commercial pack for his trucks. This meant a full lettering service and bedliner for the trucks.

To get the project going on the right path, John Russo asked for some info on Cape Coral Plumbing as a business. The casual conversation led to a clear understanding of what the business needs are so that John can design and perform the truck lettering in such a way that the Cape Coral Plumbing business gets ideal representation.

Since Nathan’s truck was white, the best matching color was dark blue, black and red. The lettering was substantial, only the tail gate wasn’t covered with the lettering project. There are branding info on the doors, bed section and hood.

The bedlining work was also substantial. We covered the railing, front and back bumpers and of course the bed and tail gate. The end result was very solid and Nathan was quite pleased with the price, quality and speedy delivery. Take a look at the images below to see how this lettering and bedlining project turned out.



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