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The Best AME 1953-1956 Ford F100 Truck Chassis For An Increasingly Smooth Ride!

by | Mar 17, 2018 | Products

When you think about it, the classic Ford Trucks were known to be extremely beautiful at that time, and almost nothing could compete with them. They have this vintage beauty which is hard to beat, and still work well in today’s era. However, as the car parts are prone to rusting and wearing out, every car falls victim to being robbed of its beauty. For this reason, restoration becomes necessary at some process, and one of the most important things to play a part in the quality of your ride is the Chassis.

As the chassis is the base of the car, it pretty much lays down the foundation for your car, and thus is seemingly important. Similarly, for your favorite Ford truck, a chassis replacement can help you make your ride infinitely smoother. Even if you’re looking for a Chassis for your customized truck and it fits the dimensions, do not hesitate on this one.

AME 1953-1956 Ford F100 Truck Chassis

This is a Truck Chassis for the 1953-56 Ford F100. It is made in a way that it provides a performance which matches that of a sports car.
It is a chassis which will really increase the amount of control you have on the car, helping you handle it in a better way, as well as have a smooth ride as a result.

Features of AME 1953-1956 Ford F100 Truck Chassis:

  • The front suspension is completely independent, with the arms for the upper control about 1-5/26” wide in diameter, and they work along with the coil over shocks, as well as the sway preventing bare. Both of these things can be easily adjusted to your own liking.
  • You have a choice to adjust the chassis according to how you like to ride your car; there are two different ride heights. One of them is low, with the other one being high. You can choose whichever you are used to, and the adjustment is no hassle either.
  • The complete chassis package is sold here at Palm Beach Customs, with all of the features included, and everything manufactured with the most high-quality raw materials. This makes the chassis even stronger than the original Ford chassis and helps it resist damage and corrosion for very long.

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