ame camaro irs rear clip chassis

This Rear Clip Chassis For Your Camaro Will Give You The Best Ride!

by | Mar 17, 2018 | Products

If you wish to have a nice, smooth and bump-less ride, it is important to choose the right chassis for your car.

In the older cars, it is common for there to be an older chassis present, which isn’t really up to date with the newest technology, a reason why the chassis of your older cars will eventually need to be replaced with a newer, improved Chassis.

It is important because, in this newer chassis, everything will be improved, including the mechanism and the quality, so that it is made to work in the best way in today’s world.

It can get hard to go out there and find a high-quality chassis which will actually work best for your car and fit the dimensions.

Moreover, finding one at a reasonable price can be a challenge as well, which is why it is a hard job. However, not anymore, because we at Palm Beach are offering a spectacular chassis to help you improve your ride quality almost instantly.

AME Camaro Chassis IRS REAR CLIP

This is a Multilink I.R.S Rear Clip of the Chassis for the Camaro from 67-69, 70-81 and the Firebird. It is known to work well for many different kinds is engines, which is why you can find this to probably fit your vintage car easily. The chassis is manufactured by the AME and is indeed a high-quality one.

Features of AME Camaro Chassis IRS REAR CLIP:

  • The chassis is basically produced through a rugged S60 Strange center sections, including half-shafts which include CV Joints as well.
  • It is designed in a way that it helps to provide you the most amazing, stable ride. The chassis adjusts accordingly when there are too many bumps or irregularities in the road so that you won’t have to go bumping over the road throughout the way. This way, you can have an infinitely more comfortable ride.
  • The engineering done in this Chassis is very technical and allows for the coil-over shocks to easily be adjusted, along with the easy installment of this multi-link chassis into your car. A significant sway bar is also included in the design, helping improve it even more.

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