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Tri 5 Chevrolet Steel Bodies, Parts, And Services In Palm Beach Customs Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Gallery, New Car Builds

For the Tri 5 Chevys at Palm Beach Customs Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida…

Got a Tri 5 Chevrolet in mind?

The ’55, ’56, and ’57 Chevys are the ultimate classic!

In our classic car restoration shop Florida, we’ve made sure you can fill all your Tri 5 Chevy needs.

See a Chevy Being Built by Real Deal Steel…

Palm Beach Customs provides Chevy lovers with:

  • Steel Replacement Bodies (2 Door Sedan, Hardtop, and Convertible)
  • Car Parts
  • Custom Restoration Services

You have numerous body options to choose from in our store.

We have the 1955-57 Sedan body either Hardtop or Convertible and you can order just the skeleton or a complete car that comes with the doors, quarter panels, and deck lid.

Other options are to upgrade your firewall, have the body sealed in an epoxy primer, along with the options to add custom paint or have Palm Beach Customs do a full build for you.

We also have the front end sheetmetal packages!

Our classic car restoration shop florida really started with the Tri 5 Chevys. Check out the new steel body replacements to build your own classic car below!

Tri 5 Chevy Steel Body Options

Tri 5 Chevy Steel Body Options Here 

Tri 5 Chevy Parts

Tri 5 Chevy Parts Here 

Palm Beach Customs is happy to work with you to customize any steel body order – we actually have 3 stages available for you to choose from >> Read more here <<

  • Stage 1: Steel Body As Is
  • Stage 2: Steel Body with Custom Paint by Palm Beach Customs
  • Stage 3: Turn Key, Full Build of Your Steel Body



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