Tri Five Chevrolet Steel Bodies in Florida

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GM Certified Camaro Tri-5 Steel Body Restoration

Palm Beach Customs is Your Dealer for Steel Bodies for the Tri-5 Chevrolets in Florida


Looking for the new steel bodies for the tri-five Chevrolets in Florida? You've found the right place!


We deal in the Tri-Five, i.e. 1955, 1956, and 1957 Chevrolet steel body replacements.



What this video to learn more about the steel bodies for your Chevy Tri-Fives...




Steel Bodies for Tri-Five Chevrolets Are at Palm Beach Customs...


Classic car aficionados admire these elegant cars - and we don't blame you.

In our Palm Beach Custom shop, we focus on these particular cars and their owners because that's where we started.



Watch a chevy steel body being built!




The bodies of tri-five Chevrolets in Florida are built by Real Deal Steel, LDD., one of the best manufacturers located just miles from our shop in Ocala.

We sell high-quality products, so you can be assured that these steel bodies are top of the line.

These are GM Licensed and built with more welds and thicker metal than the original bodies. 


If you want a steel replacement body (two-door sedan, hardtop or convertible),  a frame, a floor, an engine compartment, a door, a convertible top, or you are looking for custom restoration services, we are happy to be of help.


Tri Five Chevy Steel Body



Whatever questions you have about a steel body for your Chevy, our door is always open.



With Palm Beach Custom, you can design your own dream car from scratch with the steel bodies for the tri-five Chevrolets in Florida. Read more about your options  >> Over Here <<



We offer a wide selection of body options




You can buy a complete steel body or just a firewall. You can buy the sheet metal parts of your custom classic car, one by one, or you can let us do the work and build your dream car for you.



We have special offers for the steel bodies for tri-five Chevrolets in Florida - like bright, high-quality custom paints and front-end sheet metal packages...



Read more about the steel body for the Tri-Five Chevrolets HERE. 




If you liked this post about Steel Bodies for Tri-Five Chevrolets in Florida we think you'd like to read about our Steel Body Services at Palm Beach Customs to see what we can do for you as you start your dream build.

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