1979 K5 Blazer (Jimmy) Restoration

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1979 K5 Blazer (Jimmy) Restoration


This restoration has been in progress for a while. It was originally owned by a pastor in New Mexico and was bought by PBC with only 90k original miles.


When we got it to the shop, we stripped it down to bare metal and removed all the old moldings, giving it a cleaner look. We also cleaned underneath the Blazer and added a new chassis black with undercoat. We also went with a stainless steel dual exhaust.


It has had a tune up and oil change, front end cleaned and brakes were redone as well.

It has a brand new dash, all new interior fabric (including the carpet) and a 400 small block engine.

Here is a video of the progress so far

The truck was Originally From New Mexico

Original Miles 92,000 purs like a kitten

the truck was stripped to bare metal bodywork and high-grade Black High build urethane primer 

then one gallon of Gm Emerald Green Poly with one gallon of House of Kolor UC35 Urethane clear 

ultra fine to 3000 and Buffed, 

The Top was textured and painted with Gm white 

The truck was steam cleaned and chassis Blacked along with undercoating on wheel wells 

ZERO rust on floors rockers and underside this was a dry Truck Rare for 39 years old! 

Door jambs & hood along with tailgate were prepped and colored in

along with all new body to door rubbers

doors were disassembled stripped and painted

  • new window channel runs and glass belt moldings on door panels
  • outer glass to door edges including door handles and lock gaskets
  • the windows are manual and roll up and down with ease
  • Rear tailgate glass weatherstrip inner and outer were replaced
  • New carpet installed
  • both front seats have been recovered
  • front dash was replaced
  • New headliner installed
  • the truck had a new radiator
  • new battery
  • new water pump and hoses
  • new oil change and tune
  • new tail lights
  • all dash lights and interior lights work
  • AC has been converted to  R 134 A
  • XD 17 Black Satin Rims with fresh
  • 285/70/R/17S BFG All terrain K2O
  • new 2.5-inch stainless dual exhaust
  • with Magna-Flow mufflers ( stainless ) from manifolds back
  • thick wall stainless with black Tips below the rear bumper

1979 K5 Blazer (Jimmy) Restoration

We only need 2 things from our customers:

Vision & Commitment 

As long as you can provide us with those two things,

we can work with you to bring your classic car to life.

Whether you have an original classic car or want to start from scratch with a new steel body and chassis, at Palm Beach Customs we go over every inch of your car to make sure the build is solid and the details are perfect.

Go over to our FAQ page to learn some of the specifics and then get in touch with us – We would love to hear what car you’re dreaming up!

We also offer Brand New Licensed GM steel Camaro bodies assembled in the USA 

Take a Peek here 


Tech Tips: Car O Liner Measurements

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For this post, we are using the 69′ Cobra Jet build as our demonstration. This car had the whole back quarter panels replaced, and once on the dedicated jig (Car O Liner), we can make sure the whole car is exactly where it needs to be aligned.

The Car O Liner we used has a three-dimensional mechanical measuring system, the picture below is of unibody collision project. You will see later in the post, how we use it to build the muscle cars.


Tech Tips: Car O Liner Measurements



Remember: While welding, you want to make sure that you don’t move the car on the dedicated jig and that it is very important to make the measurements on the car correctly, or your doors, trunk lid, and wheels won’t fit right.


Below you will see a photo of the Mustang on the dedicate jig. 

car o liner and measurements mustang R code

Below is a photo of the Mustang on the dedicated jig. It is done being welded and assembled and is now ready for ePoxy Primer. 

car o liner and measurements on dedicated jig



We hope you enjoy our post and found it useful.

If you have any questions, Contact Us.

We’d love to help!

1969 Mustang Cobra Jet Restoration Tips

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1969 Mustang 428 Cobra

Caught in a performance war, the 1969 Mustang model year had some exciting new elements added to the body. Including 3.8 inches added to the length of the body and about 1 inch added to the width of the body.

In 1968, 4 years into the performance war between Ford and GM, Ford introduced the 428 cu in Cobra Jet FE engine in a small group of Mustang GT’s; leading to the 1969 model we are currently restoring.

The 1969 Mustang was also the first Ford model to use quad headlamps placed inside AND outside the grille opening. The Mustang’s platform and engine bay were also redesigned to fit larger engine blocks.

Above, we have a video going over the Cobra Jet we are working on and below we will have some tech tips and photos for working on this build. 

1969 Mustang Cobra Jet Restoration Tips

Here we have a video showing how to fit the sheet metal and how to get the body lines on a 69′ Mustang.


Prior to the video, we dismantled the Mustang when it came in the shop. We went through tear down, sandblasting, full quarter inner wheelhouse, trunk floors and one-floor pan since water got under there and the other side was perfect.

In the video, the car is on a Car-O-Liner to make sure the car is aligned after welding is done to rusted parts that have to be cut out.


Below you will see clamps in place holding down the sheet metal before welding. 

Mustang 69' tech tips

Here you will see the Mustang on the Car-O-Liner.

69 Cobra Jet built Car-o-liner

Below you have a good look at the chassis before the rest of the steel body is assembled to it. 

1969 Mustang restoration steel body


Below is a Video, recorded after the first stages of primer with John as he goes over the next steps that will happen with the Mustang. John also explains what products we use to get such great cars. 

We hope you enjoy our Tech Tips post, and we will keep posting more as we finish the car.

If you have any questions, Contact Us.

We’d love to help!

Mustang Car Steel Bodies

A 1967-1969 Camaro Mini-Tub Option you should get your hands on ASAP!

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69 Camaro Convertible


The tubs of your car can easily get worn out, as your tyres are the parts of your car facing the most of the dirty work. Tubs handle more than we give them credit for, but just like that, they might need repairing from time to time. Whether you’re looking for tubs to set into a new, custom car, or just looking forward to replace your old ones, this 1967-69 Camaro mini-tubs option might be the best quality you’ll be able to find out there.

1967-1969 Camaro Mini-Tub price

We, at Palm Beach, are proud to be providing you with these mini tubs, which will work perfectly for the Camaro models which have been listed, but just about any car on whom these can actually fit. They are made of the highest quality material, crafted in the finest way, and made to fit perfectly onto a Camaro. Special care has been taken for the matter of looks. This is because remaking the older cars, customizing them, is with the sole purpose to achieve the same look that we had back in the time. These tubs fulfill that requirement easily.

1967-1969 Camaro Mini-Tub option

The only difference that might remain is in the quality with which the rubs are made. These newer tubs will definitely be of a higher quality than the original ones, and will efficiently be resisting any serious wear and tear. Thus they will be able to remain in shape, and not be damaged very easily. Apart from that, these tires are designed in a way so that they will be able to fit the tires in them perfectly.

1967-1969 Camaro Mini-Tub

If you are looking forward to update an old car and get it renewed, never skip over the tubs. The tubs play an important part in your car, and they play a major role in helping you drive as steadily and smoothly as possible. These newer tubs, made with the highest quality of techniques and technology, will be able to provide you with a fine, stable and smooth ride. You will enjoy driving with these tubs intact, whether it’s a custom car or just an old one that you have updated. Check the product page here.

Visit our FAQ page to get answers to any further queries of yours.


Palm Beach Customs Builds New Tri-Five Chevy in Florida

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1955-chevy steel body


In the 60s Chevrolets has one the famous ad Jingles where it says “See the USA in your Chevrolet”. And so many years later those who still take this Jingle to heart, we are here for them to rebuild your classic Chevy to give it a brand new look.

tri-five chevy custom build

John, the owner of Palm Beach Customs (PBC), restored his first Chevy at the age of 14, after that he never looked back. With a dedicated team, we at Palm Beach Customs offer you complete custom rebuild and restoration of your classic tri-five Chevy models. We are Florida-based firm offering complete bodies and components of Chevrolet 1955-57 2-Door Hardtops, 2-Door Sedans and Convertibles. With more than 34 years of experience, PBC can help you with classic Tri-Five Chevy build in Florida with free delivery to your doorstep.

tri-five chevy custom build florida

What you get in your tri-Five Chevy Custom Build Package?

No matter what is needed for your Tri-Five Chevy, from interior, body, chassis, engine to everything in-between, Palm Beach Customs can offer you. You get everything covered in your Tri-Five Chevrolet Build to give a completely new look to your classic Tri-Five Chevy.

The tri-five chevy custom build package includes:

  • Different options to choose from GM Engine Package.
  • Warranty of 100000 miles on motor and transmission.
  • You can choose from an original Chevy body or a completely brand new steel body made in the USA.
  • Art Morrison Chassis where you can get the option to choose from traditional or sports multi-link option.
  • Steering column of Ididit Inc.
  • Custom wiring package.
  • Refinish or powder coating as per your preferred automotive paint.
  • Choose from original style interior or high-end complete custom interior.
  • Tire and Rim package as per your choice.
  • Stainless steel exhausts system.

tri-five chevy custom build package

If you are looking for an ‘old school build’ with specific engine and original frame, we can make a build sheet on that also. Check out our steel body video here.

The rebuilding is a limited to only 3 customers so book your order now by visiting the product page here! For any questions regarding restoration, please refer to our FAQ page.

Palm Beach Customs Car Restorations: 1967-69 Camaro Convertible Body

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You can trust Palm Beach Customs with your exquisite vehicle! We have ASE & I-Car Certified Restoration Shop in Florida, one of the best out of all!

Your car is your lifesaver on the road. Which is why, any replacement work of your car must not be avoided at any cost. Want to get rid of your old rusty ‘67-69 Camaro Convertible body shell? Does your car’s convertible body look lifeless and tired? Worry not!

1968 Camaro Convertible Body

Order your 1967-69 Camaro Convertible Body with Heater Delete Firewall option, exclusively available at Palm Beach Customs. The package includes doors, convertible top frame and deck lid. Additionally, you can even customize it with a Heater Delete Firewall option.

All of the Dynacorn muscle-car bodies are produced through reverse-engineering from originals. Dynacorn new steel bodies look so similar to originals that you cannot really differentiate between them at all! If you are looking for different options visit the Product page here.

1967 Camaro Convertible Body

As opposed to its original counterparts, Dynacorn replacement parts comprise of high amounts of CO2 used during welding process. Which in turn, reduces road noise and tightens the tolerances. In a nutshell, Dynacorn replacement bodies have increased thickness and much better tolerances to provide excellent quality!

Steel used here in the convertible body is 1006 universal automotive-grade steel, which is further galvanized for special protection against rust. Now, you can effortlessly replace the lifeless and rusty body of an old car or completely construct a new car. Choice is yours! All of the replacement parts are precisely designed to fit.

1967-69 Camaro Convertible Body

Best of all, the 1967-69 Camaro Convertible Body is fully licensed by General Motors.

Palm Beach Customs in Florida:

Palm Beach Customs does not compromise with the quality, nor do we take any shortcuts. From developing classic bodies to muscle bodies, every restoration work is possible here! With over 34 years of experience and deep knowledge of car restorations, you are only to experience best service with us!

From minimal paint job to complete car customization, we can facilitate your every need when it comes down to your invaluable vehicle!

Have any questions? Visit our FAQ page here to know more about Palm Beach Customs products and services.


Full Restoration of ‘69 Camaro Coupe at Palm Beach Customs, Florida

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1967 camaro coupe


The 1969 Camaro sealed the first generations and became undoubtedly the most popular amongst all models. It flaunts a heavily creased and sporty look as compared to smooth looks of ‘67 and ‘68 models. That’s the biggest selling point of ‘69 Camaro Coupe.

1969 Camaro Coupe Skeleton price

Featuring highly aggressive sheet metal design and new revised grille, ‘69 Camaro looks wider and flatter than previous versions.

1969 Camaro Coupe Skeleton

Has your 1969 Camaro Coupe lost its charm? Does it look completely out of whack? Here’s the best solution. Palm Beach Customs offers you with this high-quality complete body skeleton for your ‘69 Camaro Coupe. The package comes with stock heater firewall, drip rails, quarter panels and top skin.

1969 Camaro Coupe Skeleton package

Cars are prone to damage, rust and fatigue during their whole lifetime. RDS body skeletons can completely renew your old car into a spick-and-span shining new car!

Real Deal Steel body skeletons are constructed from 18-gauge steel panels. These panels are further fitted through high-strength spot welds that are 25% stronger than originals. When done, it is then assembled on a precise platform with the help of fixtures to achieve best fit.

1969 Camaro Coupe Skeleton

Now, no need to settle for cheap body skeletons for your stylish ‘69 Camaro Coupe. Trust Palm Beach Customs for all your car restoration needs.

Exterior skin is 18-gauge steel, originally obtained from Auto Metal Direct (AMD). The 1969 Camaro Coupe Skeleton by RDS is meticulously and expertly built here in the factory of U.S.A. It also carries official license from General Motors. Visit product page here.

What do we do at Palm Beach Customs?

Here at Palm Beach Customs, our team just loves to fix classics and barn finds! Classic and muscle car restoration work becomes much easier, cost-effective and reliable with Palm Beach Customs services.

From building brand new customized car to doing minor custom paint job, we don’t underestimate any need of our customers! You need it, we do it!

We have successfully completed over 1100 car restorations, which in itself is proof of our expertise. To check out the vehicles we have customized, you can browse through our testimonials section.

Any more questions? Check out our FAQ page for more info.

1955-56 Chevy Smoothie Firewall Upgrade

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1955-chevy steel body


Firewalls are considerably important when it comes to cars, and have significant functions. They
basically differ with sizes, as a larger engine would obviously require a larger firewall to fit
within. If the size of the firewall corresponds with the size of the main engine, it is true that the
car will then have a smoother look.

This firewall doesn’t only enhance the outer look of your Chevy, but it is also known for helping
you have a cool ride. It greatly helps your car in air conditioning, and you can buy it either as a
replacement for your older firewall, or for you engine, as this is especially going to work well
with the Big Block GM Engine Packages.

1955-56 Chevy Firewall

This one is an amazing upgrade to the amazing Chevy 1955-56 Smoothie Firewall, which had been a very high quality one itself. Like the last one, this can also fit into the other cars which go with the dimensions, and has a very classical, vintage look which sustains the look that the older cars had as well.

This is why the firewall takes care of looking exactly like the original firewalls, with minor changed. For example, there are no more holes in this firewall, and we shall not forget how the quality of the material used, as well as the manufacturing and finish is made sure to be to the point, so that the firewall provides your car and you with a kind of protection you could not have imagined.

The 1955-56 Chevy firewall will best suit the ones who have had completely customized cars, and if your car has been custom made and you’re looking for a firewall, you should definitely try and check if the requirements match this firewall’s dimensions, and if they do, you must not let this one go. For the price, the firewall provides an amazing protection, with the features of the original 1955-56 Chevy firewall still intact, but further updates being added to it.

If you have any further questions you want to find the answers to, you can always give our FAQ Page a visit. Check classic and muscle car bodies here in this video.

Complete Front End Sheet Metal Package With V8 Core Support to Restore the New Look of your 1955 Chevy

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1955-chevy steel body


All of us have cars to us that we hold very dear, and cars which we try to keep as well maintained as possible. However, unfortunately, age is not our friend, and everything starts to wear out with time. Even if the car has been taken care of, it doesn’t stop the car parts from getting damaged. However, all hope is not lost, and you can still get your car repaired in such a way that it looks just like new, while still keeping the old, vintage look.

1955 chevy front end package

This 1955 chevy front end package is an all in one to help you manage your entire maintenance once and for all. It is the complete package of the front end front end sheet metal, in black color, and this includes all the things you will need to get the front end of your car completely recovered and new.

1955 chevy front end sheet package

It is all new, nothing old used, and made of very high quality steel, coated generously with Black EDP to help it resist against all kinds of damage and wearing out like nothing else.

The Front end package include all the sheet metal  parts you will need, which include the Outer Fenders, which come with Top Cowl Brackets. Apart from this, the package includes Inner Fenders along with Extensions, a Hood, a Radiator Core Support along with Forward Splash Pan, Filler Panels, and Lower Fender Aprons. All of these, when combined and assembled together, while form the complete front end of your Chevy 1955-56, and it will look glamorous and new, along with being upgraded in a way so that the only difference between this and the original metal sheet would be of the quality, which is higher and upgraded in this case.

1955 chevy front end package

The metal sheet comes in a black coating, which looks amazing and provides protection, along with the steel which makes up the entire body of the different parts of this package, all of whom contributing to a car body which is much more supportive, as well as strong and resistant to damage when compared to the last one, so that the upgrade benefits the car as well as you, and turns out to be worth the price. Visit the product page here.

Check tri-five steel body video here.

To get answers to your further queries, visit our FAQ Page.

Best Convertible Body Skeleton of 1955 Chevy with Dash & Quarter Panels

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1955-chevy steel body


It would be more than hard to find an actual car from the 1950s roaming around the town at this time. If you’re someone who has a never dying love for old, vintage cars, then the only option for you to get a car like that is by customizing it yourself. This will include assembling several different parts together, from different areas, and then making it into your dream car. However, even finding different parts can be a very hard job to do.

1955 chevy body skeleton with dash

1955 Chevy body skeleton

We at Palm Beach are proud to be offering a Chevy 1955-56 brand new skeleton. This skeleton includes almost the entirety of the body of a Chevy, and is also convertible, with several other features, at a price that is completely reasonable and affordable.

1955 Chevy Convertible Body Skeleton With Dash & Quarter Panels

The skeleton has been made by handpicking the best quality materials to make up the parts, and the making of the parts has been in such a way that the body has the same grace and vintage look that the actually Chevy had. After all these parts are made, they are then assembled with the highest technology and an unnerving precision. This means that the different parts of the car will be set accurately, using the latest technology and methodologies by professionals.

1955 chevy body skeleton

The 1955 chevy body skeleton includes Installed Quarter Panels, along with a Rear Deck Panel and Tail pan. Even though the it does not include either doors or a deck lid, but apart from these, it has almost everything you require to create the outer body of your car. If you will have an exterior of such good quality, with a vintage look and grace, it will surely be the best pick for your custom car.

All of the parts are assembled very carefully, always within USA. It is guaranteed that the strength and resistivity of this body is 25 times better than the strength of the original body of the Chevy 1955-56, which means that a care made with this will give you high quality experiences. The car will be amazing to drive, will look amazing, and will not be getting damaged very easily. Click here to visit the product page.

Order your convertible here.

Watch this video for classic and muscle car steel body restoration.

For any further queries, feel free to check out our FAQ Page

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