The Only Choice For Classic and Muscle Car Chassis

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Classic and Muscle Car Chassis are very important when building your car. It’s similar to building a house, you have to start off with a good foundation and the cool point is that you can now build a 50 or 60 year old classic or muscle car with 2018 geometry.

That’s why Palm Beach Customs has two of the best Chassis manufacturers as their foundation builders: Art Morriston Enterprise -AME- and Roadster Shop.

Both Art Morrison and Roadster Shop have both shown the ability to provide products that customers want. So, why do we have TWO manufacturers?

Both companies provide excellent products, but both make chassis for different cars. Also, only one manufacturer will not offer a solution for every application, so we can accommodate so many more customers with two manufacturers…..

Why buy a chassis from Palm Beach Customs?

That’s simple. We have been in business since 1980 and have plenty of experiences with many different chassis and with every other aspect of building a car.

To extend our knowledge here is some information and pictures of a few of the chassis we sell.

The Only Choice For Classic and Muscle Car Chassis


AME 1947-1953 Chevy truck “GT Sports Performance” Chassis

This chassis features sports IFS with “1 5/16” diameter upper control arms and upsized poly-brushed rod ends that combines with coil-over shocks and anti-sway bar. It can also accommodate virtually any V-8 engine/transmission combo.

47-53 chevy truck gt sport Classic and Muscle Car Chassis

Below is the 4-link suspension with a standard 9′ rear end section.

GT Sport performance 1947-1953 chevy truck

Below we have the completely redesigned upper and lower control arms

set up for disk brakes rack and pinion steering.

Classic and Muscle Car Chassis


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AME 1949-1954 Chevrolet Chassis

This chassis features Independent Front Suspension (IFS), tubular steel control arms, adjustable coil-over shocks, beefy sway bar and Wilwood front spindles. The chassis also had motor mounts for the popular small block V8 OR the new LS-series powerplants.

49-54 chassis chevy

49-54 Classic Chevrolet chassis

1949-1954 Chevrolet Chassis

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Classic and Muscle Car Chassis

AME 1953-1956 F100 Truck Chassis

This chassis used IFS with beefy “1 5/16” diameter control arms, upsized poly-brushed rod ends that work in unison with the premium coil-over shocks and anti-sway bar (both are adjustable).

1953-1956 F100 Truck Chassis

1953-1956 F100 Truck

1953-1956 Truck Chassis

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1953-1962 Corvette Chassis

This chassis uses a sports IFS with Wilwood spindle instead of C6 Corvette components. Extensive engineering and suspension analysis confirm that the performance of the C1 chassis is on an even par with our original sports chassis with C6 components.

53-62 Corvette Chassis

1953-1962 Chassis Corvette

Corvette chassis

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AME 1955-1957 Chevrolet Chassis

Up front, AME designed a suspension that provides an excellent combo of ride comfort, cornering agility and high-speed stability. Tubular steel control arms and strange engineering adjustable coil over shocks are used, while a matched rate 1″ diameter sway-bar controls body roll.

55-57 Chevrolet Chassis-

1955-1957 Classic Chevrolet

Classic 55-57 Chevrolet Chassi

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Classic and Muscle Car Chassis

1955-1957 Chevy Sports MULTI-LINK Chassis

AME’s multilink IRS is based on the Strange Engineering S60 differential and is capable of handling 1400 HP with ease. Also, the IRS has the ability to compensate for bumps and irregularities in the road and track by maintaining the tires vertical axis perpendicular to it.

1955-1957 Chevy SPORT multi-link chassis

SPORT multi-link 55-57

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1955-1959 GMC and Chevrolet Truck Chassis

This chassis features bolt-on GT Sports chassis for the Chevy “Task-Force” series pickup trucks and it’s GMC counterparts. Turning the truck into a true high-performance vehicle.

55-59 GMC and Chevy truck Chassis


1955-1959 GMC + Chevy

GMC and Chevy truck chassis

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AME 1959-1964 Chevrolet Chassis

AME developed this innovative Chassis that provided a low ride height and great handling. It also features beefy 3×4 main frame rails and more.


59-64 Chassis

1959-1964 Chevrolet chassis


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That’s just a little sample of some of the chassis that we have for sale here at the shop. If there’s something we can help you with, feel free to hit us in the comments or contact us. We’d be glad to help you.

We hope you enjoyed this overview and why we are

“The Only Choice For Classic and Muscle Car Chassis”.


Check out our Chassis Product Page to see a variety of the chassis we sell not mentioned in this post.



Grab this AME MaxG Chassis now only from Palm Beach Customs

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To relieve you of your muscle-car restoration issues, Palm Beach Customs now offers you with this new AME MaxG Chassis TRI-4 BAR. This MaxG Chassis adapts with almost all of the popular muscle cars!

Thinking of building a premium-class Chevelle, Camaro, ‘Cuda, Challenger, GTO, Demon, Dart or Mustang? No worries! Art Morrison MaxG Chassis is deliberately made for several muscle car applications!

Core features of AME MaxG Chassis TRI-4 BAR:

With absolutely no compromise with the quality, the MaxG chassis is CAD-engineered to suit the precise model car, make and its year.

You can use your discretion to choose the stance and ride height!

AME MaxG chassis TRI-4 BARVisit the product page here.

Smartly engineered suspension kit comes all-included with the chassis and offers enhanced handling.

Instead of using different front and rear clips, here the body just swiftly “drops” on the chassis. Thus, restoration becomes much more easy and quick!

MaxG chassis features mandrel-formed 2 x 4 frame that is meticulously fixture-welded by skilled professionals!

Compatibility of MaxG with any Engine-Transmissions

Be it small block, big block or LS-series Chevy engines, the MaxG can adapt to any type of modern engines! Furthermore, it can also fit virtually any type of popular transmissions, be it manual or automatic!

From Tremec T56, Richmond 5 or 6-speed transmissions, TH-350 or 400, Muncie, TKO, Powerglide, 4L60E to 700-R4, MaxG chassis equips with any of the engine-transmission combos!

That’s only possible because of the series of mounts available in the chassis.

MaxG chassis TRI-4 BAR

Palm Beach Customs services in Florida

We at Palm Beach Customs, Florida sell complete AME MaxG chassis package which is applicable to several muscle-car models!

Besides, Palm Beach Customs, with its years of expertise, can completely restore your muscle car for you.

As per your requirements, you can avail our customization services and we will make sure you get what you want!

AME MaxG chassis TRI-4

Now choose to construct your next muscle car on this high-quality AME MaxG chassis TRI-4 BAR and make your dream come true!

The exclusive chassis package will not fail to impress you with its high-quality and skilled craftsmanship!

For any further questions, you might have,

visit our:

FAQ Page or Contact Us.

Get this AME MaxG Chassis with SPORT C6/3-LINK in Florida right now!

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Art Morrison strives to make the muscle-car restoration job easy and fast with its premium product lines. With this in mind, the AME MaxG Chassis is no exception!

Now anyone can employ the latest suspension technology in their ‘60s and ‘70s models of Muscle cars, thanks to the uni-body construction of Morrison chassis.

Grab this AME MaxG Chassis SPORTS C6/3-LINK combo without delay, only from Palm Beach Customs, Florida!

Chassis SPORT C6/3-LINK

Art Morrison constructs this platform, on which, any kind of uni-body-type muscle car can be “dropped”. Thereupon, making the whole process of restoration much quicker!

The MaxG Chassis with SPORTS C6/3-LINK Combo:

The front of the chassis features Corvette C6 forged A-arms made up of aluminum. Whereas, the rear suspension features triangulated 4-bar assembly.

AME MaxG Chassis SPORT C6/3-LINK

All of the four corners comprise adjustable coil-over shock absorbers by Strange Engineering. And adding to that, the rear of the chassis also has beefy sway bars for overall control of body lean.

Design Features of Front Suspension

Thanks to the contemporary “dropped steering arm” C6 spindles, AM now allows you to equip C6 front suspension to several other platforms!

When you combine 3-Link rear suspension with SPORTS C6 with the help of a Watts linkage, what’s the result? Muscle cars with such MaxG chassis will have unsurpassed performance and excellent corner-carving capabilities!

AME MaxG Chassis SPORT C6/3-LINK 1

Re-engineered design of C6 front spindle now features a lower steering arm mount. With such innovative design, AM allows you to mount the rack at a lower position in the chassis. As a result, there’s lower center of gravity and ample amount of engine clearance!

Design Features of Rear Suspension

The Morrison 3-LINK rear suspension features coil-over shocks by the Strange Engineering and a unique configuration of Watts Linkage. Altogether, such design provides superior control over lateral housing movement, whilst allowing normal roll.

Visit the product page here.

MaxG Chassis SPORT C6/3-LINK

What do we do at Palm Beach Customs?

All these things considered, we at Palm Beach Customs sell complete AME MaxG Chassis SPORTS C6/3-LINK combo package. On the contrary, we also provide customization options and complete car restoration services for your muscle cars! Construct your muscle car over this premium quality of platform by AME today!

For any further questions, you might have,

visit our:

FAQ Page or Contact Us.

AME 1955-57 Chevrolet SPORT Multi-Link Chassis

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AME 1955-57 Chevrolet SPORT Multi-Link Chassis


There are many important components of a car, which affect its stability, smoothness and functioning quality. Amongst these components comes the Chassis of a car, which is basically the base layer amongst all cars. A Chassis is supposed to form the lowest layer of a car, which means that a Chassis basically supports the structure of the car, as well as holds the tires along its axis. This means that not only does the Chassis affect the driving quality of the car, but also many other factors.

AME 1955-57 Chevrolet SPORT Multi-Link Chassis

AME 1955-57 Chevrolet SPORT Multi-Link Chassis

Palm Beach Customs proudly offers the complete Chassis from the 1950-55 model of Chevrolet, which is a multi-link Chassis. You can customize and add this Chassis onto your car if you want to improve the performance of your car.

An independent rear suspension, i.e. this Chassis, can really impact greatly on the quality of the ride that your vehicle provides. You will be amazed by how smooth this Chassis helps make your ride, as it readily helps adjust the position of the tires so that the vertical axis of the tires is always perpendicular to the bumps in the roads, and this will lead to the car jumping less over the bumps, helping you to drive your car as smoothly as possible.1955-57 Chevrolet Chassis

Having an independent rear suspension can also have several other advantages, another one of it being greatly freedom for the tires to move about. This also means that you have greatly control over the tires, and this can play a vital role if your vehicle has been taking part in races, or if you need to take very sharp turns. Getting a high quality Chassis installed into your car will help your car effortlessly adjust to the direction in which you move your tires.

AME 1955-57 Chevrolet Chassis

Apart from all of that, the material with which the AME 1955-57 Chevrolet SPORT Multi-Link Chassis is made is strong, durable, would resist rusting for a while, and is made from the best of the materials, belonging to one of the best car models of that time, which is why it definitely would not disappoint. Check the product here.

Check out the time-lapse video of a 1957 Chevrolet Belair being created:

If you have any further queries, you can always visit our FAQ Page.

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