1932 Ford Roadster – a Vintage Classic Car Barn Find Ready for Restoration

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1932 Model B Ford Roadster – Today’s Vintage Classic Car Barn Find



Today, the 1932 Model B, which is always slightly in the shadow of the V-8, is an extremely collectible vintage classic car and buyers will pay thousands of dollars to restore an original one to original specification.



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All 1932 Fords— including the V8-8s and Model Bs—came with black fenders, wire wheels, and a rear-mounted spare wheel (with side mount on cars equipped with the tailgate)


Options for this classic car once included the choice of single or twin side mounts, a luggage rack, a clock, in- and outside mirrors, and choice of either leather or Broadcloth (for the closed cars) interior styling.





Check out this awesome Vintage Barn Fin of a 1932 Ford Roadster find here for Sale on eBay 





If you follow the link you'll find the 1932 Ford Coupe sold as is. While the vintage classic car comes without a title the seller can provide the bill of sale. The last time it was registered was in 1984 in California.


This cool vintage barn find had been in the garage of a man who has since passed away for 30+ years.


classic car restoration


Needs some TLC:


Some birds were living above this 32 Ford Roadster in the garage, so it will need a good scrubbing.


Only one wheel is rolling, the other 3 were locked, but for a car of this age, it appears to be for the most part structurally sound. Important to note that the top above driver and passenger is not metal, but most of it is original.


Here are some photos of the Vintage Classic Car Barn Find Ready for Restoration


To the untrained eye, this old car might not look like much. But car enthusiasts know a score when they see one and this vintage classic car is definitely one them.


Interested in owning this awesome vintage classic 1932 Ford Roadster?


Or maybe you need a hand restoring it - get in touch with us at Palm Beach Customs and we'll be happy to work with you.












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