It doesn’t matter if you want to restore the beauty and grace of your old, worn-out Camaro, or are just looking for parts for a custom car.

A high-quality coupe with almost all of the features wholly renewed in terms of the quality, but still preserving the same vintage grace is all you’ll need.

In an affordable price, you can renew your car completely, and you won’t even have to worry about separate parts.

Additionally, this coupe has everything fixed and assembled, which just means that you’ll have to do nothing, and the job will be made infinitely easy for you.

1968 Camaro Coupe

This is the coupe of a 1968 Camaro, and it is basically a high-quality body made of steel, complete with parts which are assembled in the most professional ways possible.

This skeleton even includes a dash, along with the drip rails and the top skin, all of which has been installed before the body even reached you.

The door has been hinged, as well as fitted, and the material used to make all of the exterior skins is the highest quality, 18 gauges, which comes from AMD.

1968 Camaro Coupe complete

The body can turn out to work very well for several cars, especially those which have the configuration of stock heater.

The one thing that has been the concern of ours is the preservation of the look of the car, which doesn’t fail to depict the vintage grace and beauty of the Camaro 1968.

However, despite that, we have made sure that the quality of the material we use is still 25% better than the material that was used in the making of the original body.

This is so that not only does it last you long, but it also helps show a high-quality image of the car.

1968 Camaro Coupe package

Lastly, you mustn’t be concerned about anything, as the body has been licensed by the GM officially, which is proof enough of the high, unbeatable quality of this product from every aspect.

From assembly to the production, everything is precise and to the point.

Here is a video of a 57′ Chevy Skeleton being built: 

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